[10:34:35pm] *** Mercedes_Lackey (misty_lack@216.32.87.***) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:34:40pm] <KalaniSan> yay!
[10:34:41pm] <Kechara> Hi, Misty!
[10:34:46pm] <DannyBoy> 7me pokes himself. "I am."
[10:34:46pm] <Kechara> Welcome to chat!
[10:34:46pm] <Sasha> Hi
[10:34:48pm] <Shadowdust> Hey!!!
[10:34:49pm] <BrownKitty> ::offers a comfortable chair::
[10:34:49pm] <BarGnat> Hi, Misty!
[10:34:50pm] <Tracibabe> hi misty
[10:34:51pm] * DannyBoy pokes himself. "I am."
[10:34:57pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ok I finally got the applet to talk to me!
[10:34:58pm] <BarGnat> Have a cuppa
[10:34:59pm] <Bananaslug> Hi MIsty
[10:34:59pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Hello
[10:35:00pm] <Althalus> Hi Misty.
[10:35:01pm] <KalaniSan> Erin, he's occasionally over the top, but don't let that worry you!
[10:35:08pm] <alfric> Hi misty
[10:35:10pm] <Tracibabe> we've been so anxious
[10:35:11pm] <Graft> Hi Misty
[10:35:14pm] <DannyBoy> *smile* Ah. Hello.
[10:35:16pm] <Jenn> Hi Misty
[10:35:25pm] * MoonSong waves a wing
[10:35:29pm] <Silvers> (can I faint now?)
[10:35:30pm] <KalaniSan> Birdo says Hi
[10:35:37pm] <Kechara> how are the birds?
[10:35:39pm] <BrownKitty> ::rueful chuckle:: ok, admit it...everyone who is breathing funny, raise your hand
[10:35:45pm] * Kechara raises her hand
[10:35:47pm] <alfric> me
[10:35:47pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Sorry abouit that, sometimes when clouds pass over our sattellite dish it sulks
[10:35:47pm] * Tracibabe raises hand
[10:35:47pm] <BrownKitty> that includes me
[10:35:50pm] * BarGnat is in permanent lurk mode... almost comatose, now
[10:35:51pm] * Sasha raises hand
[10:35:53pm] * Silvers raises two hands
[10:35:54pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> {hand}
[10:35:57pm] <BrownKitty> were glad you made it, Misty
[10:35:58pm] <Kechara> *laughing*
[10:36:00pm] <BrownKitty> very glad
[10:36:03pm] <Kechara> you were? *LOL*
[10:36:04pm] <BarGnat> shaky appendage goes up
[10:36:06pm] <alfric> Wakey wakey gnat
[10:36:10pm] <Tracibabe> my kids want to know why i screamed
[10:36:13pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I happen to have ikaika on my knee ATM
[10:36:15pm] <KalaniSan> oh, geez
[10:36:16pm] <Silvers> rofl
[10:36:23pm] <MoonSong> ... ok, who is ikaika
[10:36:23pm] <KalaniSan> cool...
[10:36:26pm] <Kechara> give ikaika a scritch from me please?
[10:36:30pm] <MoonSong> the 2?
[10:36:37pm] <BrownKitty> what kind of featherkin is ikaika?
[10:36:51pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Duncan says 'Hi' too
[10:36:51pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ikaika is my U2 (umbrella cockatoo)
[10:36:55pm] <KalaniSan> Birdo, OTOH, is lurking in the bottom of his cage being cranky
[10:37:00pm] <alfric> cool
[10:37:03pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> helloduncan
[10:37:04pm] <MoonSong> ... is that who poses with you on your jacket cover?
[10:37:20pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep, that's my baby!
[10:37:30pm] <Bananaslug> Pretty bird!
[10:37:31pm] <Tracibabe> and hi to Larry too, if he's there Misty
[10:37:31pm] <KalaniSan> that is a BIG U2
[10:37:33pm] <Sasha> Pretty baby
[10:37:35pm] <KalaniSan> compared to mine...
[10:37:35pm] <MoonSong> oh wow.... it looks like a moluccan from the pictures I've seen!!
[10:37:41pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Birdo, birdo, don't sulk!
[10:37:43pm] <BrownKitty> oh, yes, definitely hello to Larry too!
[10:37:56pm] <Kechara> Is Larry lurking?? Hi, Larry!
[10:37:59pm] <KalaniSan> I think birdo didn't get proper nutrition as a chick
[10:38:17pm] <KalaniSan> his beak and feet are really big compared to the rest of him
[10:38:21pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> she looks bigger than she actual;l;y is because she's in rforced-perspective forground on
[10:38:22pm] <Silvers> Larry can't Lurk. The shadows will get crowded
[10:38:25pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> that shot
[10:38:43pm] <alfric> Wake up gnat
[10:38:43pm] <KalaniSan> haha.... cool
[10:38:52pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> BTW my keyboard will insert extraneous r's from time to time
[10:39:04pm] *** Mike_Kabongo (OnyxHawke@***.ipt.aol.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:39:05pm] * DannyBoy does CPR on the Gnat.
[10:39:08pm] <MoonSong> aaaah... :) b.t.w.... if you have any pics of just her and want a portrait, I'll offer... :) I do bird art
[10:39:10pm] <alfric> werll gorod
[10:39:13pm] * BarGnat remains in permanent lurk mode
[10:39:14pm] *** Mike_Kabongo is now known as OnyxHawke
[10:39:15pm] <Graft> doesn't every keyboard do that?
[10:39:17pm] *** David_Wheeler (LtBlacklig@***.mpls.uswest.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:39:19pm] <BrownKitty> I'll trade you, mine only wants to do punctuation half of the time ;)
[10:39:22pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Awwww, thank you!
[10:39:24pm] <BrownKitty> hi David
[10:39:27pm] *** Miranda (anotherme3@***.we.mediaone.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:39:33pm] <BrownKitty> hi Mir ::HUGS::
[10:39:33pm] <alfric> Miner doesr
[10:39:35pm] <BarGnat> Hi, Mir
[10:39:37pm] <David_Wheeler> Hello all
[10:39:39pm] <Miranda> evening
[10:39:42pm] <Kechara> Hey, Mir, David.
[10:39:43pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Hi Miranda!
[10:39:43pm] <Bananaslug> Hi, David, Mir, Mike
[10:39:45pm] <BarGnat> Hi David
[10:39:45pm] <Tracibabe> hi Mir, hello david
[10:39:51pm] *** David_Wheeler is now known as blacklight
[10:39:53pm] <OnyxHawke> HI Misty, Hi all
[10:39:55pm] *** David_Byrd (scpo_david@***.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:40:03pm] *** David_Byrd is now known as tazman
[10:40:07pm] <MoonSong> p.s. that goes for everyone with birdos... :)
[10:40:09pm] <Tracibabe> I'm so anxious for Skif's story
[10:40:10pm] <Kechara> Misty, hope you don't mind my appropriating your word as my nick? :)
[10:40:13pm] <Silvers> Wow.. the heyla's are ganna go on forever
[10:40:14pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Wow, we're getting quite a crowd in here!
[10:40:15pm] <BrownKitty> should we go around and do introductions so Misty isnt surrounded by total strangers?
[10:40:17pm] *** Larry_Dixon (Larry_Dixo@***.tnt5.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:40:21pm] <BarGnat> Hi Larry
[10:40:23pm] <BrownKitty> hi Larry :)
[10:40:23pm] <Kechara> Hi, Larry!
[10:40:23pm] <Bananaslug> Hi Larry
[10:40:24pm] <KalaniSan> dangit ..i've been birded
[10:40:24pm] <Tracibabe> hi Larry
[10:40:26pm] * MoonSong waves wing at larry, too....
[10:40:27pm] <Silvers> Heyla!
[10:40:28pm] <Sasha> Hello Larry
[10:40:30pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> There's the Gryph!
[10:40:31pm] <Larry_Dixon> :salutes!
[10:40:35pm] <alfric> Hi lar
[10:40:37pm] <Althalus> Hi Larry.
[10:40:38pm] <Graft> Hi Larry
[10:40:40pm] <Shadowdust> Hey
[10:40:42pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hahah! Sorry, got my syntax wrong there.
[10:40:50pm] <Jenn> Hi
[10:40:54pm] <KalaniSan> Misty does your bird try to nibble your lips?
[10:40:54pm] <BrownKitty> ::drags over a huge pillow for Larry:: I dont know if Gryphon Kings use chairs ;)
[10:40:56pm] <DannyBoy> Salutations. Or something like. And yes, you did. :)
[10:40:57pm] <OnyxHawke> Hi larry
[10:41:01pm] <alfric> Gnat where R U???
[10:41:09pm] <Kechara> Larry, I have a question... do you mind if I copy your drawings for personal use? I'm trying to learn to draw birds...
[10:41:10pm] * BarGnat remains in permanent lurk mode
[10:41:16pm] <Silvers> Mary is so far in Lurk she's unconsious
[10:41:16pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hello all, good to see you. Some very fine names here!
[10:41:25pm] <alfric> The moment U been waitin for is here.
[10:41:26pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> My bird tries to nibble anything that ;looks like it might be a tick or other bug...;-<
[10:41:26pm] <BrownKitty> prrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[10:41:40pm] <Kechara> Being De-Loused, Misty? *laugh*
[10:41:45pm] <KalaniSan> well...that foreground thing is definitely true
[10:41:54pm] <Kechara> hasn't she figured out she's not going to find anything YET?
[10:41:55pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Mine thinks the world is his chew toy -- and he's right!
[10:41:57pm] <KalaniSan> uh oh...cat
[10:42:03pm] <OnyxHawke> Kechar , that was a lousy pun
[10:42:09pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> The world is a bird-toy
[10:42:09pm] <DannyBoy> Larry? Try /me instead of ':
[10:42:13pm] <DannyBoy> Larry? Try /me instead of ':'
[10:42:21pm] <Kechara> that wasn't a pun... *Laugh*
[10:42:25pm] <MoonSong> so true, so true!
[10:42:27pm] <KalaniSan> hey, birds are great for your expired credit cards
[10:42:33pm] <Kechara> I think Larry missed my question.
[10:42:35pm] <alfric> Yeah?
[10:42:35pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hey there Kechara. Actually, sure, that is OK by me so long as it isn't going to hit market and mess up copyrights... but I do have to warn you, my work may not exactly be textbook reference stuff :)
[10:42:41pm] <DannyBoy> Nope.
[10:42:46pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> And opening the celophane on CD covers
[10:42:47pm] <Larry_Dixon> Thank you DannyBoy :)
[10:42:56pm] *** Guest60165 (JAVGUEST@216.32.87.***) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:42:57pm] <MoonSong> my plucky U2 gets old phone books (soy ink)...
[10:43:02pm] <BrownKitty> hello new person
[10:43:02pm] <Kechara> Thanks, Larry. It's more than good enough for me! :)
[10:43:08pm] <DannyBoy> You are welcome. :)
[10:43:08pm] *** Guest60165 is now known as Gedlion
[10:43:09pm] <Kechara> and it stays in my sketchbook.
[10:43:10pm] <Tracibabe> oh but it's beautiful Larry, my husband was so impressed he has one of the Gryphons in tattoo form on his shoulder
[10:43:23pm] <KalaniSan> mine destroyed a Dortmunder book once....
[10:43:32pm] <BrownKitty> Larry, do you have a site of your artwork?
[10:43:38pm] <Kechara> Maybe I should get a parrot just to open CDs. *LOL*
[10:43:40pm] <Larry_Dixon> Excellent, Traci! I'd love to see a .jpg of it sometime.
[10:43:41pm] <BrownKitty> Ive been kinda/sorta looking for one
[10:43:57pm] <Gedlion> Right! Got myself a proper name and all :)
[10:43:57pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Gedlion, ladies and gents, is a;lso known as Paul-the-captive-Brit
[10:44:00pm] <MoonSong> *nod* I'll agree, Larry... my fiance always hasta look thru the books to see your pictures before he'll read a word... :)
[10:44:08pm] <Tracibabe> :) hi paul
[10:44:08pm] <KalaniSan> hey paul
[10:44:09pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hello Paul! Glad you could pop on over.
[10:44:12pm] <alfric> Ok body piercing and tattoos larry want's to see em
[10:44:13pm] <Graft> Hi Paul
[10:44:17pm] <Sasha> Hello Paul
[10:44:17pm] <BrownKitty> hi Kithran!
[10:44:17pm] <Kechara> Paul is the one who answered my e-mail? *grin*
[10:44:18pm] *** Graft is now known as MikeG
[10:44:20pm] <Bananaslug> Welcome, Paul!
[10:44:22pm] <BarGnat> Hi there Captive Brit
[10:44:23pm] <Gedlion> Thanks Guys.
[10:44:26pm] <Kechara> I wanted one from Misty so I could say she'd mailed me. *laugh*
[10:44:27pm] <BrownKitty> or different Paul?
[10:44:31pm] * Silvers lurks in the shadows
[10:44:32pm] <Tracibabe> oh, my husband was cursing me out the night i gave him The Black Gryphon to read,
[10:44:32pm] <DannyBoy> *G* Ok, Larry, where should I send a picture of mine?
[10:44:36pm] <Tracibabe> he couldn't put it down
[10:44:42pm] * MoonSong waves a wing at the captive brit as well... my wing is getting tired
[10:44:48pm] <OnyxHawke> Hi Paul, thanks for making Misty's life easier
[10:45:06pm] <Larry_Dixon> You can always send email to me via: gryphonking@bigfoot.com
[10:45:09pm] <Kechara> BG is lying on my dog crate. *LOL* I've been studying the pictures between rereading chapters. I need a new copy. I broke it!
[10:45:24pm] *** Chakaal (melissa@***.cidera.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:45:33pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> BG was the first book Larry and I worked on together
[10:45:34pm] <Kechara> The cover is coming off my hardcover. *sulk*
[10:45:43pm] <DannyBoy> Ok...I'll send a picture as soon as I can scan it.
[10:45:44pm] <MoonSong> Hey Misty - I wanted to say thanks for the early b-day present (the Skif book comes out 4 days before my birthday)
[10:45:44pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> It's one of my favorires!
[10:45:55pm] <Kechara> Mine too, Misty. :)
[10:45:56pm] <Gedlion> Of course any email to Larry dropping into the Mistysdesk@hotmail.com email address will be forwarded.
[10:45:58pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Well, hey!
[10:46:05pm] <Chakaal> ah. much better...names are not truncated
[10:46:06pm] <Kechara> Though the Winds books are awesome too.
[10:46:07pm] <BrownKitty> wb Mel
[10:46:09pm] <Tracibabe> one of mine too, i've hooked more of my family with BG than any other book
[10:46:11pm] *** KalaniSan (Snak@***.cidera.net) Quit (QUIT: Snak 4.6.5 - http://www.snak.com)
[10:46:17pm] <Tracibabe> about 30 so far
[10:46:30pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Chapter one of the Skif book is up over at Firebird
[10:46:32pm] *** Chakaal is now known as KalaniSan
[10:46:39pm] <Shadowdust> Misty is there anymore of After Midnight available?
[10:46:43pm] <Larry_Dixon> We loved doing Black Gryphon. Bless Skan's pointy little head. :)
[10:46:44pm] <Kechara> now if only they hadn't ended up in the BACK of storage, on the BOTTOM.
[10:46:50pm] <Bananaslug> are any of your books audiobooks, Misty?
[10:46:50pm] <MoonSong> oooooOOOOOOooooo... :)
[10:46:55pm] <BrownKitty> I Got hooked with Magics Price
[10:47:04pm] <DannyBoy> Kechara? I THINK I can get you a hardbacked BG...if so, are you interested?
[10:47:08pm] <Tracibabe> By the Sword is what hooked me
[10:47:09pm] <Kechara> I use the quote about the disordered living space all the time to explain my desk. *LOL*
[10:47:12pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> After Midnight the finished version will be in the Daw anniversary antho.
[10:47:17pm] <Kechara> Always, Danny. *L*
[10:47:21pm] <Sasha> I started with the Last Herald Mage series
[10:47:21pm] <Shadowdust> Cool
[10:47:26pm] <Gedlion> The first chapter of "Take A Thief" is at: http://firebirdarts.com/indexmlackey.shtml
[10:47:30pm] <Larry_Dixon> Go Paul. :)
[10:47:36pm] *** William (wilhelm@***.ecn.ab.ca) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:47:41pm] <alfric> Hi will
[10:47:46pm] <KalaniSan> I was given Oathbound first
[10:47:46pm] <Silvers> Heyla William
[10:47:50pm] <Shadowdust> For me the hook was sunk with Kory and Tannim
[10:47:50pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Gedlion rocks!@
[10:47:50pm] <William> Evening
[10:47:53pm] * Larry_Dixon is listening to his hellraising DJ pals on Beat Transmission.
[10:47:53pm] <MoonSong> ...i was exposed to arrows of the queen in 8th grade... (8 years ago...)
[10:47:53pm] <DannyBoy> *G* Ok...if nothing else, I'll send it to Sin, and leave the rest to him. :)
[10:47:54pm] <BarGnat> Hi William
[10:48:01pm] <BrownKitty> hey William
[10:48:06pm] * Gedlion winks at Larry. "Terri and I have got a deal on those now. She's giving us space to post snippets up."
[10:48:06pm] *** blacklight (LtBlacklig@***.mpls.uswest.net) Quit (QUIT: )
[10:48:06pm] <Kechara> So did I. Misty, blame your choosing to model Vanyel after Michael Praed for my buying the first book of yours I got. And Jodi for drawing him so well. *LOL*
[10:48:12pm] <Larry_Dixon> Awwwww lil' Tannim. :)
[10:48:18pm] <BrownKitty> another Gervase?
[10:48:18pm] <Tracibabe> oh, speaking of tannim, you've also hooked me on a few musicians that way
[10:48:26pm] <alfric> Hey Gnat!!!!!!!!
[10:48:26pm] *** William is now known as William_Katzell
[10:48:34pm] <MoonSong> Larry - what are they spinning?
[10:48:43pm] <Larry_Dixon> Oh we have a funny story aboutTannim and musicians, Traci. :)
[10:48:43pm] <alfric> Speak babe
[10:48:43pm] <Tracibabe> hey william you made it!
[10:48:51pm] <William_Katzell> I did, traci
[10:48:51pm] * BarGnat remains in permanent lurk mode
[10:48:58pm] <Bananaslug> Hi William!
[10:48:58pm] <Larry_Dixon> MoonSong... BRAND NEW Chemical Bros. From Africa remix.
[10:48:58pm] <alfric> Hey Larry speak to BarGnat for me please
[10:49:06pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Whoa, this window is tiny and your lines are going past too fast!
[10:49:13pm] <KalaniSan> mary...mary...speak to me....
[10:49:13pm] <MoonSong> OMG *thbbbbbtttttttttttttttttt*
[10:49:20pm] <Kechara> Misty, I caught the resemblance of Van to Michael Praed the first time I read the book... he's SO drooly! *grin*
[10:49:20pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hello BarGnat!
[10:49:20pm] <BarGnat> lurk
[10:49:27pm] <BarGnat> er, hi
[10:49:34pm] <KalaniSan> you might have a scrollbar, misty...just roll it back a bit
[10:49:34pm] <William_Katzell> I figured that Misty, who may remember my last name, would like to know that I am me. :)
[10:49:34pm] <DannyBoy> And I think I got Magic's Pawn first...but was somewhere around 1990...
[10:49:34pm] * Silvers pokes Mary
[10:49:34pm] <alfric> Thanks dude
[10:49:41pm] <Silvers> go on.. faint
[10:49:41pm] <Kechara> I got Pawn first. :)
[10:49:47pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ahh, Michael Praid...
[10:49:56pm] <Tracibabe> ack brb, got to get the pizza out of the oven
[10:49:56pm] <MoonSong> mike will be SOO happy to hear that....
[10:50:03pm] <Kechara> thanks to the cover art. judged a book by its cover. *grin* hooked me!
[10:50:03pm] <BarGnat> totally comatose by now
[10:50:03pm] * Silvers gives the room a devil-may-cry grin
[10:50:03pm] <KalaniSan> skinny weasel boy from Robin HOood?
[10:50:11pm] <BarGnat> nervous prostration
[10:50:11pm] <Shadowdust> I read Knight of Ghost and Shadows at 12
[10:50:20pm] * DannyBoy looks at Kechara and nods.
[10:50:20pm] <William_Katzell> Black haired weasel boy from robin hood
[10:50:20pm] <Kechara> weasel boy???
[10:50:25pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Gnat, speak tous!
[10:50:32pm] <BarGnat> er, uh
[10:50:40pm] <BarGnat> lurk
[10:50:40pm] <DannyBoy> *nod* Haiku!
[10:50:40pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> WEASEL BOY????
[10:50:48pm] <KalaniSan> I had some friends that were ga ga over that guy
[10:50:48pm] * Silvers falls over laughing at Mary
[10:50:48pm] <alfric> Thanks Misty
[10:50:48pm] * MoonSong has never seen Mary at such a loss for words... :)
[10:50:48pm] * Larry_Dixon laughs.
[10:50:55pm] <KalaniSan> haiko
[10:50:55pm] <Kechara> _I_ am GA GA over that guy!
[10:50:55pm] <KalaniSan> here in the chat room
[10:51:02pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ditto!
[10:51:02pm] <William_Katzell> also, Michael Praed is Phineas Fogg in "The Sevret Adventures of Yound Jules Verne"
[10:51:02pm] <Bananaslug> Mary, take the sock out!
[10:51:08pm] <BrownKitty> Mary, if you dont start talking, I'm'going to call information and see what your phone number is, and call you
[10:51:08pm] <KalaniSan> we all bother Misty Lots
[10:51:08pm] <BarGnat> i'm usually a chat hog, but never been to an author chat before
[10:51:08pm] *** Gedlion (JAVGUEST@216.32.87.***) has left #DixonsVixen
[10:51:17pm] <KalaniSan> hope she does not leave
[10:51:17pm] <BarGnat> bye Paul
[10:51:17pm] <Kechara> *laughs* Mary, you'll live.
[10:51:17pm] <KalaniSan> there...
[10:51:17pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> He is??? Good reason to go watch!
[10:51:23pm] <KalaniSan> chat haiku
[10:51:30pm] <MoonSong> Misty, when are those Grey stories coming out in PBR?
[10:51:38pm] <Kechara> Grey stories??? How did I miss GREY STORIES????
[10:51:44pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Paul's just going off to check on some computer thingies
[10:51:51pm] *** Gedlion (JAVGUEST@216.32.87.***) has joined #DixonsVixen
[10:51:58pm] <Larry_Dixon> By the way Misty and Paul we are invited to the station for the first Saturday show tomorrow night.
[10:51:58pm] <MoonSong> wb
[10:51:59pm] <BarGnat> wb
[10:51:59pm] <Kechara> then again, I can't afford Serpent's Shadow yet and the darn liberry only just got it!
[10:52:06pm] <Bananaslug> wb paul
[10:52:06pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Probably the next one, I'll tell you when Sally tells me
[10:52:06pm] <BrownKitty> wb Paul
[10:52:13pm] <Larry_Dixon> Heh heh...
[10:52:21pm] <Gedlion> Just making sure that everyone knew we were in here.
[10:52:21pm] <Bananaslug> Oh, Kechara, you'll like it. I've read it 3x now.
[10:52:21pm] <KalaniSan> mary...don't start with the limericks...hey?
[10:52:31pm] <BarGnat> no way
[10:52:39pm] <Kechara> okay, someone, anyone who knows... WHERE are the grey stories? In which book? or is there a separate book of them now???
[10:52:46pm] <MoonSong> ok great... I'm trying to write an article to submit to her about being a college student w/ parrots... when so many other 'parronts' are old enuff to be MY parents!
[10:52:46pm] <alfric> There once was a man from Bath
[10:52:53pm] <BarGnat> you'll be bombarded with email late tonight, Melissa
[10:52:58pm] <BrownKitty> ::nominates Paul for EH jr grade::
[10:52:58pm] <MoonSong> Erin - these are new ones coming out in a parrot magazine
[10:52:58pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> the Grey stories are in the two Baen anthologies
[10:53:07pm] <BrownKitty> Werehunter has two, Erin
[10:53:12pm] <KalaniSan> there once arg.
[10:53:16pm] <BarGnat> I loved Werehunter
[10:53:21pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> and I'm doing a new one for a parrot mag, but I'm posting it in the bar as a snippet
[10:53:21pm] <KalaniSan> I'll be sure to turn off the Mac then
[10:53:21pm] <Kechara> BananaSlug... I have been waiting for SS since I first finished Fire Rose... which LIVES by my bed.
[10:53:25pm] <KalaniSan> ;-D
[10:53:29pm] <Larry_Dixon> And in case no one has yet said it, Baen Anthologies rock. :)
[10:53:34pm] <MoonSong> agreed
[10:53:39pm] <BarGnat> yes they do
[10:53:39pm] <Tracibabe> i loved those stories Misty, thought they were great
[10:53:39pm] <MoonSong> :)
[10:53:43pm] <alfric> Rock On
[10:53:47pm] <DannyBoy> In very deed!
[10:53:51pm] <Kechara> I have Werehunter... which book are the others in? *dying* I have to read those!
[10:53:55pm] <Shadowdust> Misty, Why can't the change-mage Vanyel fought as a youth, be Leareth/Ma'ar?
[10:54:01pm] <BrownKitty> Larry, Ive been begging for more
[10:54:01pm] <KalaniSan> I guess I will have to look them up since they include birds
[10:54:01pm] <Kechara> and I'm going to lurk for that snippet!
[10:54:10pm] <KalaniSan> because he's not of the right bloodline?
[10:54:15pm] <DannyBoy> *G* There, Erin...you'll live, I'm sure.
[10:54:15pm] <Larry_Dixon> Jim Baen & Co. are very cool to work with. Flexible and adventurous. (just the way Misty likes her men!)
[10:54:23pm] <alfric> So what do U guys read when U'r not writing??
[10:54:23pm] <DannyBoy> *LOL*
[10:54:30pm] <Kechara> Misty, I was the one asking about Grey at the Excite chat that sucked so badly...
[10:54:30pm] <BarGnat> LOL, Larry
[10:54:37pm] <Bananaslug> It's too bad that Baen, and Baen authors don't get the respect they deserve.
[10:54:45pm] <Sasha> Misty, Firebirdarts said something about a space ship wrecked in the bardic voices series?
[10:54:45pm] <BrownKitty> Larry, I am NOT going to ask ;)
[10:54:52pm] <KalaniSan> they don't from the barflies ;-)
[10:54:52pm] <Shadowdust> My Mom got hooked on the music tapes.
[10:55:10pm] <Larry_Dixon> Actually alfric... I am a periodicals nut. I take an average of 72 magazines a month. I only read maybe 3 or 4 fiction books a year!
[10:55:24pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Sorry just catching up on the posts that scrolled by
[10:55:32pm] * Kechara slows down.
[10:55:32pm] <alfric> Cool so what type of fiction??
[10:55:42pm] <DannyBoy> *blink* You read 2+ periodicals a day? Wow.
[10:55:49pm] <Gedlion> I'll vouch for Larry being a Nut. (hides)
[10:55:56pm] <BarGnat> hehehe
[10:56:03pm] <BarGnat> GD&R
[10:56:03pm] <BrownKitty> if you need to, please tell us to stop until you catch up
[10:56:11pm] <Kechara> "Unavailable" can talk to the darn machine!
[10:56:18pm] * Kechara loves caller ID
[10:56:18pm] <William_Katzell> I know bookstore owners who think that Baen books and authors are $#!+ because they're not BFF (Big Fat Fantasy, he calls them, but I call them Big Fat Fluff)
[10:56:18pm] <Larry_Dixon> Usually the only fiction I read are things by pals... right now, Sean McMullen's "Miocene Arrow."
[10:56:27pm] * DannyBoy laughs!
[10:56:39pm] <alfric> OOO Nice
[10:56:46pm] <OnyxHawke> io call them 'kindling'
[10:56:46pm] <Kechara> I look for the dragon/ship logo in both the library and the bookstore. I have for years.
[10:56:46pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> well, we're going to prove THAT wrong with Shadow of the Lion!
[10:56:46pm] <KalaniSan> I actually have started scanning by the pub logo on the spine now as much as by author name
[10:56:46pm] * Larry_Dixon pelts Gedlion with a large assortment of chocolates.
[10:56:54pm] <Kechara> *laugh* so have I.
[10:56:56pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Good god, it's either 800 or 1000 pages
[10:57:00pm] <alfric> How bout U Misty
[10:57:05pm] <KalaniSan> I get the TOR stuff for free, sometimes though ;-)
[10:57:15pm] * Gedlion elects to catch em and eat em. *slurp*
[10:57:16pm] <alfric> what type of fiction do U read
[10:57:18pm] <BrownKitty> as opposed to an assortment of large chocolates?
[10:57:19pm] <Bananaslug> Baen books are much more tightly edited in general it seems like.
[10:57:29pm] <DannyBoy> Merf? 1000 pages? Heh. Bye, budget.
[10:57:36pm] <MoonSong> large chocolates would hurt mor
[10:57:37pm] <MoonSong> ee
[10:57:38pm] <Kechara> what budget? *laugh*
[10:57:38pm] <Larry_Dixon> That is true about Shadow of the Lion. A huge book. And thank you Jim Baen, wherever you are, for the cover art gig. In case any of you have ever wondered what I can do with color.
[10:57:42pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Fiction I read...gosh, everything. historucal, mystery, in genre...just finished the latest...
[10:57:47pm] <KalaniSan> well if Nancy isn involved I'll bet it is tightly edited
[10:57:49pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Robin McKinley
[10:57:52pm] <DannyBoy> That's about the size of it, but I had hopes...
[10:57:53pm] <KalaniSan> that girl don't mess around
[10:57:54pm] <BrownKitty> YES
[10:57:59pm] <Kechara> OOO, I love Robin!
[10:58:00pm] <BrownKitty> Larry, do you have a site?
[10:58:07pm] <BrownKitty> Did I miss it earlier?
[10:58:15pm] <Larry_Dixon> Misty is the one who keeps a finger on the pulse of the fiction fields. She's savvy on the great work, new and old.
[10:58:16pm] <Bananaslug> Speaking about Nancy, she needs a new gig...Byte sacked her today.
[10:58:21pm] <alfric> Cool too a well rounded bunch of writers
[10:58:26pm] <MoonSong> if you're doing the cover art Larry, I HAFTA buy that one hardcover too....
[10:58:27pm] <KalaniSan> ARGH!
[10:58:30pm] <Larry_Dixon> I'm sorry, BrownKitty, I don't.
[10:58:33pm] * Kechara dances around cause she has permission for the drawings she never finished cause of copyrights!
[10:58:45pm] <KalaniSan> Byte bites
[10:58:52pm] <DannyBoy> *hugs Kechara* I want to see, later, ok?
[10:58:58pm] <BrownKitty> nyarf
[10:59:00pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I know. Sigh. we've had other friends booted by computer mags
[10:59:02pm] * Kechara tackles Larry and hugs him. (sorry Misty. *LOL*)
[10:59:04pm] <Bananaslug> well, yes, and I don't like Dan Dern either.
[10:59:05pm] <Larry_Dixon> Thank you MoonSong! That is sweet. The cover image gave me a lot of challenges in working out the lighting.
[10:59:17pm] <KalaniSan> Hah! that is a name I've not heard in awhile
[10:59:33pm] <KalaniSan> I dealt with that guy during out Digex days...but I forget what for
[10:59:35pm] * MoonSong is giddy too... a new car AND chatting with my fav author team (and their captive brit)
[10:59:37pm] <KalaniSan> he wasn't bad or anything
[10:59:46pm] <Larry_Dixon> New Car, MoonSong?
[10:59:54pm] <Bananaslug> Dan is Mr. Internet, and don't you forget it.
[11:00:04pm] <Tracibabe> is there any chance you two will be at a US con anytime soon?
[11:00:07pm] <MoonSong> yah - kia rio... my 1st car that's MINE and not mom & dad's
[11:00:09pm] <BrownKitty> ::smacks forehead:: Moonsong...I MISSED IT!
[11:00:12pm] <Kechara> Darn it, Dakota, you went an hour ago, you can HOLD IT!
[11:00:14pm] <Kechara> (dog)
[11:00:15pm] <DannyBoy> Ummm...ok...thought that was that president guy?
[11:00:18pm] <KalaniSan> well some of us are pre-WWW internet here too
[11:00:19pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hey, if anybody has burning questions, you'd better get these rowdies to shut up a secnd
[11:00:26pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> he
[11:00:29pm] * Tracibabe would trample over family to get to meet in person
[11:00:30pm] <Larry_Dixon> Actally we had a funny thing related to us by an editor from Tor Books... she was in Manhattan and when she was stopped at a crosswalk, a Mustang came around the corner past her with a plate that read TANNIM. :)
[11:00:33pm] <DannyBoy> OI! PIPE DOWN?
[11:00:45pm] <OnyxHawke> okay i have one
[11:00:52pm] <Kechara> I plan to buy that car some day... *shuts up now*
[11:00:56pm] <MoonSong> missed... what? huh.. i missed something too....
[11:01:05pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> go Hawke
[11:01:13pm] <Larry_Dixon> Kias are pretty nice, MoonSong, congratulations. Wheels are wonderful... may you have many joys in your travels.
[11:01:18pm] <OnyxHawke> YOu've said Kero was one ov your fave charectors , what (if any is your fave book ?
[11:01:31pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> (and someone had a Vanyel question I missed)
[11:01:36pm] <alfric> Yeah
[11:01:45pm] <KalaniSan> ah. why couldn't that change mage be Ma'ar
[11:01:47pm] <Shadowdust> Misty, why can't the change-mage Vanyel fought as a youth, be Leareth/Ma'ar
[11:01:50pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Black Gryphon, I think.
[11:02:20pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I never actually thought about that change-mage...I think he just wasn't powerful enough
[11:02:21pm] <Kechara> Misty, please make Jim release By The Sword in two parts? I keep breaking the spine of the big one. *laugh*
[11:02:21pm] <tazman> damm i am going to have to put the kittes to bed and also myself
[11:02:24pm] <KalaniSan> the guys Ma'ar takes over have to be descende from him
[11:02:25pm] <William_Katzell> Burning question: These roudiwes know that I'm a consistency reader for you and have been severely whining (and whinging) at me about when I can give them ANY info. I keep thelling them, "Not until Misty OKs it." I'm assuming you still haven't OKed it?
[11:02:35pm] <BrownKitty> sleep well David
[11:02:37pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> i would, bit that's a DAW book!
[11:02:50pm] <Kechara> Rats. *L* I should look at covers a bit better.
[11:02:53pm] <Kechara> sorry. *grin*
[11:02:58pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Nighty night David!
[11:03:06pm] <Shadowdust> But he could be...He had many of the same characteristics that Falconsbane had later.
[11:03:08pm] <OnyxHawke> night daid
[11:03:11pm] <Kechara> Night, David. I'm sure this is being logged. :)
[11:03:16pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> whinging is good for them, william!
[11:03:19pm] <DannyBoy> *smile* Night, David.
[11:03:20pm] <Sasha> What did they mean on the Firebird site about space ship wreck in bardic voice land?
[11:03:20pm] <tazman> nice meeting you both
[11:03:23pm] <William_Katzell> i thought so
[11:03:25pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> DAW does make 'em thick!
[11:03:31pm] <Kechara> I stopped whinging a long time ago, Will. *G*
[11:03:32pm] *** tazman (scpo_david@***.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net) Quit (QUIT: )
[11:03:35pm] <Bananaslug> *snicker* whinging is good for the soul.
[11:03:41pm] <Tracibabe> so did i will.
[11:03:43pm] <Larry_Dixon> Falconsbane! Hiss spit. :) Well, okay, he was kinda sexy in his own way. But what a nasty thang he was.
[11:03:45pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> thanks tax!
[11:03:48pm] <Tracibabe> now i just look at you with puppydog eyes
[11:03:51pm] <William_Katzell> but they've been over spoilt by Jim & Co
[11:04:04pm] <Larry_Dixon> Ah! Sasha, let's see if I can answer some of that.
[11:04:05pm] <Kechara> *pouts* I stopped, Will.
[11:04:08pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ok space ship---Larry, tell them about the Bardic Voices world-origin
[11:04:12pm] *** Gedlion is now known as Paul
[11:04:14pm] <alfric> They get that way huh?
[11:04:15pm] <Larry_Dixon> Will do, Misty.
[11:04:25pm] <Larry_Dixon> See how we work together? <grin>
[11:04:34pm] <DannyBoy> I don't know, one thing I kept thinking about is what a MORON Falconsbane was...first rule:do not ass-u-me.
[11:04:35pm] * Kechara listens intently, knowing that it's all a colony gone wrong in some way from paying attention.
[11:04:59pm] <Kechara> (that was a very badly written sentance. *LOL*)
[11:05:00pm] <KalaniSan> You know...I have a small issue with that girl playing fiddle on skull mountain all night....
[11:05:02pm] <Bananaslug> I gotta go to bed. NIght, Misty, Larry, Paul...and all!
[11:05:15pm] <BarGnat> Nite Walt
[11:05:19pm] <Kechara> night walt.
[11:05:20pm] <alfric> niters slug
[11:05:26pm] <MikeG> Nite Walt
[11:05:26pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Night!
[11:05:29pm] * Kechara listens to Larry
[11:05:29pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Walt, wish you didn't have to go!
[11:05:30pm] *** Bananaslug (bigbananas@***.fedwy1.wa.home.com) Quit (QUIT: )
[11:05:30pm] <Paul> Goodnight Banana.
[11:05:34pm] <OnyxHawke> nite Walt
[11:05:34pm] <BrownKitty> Danny, the point was made that Falconsbane was an IMPERFECT COPY of Ma ar
[11:05:41pm] <KalaniSan> As a fiddle player my own self....where did she get the time to lear All That Music....
[11:05:45pm] <BrownKitty> sleep well Walt
[11:05:46pm] <KalaniSan> learn...
[11:05:48pm] <DannyBoy> Well, true.
[11:05:56pm] *** Sasha (Sasha_Rowa@***.fl.us.prserv.net) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[11:05:56pm] <BrownKitty> drat, missed
[11:06:01pm] <KalaniSan> dang peer
[11:06:08pm] <KalaniSan> tigger is a peer....
[11:06:10pm] <Kechara> she started improvising, remember? re-read it. :)
[11:06:14pm] <Larry_Dixon> Alanda, as a world, was a backwater with a research center, in very high tech confederation. A system of planetary transit gates was anchored there. When things went terribly awry with the transit gate system parts of each of the anchored worlds got snatched away and swapped, if you will, with parts of Alanda. <more>
[11:06:18pm] <BarGnat> LOL
[11:06:39pm] <Kechara> *blinks* WOW.... *waits for more* (I love Alanda.)
[11:07:08pm] <Kechara> Sort of like what the Mage Storms do... on a grand scale?
[11:07:12pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> (going to put one bird away and get another) BRB
[11:07:29pm] <DannyBoy> *the wonderful thing about tiggers are, tiggers are wonderful things*
[11:07:37pm] * MoonSong has a burning question when the alanda discussion is over....
[11:07:44pm] <alfric> tops R made of the rubber
[11:07:48pm] * Kechara makes sure the dog is securely anchored to her wheelchair*
[11:07:53pm] <BrownKitty> aargh...I wanna be Talia
[11:07:58pm] <Paul> Larry's typing.. hold on!
[11:08:03pm] <Kechara> ye gods, Mo, WHY?
[11:08:08pm] <alfric> sshhhhhhhh
[11:08:13pm] <Larry_Dixon> Seen from space, Alanda is a patchwork arranged in a Fibinocchi pattern. Not all of the worlds of origin in the network were high-tech, and many were interdicted or restricted. Now some of the places for the gate transit anchors were much like airports are today; grand concourses, support businesses and the like. And when they got snatched away, the shipyards, repair bays and such for the starports attached to them went too.
[11:08:20pm] *** Sasha (Sasha_Rowa@***.fl.us.prserv.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[11:08:25pm] <BrownKitty> alf, PLEASE NO POOH SONGS!
[11:08:39pm] <KalaniSan> we could go back to the Brady Bunch theme....
[11:08:44pm] <Paul> Hi Sasha
[11:08:44pm] <alfric> oh pooh
[11:08:49pm] * KalaniSan ducks
[11:08:56pm] <Sasha> Hi Paul, my ISP cut off GRRRR.
[11:09:02pm] <DannyBoy> Sorry, my fault.
[11:09:02pm] * Kechara slaps KalaniSan around a bit with a large trout
[11:09:07pm] <BrownKitty> so my habit/hobby would work better, ERIN
[11:09:18pm] <KalaniSan> Hey. after I smacked that guy around for you!!!!
[11:09:22pm] <Kechara> I want animal mindspeech.
[11:09:22pm] <KalaniSan> for shame
[11:09:31pm] * William_Katzell exclaims, "A Fibonacci pattern!?" and shudders.
[11:09:36pm] <BrownKitty> alf, I'vé got a four-year-old and an eight-year-old
[11:09:43pm] <Sasha> Did I miss the asnwer to my question?
[11:09:48pm] <alfric> Yeah?
[11:09:48pm] <KalaniSan> besides...I don't like fish. maybe hit me with a rib eye steak
[11:09:48pm] <Tracibabe> i just want to have more books. never enough
[11:10:00pm] <Kechara> but IRC only has the trout in the slap! function. *L*
[11:10:06pm] <Paul> Fibonacci Series, an approximation for the golden ratio.. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13.......
[11:10:11pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Did someone say steak?
[11:10:15pm] <Larry_Dixon> The main problem,of course, is that the infrastructure for these craft, facilities and such collapsed long ago and no one can get them going again; and because of the intermix of worlds (and all of the risks of contagion and who-knows-what), Alanda itself is now utterly blockaded from outside. It's a hothouse for cultural interchange, sure, but no one gets in or out. The Deliambrens should make more sense now. :)
[11:10:22pm] <KalaniSan> I said pork roast earlier...
[11:10:40pm] <BrownKitty> Larry, does any sufficiently-advanced technology resemble magic? ;)
[11:10:55pm] <alfric> to us dwarves it does
[11:11:07pm] <KalaniSan> The Scone of Stone....
[11:11:12pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Does any sufficiently-advanced magic resemble technology?
[11:11:17pm] <Kechara> I figured it was some sort of mixture like that Larry, 'cause I distinctly recall reading about the missile and "interstellar warefare" in the Eagle and the Nightengales. (which is pretty my fave in the series)
[11:11:33pm] <KalaniSan> I've only read Lark and Wren
[11:11:39pm] <Tracibabe> i'm curious as to how it was working with eric and dave
[11:11:39pm] <Kechara> warfare. stupid fingers. *slaps hands*
[11:11:39pm] <BrownKitty> Robert, FUNCTIONING magic resembles technology ;)
[11:11:57pm] <Kechara> Mo... uh.. never mind. *laughs and shuts up*
[11:12:02pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> And vice versa!
[11:12:08pm] <Larry_Dixon> Alanda Overflight is a story and art concept Misty and I have had for some time now, of a Deliambren-backed mapping and trade mission using the rough, savaged hull and lift engines of a starship that was in a repair bay at the time of the accident. With many complications.
[11:12:19pm] <DannyBoy> I think that when you get up high enough, magic and tech are the same thing.
[11:12:23pm] <Paul> Misty is still off trading in birds.
[11:12:23pm] * Kechara still wants animal Mindspeech
[11:12:40pm] <Larry_Dixon> Does that help any? Or does it raise more questions than answers? :)
[11:12:45pm] <KalaniSan> mine are just running roughshod...
[11:12:45pm] <DannyBoy> Isn't that one ot the Branship stories by Anne McCaffrey?
[11:12:45pm] <Tracibabe> oops i'll ask again
[11:12:49pm] <alfric> Danny is on to it now
[11:12:49pm] <KalaniSan> chasing the cat and such
[11:12:49pm] <Sasha> yes
[11:12:54pm] <DannyBoy> Errr. Brainship
[11:13:04pm] <Kechara> Larry, that was wonderful, thank you. It confirmed a lot of my suspicions, and explained them at the same time. :)
[11:13:15pm] <Larry_Dixon> Excellent. :)
[11:13:24pm] <DannyBoy> *G* Tech and Magic are the samething, just from opposite sides of the spectrum.
[11:13:29pm] <William_Katzell> Erin, is I had animal mindspeech, it'd be just my lick that only the chipmunks would want to talk to me. incessantly
[11:13:33pm] <alfric> cool man
[11:13:33pm] <KalaniSan> So..I still wanna know where overworked peasantry hias time to learn 12 hours worth of tunage
[11:13:46pm] <Kechara> the brainship story is The Ship Who Searched and I LOVE that book. it's another that lives on my nightstand.
[11:13:53pm] <Larry_Dixon> Groove is in the heart. :)
[11:14:06pm] <Tracibabe> mine too. i thougth it was the best of all the BB books
[11:14:06pm] <alfric> :-)
[11:14:06pm] <DannyBoy> Yeap, so it is.
[11:14:12pm] <Kechara> so did I. *G*
[11:14:12pm] <Sasha> Will there be any more Bardic Voice stories soon?
[11:14:20pm] <Kechara> Misty's not back yet to answer the fiddler question.
[11:14:29pm] <Larry_Dixon> That is a good question, Sasha. Hey did you like the Haspur?
[11:14:35pm] <Shadowdust> Larry, in the Mage Winds Trilogy which of Van's kids was Firesong's ancestor?
[11:14:42pm] <Paul> Misty is back. I've just been birded..
[11:14:42pm] <Sasha> Yes, he was cool
[11:14:42pm] <Kechara> The Haspure are WAY cool, and I want more!
[11:14:42pm] <MoonSong> kalaniSan... if you know basic music theory, improv is easy.... for some ppl. Probably for Rune, it would be - lots of time spent doing menial tasks that she can think up tunes...
[11:15:00pm] <KalaniSan> so she wrote em. oK
[11:15:08pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ba ck. With Harley Quinn, the B and G macaw
[11:15:17pm] <alfric> good answer moon
[11:15:17pm] <BrownKitty> the Haspur are COOL
[11:15:17pm] <Kechara> it says right in the book that when she ran out of music she began improvising
[11:15:17pm] <Tracibabe> wb
[11:15:17pm] <DannyBoy> Ummm...no, actaully, it's not. The Ship Errant, is the one I'm thinking about.
[11:15:17pm] <KalaniSan> heheh. not a harlequin?
[11:15:24pm] *** MikeG (graft@***.icehouse.net) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[11:15:32pm] <alfric> wb
[11:15:32pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> That the one that traumatized the dog?
[11:15:39pm] <Sasha> hello harley
[11:15:39pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Naw, named her for the Batman character
[11:15:39pm] <DannyBoy> Doctor of psychology Harley Quinn? :)
[11:15:39pm] * MoonSong grumbles at Larry... thanks for putting that song in my head... it's such a DeeLite.... (i think that's right... *heh*)
[11:15:48pm] <DannyBoy> Yes!
[11:15:48pm] <Larry_Dixon> The Haspur population of Alanda is all descended form the Haspur that were on-planet in the origin. The Haspur themseves are quite the star-spanning glory culture elsewhere in the universe, but you wouldn't see that in the Alanda books so far.
[11:15:48pm] <Kechara> I didn't like The Ship Errant much. I adored The Ship Who Searched, though the cover of mine is torn. *L*
[11:15:48pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep. she took a big bite at him
[11:16:08pm] <MoonSong> Misty - how many birds do you have?
[11:16:15pm] *** MikeG (graft@***.icehouse.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[11:16:17pm] <Tracibabe> oh, i have had the mental image of Firesong as Sephiroth ever since i got that game
[11:16:25pm] <William_Katzell> WB, Mike
[11:16:25pm] <Kechara> Dakota thinks she's a horse. She has her chain in her mouth again, like a horse. *LOL*
[11:16:25pm] <Silvers> Heyla Mike!
[11:16:25pm] <Tracibabe> er, other way around i meant
[11:16:25pm] <alfric> wb mike
[11:16:33pm] <Kechara> like a bit, I mean. WB, Mike
[11:16:33pm] <BarGnat> wb Mike
[11:16:36pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Or, how many birds own you?
[11:16:45pm] <BrownKitty> wb Mike
[11:16:52pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Hi mike!
[11:16:52pm] <Kechara> Mary spoke! *faints*
[11:16:52pm] <MikeG> thx
[11:17:00pm] <alfric> Hi gnat
[11:17:00pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> ummm Ikaika, Kechara, Marty, Dac, Harley, JD, Elsie, Isaac, Visyr, Little Blue, Vel.
[11:17:08pm] <Shadowdust> How many fancy chickens, Misty?
[11:17:08pm] * MoonSong corrects myself to Robert's phrasing
[11:17:16pm] <BarGnat> Lurk
[11:17:24pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hee hee! Misty and her fancy chickens.
[11:17:24pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> At last count around 50 fancy chickens
[11:17:24pm] <alfric> looks like 11 to me
[11:17:36pm] <Larry_Dixon> Even fewer when gryphons are hungry.
[11:17:44pm] <alfric> mmmmm
[11:17:52pm] <MoonSong> *oops* i forgot the fancy chickens... i take the 11 are parrots?
[11:17:52pm] <Miranda> what is a fancy chicken?
[11:17:52pm] <OnyxHawke> Okay Misty when you write a book how do you proceed ?
[11:17:52pm] <DannyBoy> *G* Erin, you're a bird!
[11:18:00pm] <Kechara> I named myself after a bird! *giggle* Actually, I've used this nick or a variation for about... well, since Black Gryphon came out!
[11:18:00pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> 2 peacocks, around fifty variatal chickens and a dozen guinea fowl, 8 geese
[11:18:00pm] <Kechara> I gathered that Daniel. *alughing*
[11:18:02pm] <Sasha> Misty, are there more Bardic Voices forthcoming?
[11:18:10pm] <KalaniSan> I feel all inadequate
[11:18:18pm] <alfric> good question hawk
[11:18:18pm] <KalaniSan> I just have two birdos and a cat
[11:18:18pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> WHoa!!!
[11:18:18pm] <DannyBoy> *G* Of course, I'm just a radio handle, so...
[11:18:26pm] <Kechara> I want more on the haspur... either on Alanda or elsewhere. :)
[11:18:42pm] <OnyxHawke> thank oyu
[11:18:48pm] <Larry_Dixon> Tell Jim Baen and Co. Kechara. :)
[11:18:48pm] <OnyxHawke> you
[11:18:54pm] <Kechara> which forum, Larry? :)
[11:18:59pm] <Kechara> I'll do it.
[11:19:06pm] <BrownKitty> me too! more Haspur please!
[11:19:06pm] <Larry_Dixon> All of them! Everywhere! <laugh> Just kidding :)
[11:19:12pm] <Kechara> I'm Erin, btw... shall I change my nick?
[11:19:12pm] <Sasha> me too
[11:19:20pm] <OnyxHawke> try BB or PP Kechara
[11:19:20pm] <Paul> I've got JD right now, who no doubt will be delighted when he realises this is a new T shirt that he hasn't chewed a hole in yet...
[11:19:27pm] <Kechara> Onyx, that helped not at all.
[11:19:27pm] <Shadowdust> What happened to the Andre during WW book?
[11:19:35pm] <Larry_Dixon> Jayyy deee! The Pirate Bird!
[11:19:36pm] <BrownKitty> more everything please!
[11:19:38pm] <KalaniSan> JD is what?
[11:19:42pm] <OnyxHawke> Baens bar or Publishers Podium ?
[11:19:44pm] <MoonSong> heh.... paul, I don't think I have a shirt my Amazon HASN'T chewed a hole in yet...
[11:19:52pm] <MoonSong> (she's a yellow nape)
[11:19:54pm] <KalaniSan> amazons are cute.
[11:20:09pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Fancy chickens: these are a bunch of different breeds of Bantam for the most part, some Silkiies, Cochins, but the rpizes are the Phoenix chickens which will get 20 foot tails
[11:20:15pm] <alfric> in a large sort of way
[11:20:19pm] <Tracibabe> too many cats and kids here wouldn't dare add birds to the mix
[11:20:24pm] <Kechara> I'm not allowed to have birds. *sigh* I'm only allowed two dogs on a federal technicality due to my disability!
[11:20:27pm] <KalaniSan> my brother has a pet chicken...she loves him and hates his wife....
[11:20:43pm] <Larry_Dixon> 20 foot fancy tails, which of course I shall wear with an outfit... :)
[11:20:47pm] <Paul> JD is a mini macaw. A traditional green Pirate Bird, as Larry put it. JD stands for Juvenile Delinquent.. and well..
[11:20:47pm] <Shadowdust> 4 dogs, 2 cats and2 fish here
[11:20:52pm] <DannyBoy> *grumbles at stupid federals, on Kecharas behalf*
[11:20:52pm] <OnyxHawke> Question for Misty !
[11:20:56pm] <Shadowdust> and 5 Kids
[11:20:56pm] <KalaniSan> a Military?
[11:21:01pm] <Kechara> Oh, and Misty.. if you ever need info on ferrets for anything, I'm your gal. *grin*
[11:21:09pm] <BrownKitty> I'm still trying to get out of the birds-as-food mindset
[11:21:18pm] <Larry_Dixon> Ferrets! Furred Spring Loaded Razors. :)
[11:21:24pm] <alfric> not me
[11:21:24pm] <Sasha> 3 kids here, no animals
[11:21:24pm] <KalaniSan> Birdo would be a bit stringy....
[11:21:29pm] <DannyBoy> *LOL*
[11:21:35pm] <Kechara> Dakota, drop the chain or I'm taking it away!
[11:21:35pm] <KalaniSan> barely make an hors d'ourve
[11:21:42pm] <alfric> ate all my kids and animals
[11:21:42pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Carpet Sharks!
[11:21:48pm] <Kechara> Larry, *LOL* And adorable, and heaps of fun.
[11:21:48pm] <DannyBoy> No, shoe-disarming Carpet Sharks.
[11:21:48pm] <Tracibabe> question for misty
[11:21:54pm] <BrownKitty> Larry, my mom called mine a stretch-rat or a Farengi rat
[11:21:54pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> How do I proceed with a book? I usually start with a general story idea and either I work up an outline alone or Larry and I work on it togehter...
[11:21:54pm] <Tracibabe> how was working with eric and dave
[11:22:01pm] <alfric> less trouble that way
[11:22:01pm] <Kechara> Mustela putorius furo
[11:22:12pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Then I make a long outline, 40-60 pages, and write the book from that
[11:22:18pm] <Kechara> I have 7 and work with a rescue. :)
[11:22:26pm] <alfric> cool
[11:22:34pm] <KalaniSan> rescues are good. My birds were both rescues
[11:22:42pm] <Larry_Dixon> Misty and I usually wind up plotting books on long road trips! <laugh> Hour after hour of me at the wheel and Misty typing story notes and outlines while we throw ideas back and forth.
[11:22:42pm] <Shadowdust> Misty question
[11:22:42pm] <BarGnat> I have the same question as Traci
[11:22:49pm] <BarGnat> How was it, working with Eric and Dave?
[11:22:57pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> More Bardic Voices? Yes, we just haven't gotten around to them yet
[11:22:57pm] <Kechara> Misty, it's not fair. Every time I come up with a book idea... I find the book in the bookstore already written, when I hadn't READ it or even heard of it!
[11:22:57pm] <Shadowdust> Do you ever have trouble finishing a book?
[11:23:05pm] <Sasha> Does Larry draw from your descriptions or do you describe his drawings
[11:23:30pm] <Tracibabe> lol, come on flies, lets give them time to answer the questions before we bombard them
[11:23:38pm] <Shadowdust> Kechara my mom has same problem
[11:23:47pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Andre during WWII is definitely on the agenda; Melissa has to decide whether she wants it or a 50s vampire book,
[11:23:51pm] <Kechara> also, misty or larry or captive brit... I'm a paraplegic. so if you want info on that...
[11:23:58pm] <KalaniSan> I do?
[11:24:05pm] <Paul> So far Onyxhawke and Shadowdust have requested question time. I'm trying to keep track!
[11:24:10pm] <Tracibabe> ooooooooooooooh wow that sounds WONDERFUL misty
[11:24:20pm] <OnyxHawke> no she got mine
[11:24:26pm] *** William_Katzell (wilhelm@***.ecn.ab.ca) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[11:24:35pm] <KalaniSan> bad peer
[11:24:35pm] <Paul> Noted.
[11:24:35pm] <BarGnat> ack
[11:24:44pm] <Kechara> Thank you Paul. :) I post to the bar now and then as Erin Reed
[11:24:51pm] <Shadowdust> My turn?
[11:24:51pm] <Silvers> that's ganna be one dead tigger when he comes back
[11:24:51pm] <Tracibabe> would it be easier if we im'd questions to you paul?
[11:24:59pm] <Larry_Dixon> Thanks Kechara. Actually we want to have a para character in a book in the future but you know how it is, too often people will pull that to hit a demographic... we're waiting til we get the right personality and place so it isn't a gimmick.
[11:25:06pm] <KalaniSan> try all caps, traci... ;-)
[11:25:21pm] <Paul> Actually, if someone sends me a question a s a private, I'll make sure it doesn't get lost. K?
[11:25:29pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ok let Shadow dust have a question!!!
[11:25:37pm] <BarGnat> thx, Paul
[11:25:50pm] <Shadowdust> Do you have trouble finishing a book?
[11:25:57pm] <Tracibabe> don't want to yell melissa
[11:25:57pm] <Kechara> most welcome Larry. I'm willing to be totally frank about every aspect of it... and trust me, it's not easy. :) to live with day to day. So, this way it could be truly realistic and not drive us gimps crazy. *grin*
[11:26:11pm] <Shadowdust> If so how do you finish it?
[11:26:12pm] <KalaniSan> I understand, Tracy....
[11:26:17pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Only when the outline wasn;t right in the first place. Endings are easuy, it's the beginnings that go slow for me
[11:26:38pm] <DannyBoy> *blink* It's getting light...where did the time go...?
[11:26:40pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I usual;ly finish it toooooooo fast!
[11:26:42pm] <KalaniSan> I too have a question....
[11:26:47pm] <Larry_Dixon> Sometimes the characters TELL you the outline isn't right Misty :)
[11:26:50pm] <KalaniSan> but I'll defere to Traci
[11:26:53pm] *** William_Katzell (wilhelm@***.ecn.ab.ca) has joined #DixonsVixen
[11:26:58pm] <BarGnat> wb
[11:26:59pm] <KalaniSan> wb william
[11:27:05pm] <Tracibabe> wb william
[11:27:10pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi William!
[11:27:11pm] <alfric> wb will
[11:27:12pm] <DannyBoy> What they said.
[11:27:17pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> wb
[11:27:18pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ok, either Traci or Kalari
[11:27:29pm] <BrownKitty> wb William
[11:27:33pm] * William_Katzell curses dialup connections in general, and his in specific
[11:27:35pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> cause someone has a question.
[11:27:41pm] <KalaniSan> go, Traci
[11:27:44pm] <Tracibabe> i wanted to know how you enjoyed working with eric and dave
[11:27:48pm] <Kechara> *trying to be quiet for questions*
[11:27:49pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oooo we know that one, William!
[11:28:12pm] <William_Katzell> But for $140 a year, I can't complain TOO much
[11:28:16pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> It was fantastic. They are so great to work with, it was unbelievable!
[11:28:17pm] <Paul> I've passed on Traci's Question: How did Misty enjoy working with Eric and Dave?
[11:28:34pm] * DannyBoy blesses his new apartment, with broad band connection.
[11:28:47pm] * Althalus looks out of the window... Oh. Starting to get light already... ^^;
[11:28:57pm] <KalaniSan> does that mean me next?
[11:29:03pm] <Tracibabe> you, eric, and DW are the only authors on my HB buy list
[11:29:04pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Fire away!
[11:29:30pm] <KalaniSan> Are there any cases where Chosen aren't absolutely miserable before their Companion finds them?
[11:29:44pm] <KalaniSan> Do they ever consider not going?
[11:29:46pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I have to say that this was the most fun I've had since working with Larry.
[11:29:48pm] <Larry_Dixon> <laugh>
[11:30:07pm] <DannyBoy> *blink* Wasn't there a short story about that?
[11:30:20pm] <DannyBoy> Not going, that is.
[11:30:21pm] <Kechara> *pondering killing my dog if she doesn't stop chewing on her chain*
[11:30:30pm] <Kechara> I read that one! the older lady!
[11:30:32pm] * DannyBoy slaps Kechara around a bit with a large trout
[11:30:37pm] <KalaniSan> Oh...Kerowyn
[11:30:38pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Chosen...verry often they are not miserable, and sometimes they do balk at going. It's the miserable ones who make the best stories tho
[11:30:39pm] <DannyBoy> No killing Dakota.
[11:30:41pm] <Sasha> Yes, in one of the anthologies
[11:30:45pm] <William_Katzell> I remember a LOL in Sword of Ice who turned down her companiopn
[11:30:48pm] <KalaniSan> well she was never in Valdemar until then...
[11:30:53pm] <BrownKitty> Danny, there was a short story about not accepting BEING Chosen
[11:30:54pm] <Kechara> I won't kill her, but I may steal her chain.
[11:30:56pm] <KalaniSan> that is what I figured. thanks,
[11:31:16pm] <DannyBoy> *nod* That's it, in Sword of Ice...yes. Been a while since I read it.
[11:31:23pm] <Kechara> I can always put it back on her later. *L*
[11:31:27pm] <KalaniSan> someone refused a Companion?
[11:31:37pm] <Kechara> she tried to... didn't work. *grin*
[11:31:42pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> the novella in the Companion is about a kid who isn't miserable...perfectly ordinary
[11:31:54pm] <KalaniSan> Companions - do they have the souls of people who've passed on?
[11:31:58pm] <alfric> Well folks time for bed
[11:32:03pm] <Sasha> That's out in December, right?
[11:32:05pm] <DannyBoy> Night, Alfric!
[11:32:07pm] <BarGnat> Night Alf
[11:32:11pm] <OnyxHawke> night
[11:32:12pm] <Tracibabe> good night alfric
[11:32:14pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yup. Companions are recycled Heralds.
[11:32:16pm] <Sasha> night alfric
[11:32:16pm] * Kechara hangs head cause it's going to take her YEARS to save up for the Companion... can't even afford pbs at the moment
[11:32:17pm] <alfric> Hey Lar and misty
[11:32:20pm] <Kechara> night alfric
[11:32:21pm] <BrownKitty> night alf
[11:32:23pm] <alfric> nice to chat
[11:32:23pm] <BrownKitty> sleep well
[11:32:28pm] <KalaniSan> Do they change names?
[11:32:32pm] <alfric> night gnat
[11:32:33pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> December for the Companion
[11:32:39pm] <BarGnat> Night, Pal
[11:32:44pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> They often respell their names
[11:32:46pm] <KalaniSan> and if they get offed, can their souls be recycled?
[11:32:49pm] <alfric> night all
[11:32:51pm] <Larry_Dixon> With a map that is pretty nearly Actual Size.
[11:33:00pm] <KalaniSan> Does it take a long time?
[11:33:03pm] <Kechara> Sayvil is Savil or hadn't you noticed? *grin*
[11:33:05pm] <Tracibabe> so savil and sayvil are the same soul? *wondered that for awhile*
[11:33:22pm] <MoonSong> ...savil and sayvil have the same *wit*... :)
[11:33:27pm] <DannyBoy> Yes, of course Savil is Sayvil. THAT coustic tongue?
[11:33:44pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> If you die as a Companion you can either come back as an ordinary person (no memory) was a Herald (no memory) as a COmpanion (memory) or got to Bermuda
[11:33:49pm] <Kechara> I really need to learn to insert commas.
[11:33:49pm] <KalaniSan> Hving been that forest, will Vanyel become a companion or has he earned his rest
[11:33:53pm] <Kechara> *ROFL*
[11:33:58pm] *** alfric (alfric@***.clt.bellsouth.net) has left #DixonsVixen
[11:34:03pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Van's in Bermuda/
[11:34:10pm] <OnyxHawke> there were a few hints about savil/sayvil when kero was adopted and in the end of one of the winds books
[11:34:14pm] <William_Katzell> Triangle, or Island?
[11:34:14pm] <Kechara> after assaulting The Author.
[11:34:30pm] <KalaniSan> lucky Van
[11:34:32pm] <BrownKitty> I do NOT want to see Vanyel as a Companion!
[11:34:32pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> He ;likes Pina Coladas...gettin caught in the rain...and the rfeel of the ocean....and the tastte of champagne
[11:34:39pm] <Tracibabe> oh lord, i laughed so hard at that "my name's vanyel so i whine"
[11:34:46pm] <Sasha> lol
[11:34:52pm] <Paul> Misty!
[11:34:58pm] <Kechara> Misty, don't make me slap you with a trout. *LOL*
[11:34:58pm] <BrownKitty> ROFLMAO
[11:35:03pm] <KalaniSan> Is there an afterlife for non-herald humans/beings?
[11:35:03pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hehehehe
[11:35:11pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> ;-)
[11:35:13pm] <Kechara> I thought anyone could go to the Havens?
[11:35:33pm] <DannyBoy> Havens, sure...but Bermuda?
[11:35:44pm] <Sasha> Any more about Iftel?
[11:35:44pm] <KalaniSan> I read the stories so fast sometimes thos details don't stay in my head...
[11:35:44pm] <BrownKitty> Firecats, Mel
[11:36:16pm] <Larry_Dixon> Owwwww.
[11:36:16pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Anyone can go to the Havens. Non heralds can go there, or get recycled.
[11:36:16pm] <Kechara> Gryphons in Iftel! I loved that!
[11:36:16pm] <OnyxHawke> i expected it
[11:36:16pm] <Paul> Question from OnyxHawke: Is there anyone you wanted to work with, but never have?
[11:36:16pm] <Larry_Dixon> The Valdemar Companion has a _Map of Iftel_ in it. True.
[11:36:25pm] <Kechara> And Larry, the heavy beaks etc in the books were fantastic for making me "see" the difference from the other gryphons
[11:36:36pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ohhhh yes. Joanna Rowling.
[11:36:41pm] * Larry_Dixon bows.
[11:37:06pm] <Sasha> as in Harry Potter?
[11:37:10pm] <DannyBoy> Ah. That reminds me. DID I read that there will/might be another owl-book, or is that just wishfull thinking?
[11:37:10pm] <Larry_Dixon> Good Call. Or Stephen King, he's cool too. That'd be fun.
[11:37:15pm] <Tracibabe> but in by the sword, the merc union had a branch in iftel, and then later you had a better idea right?
[11:37:18pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Definitely JK Rowling. I don't know if she wou;ld be willing to play, but I'd ;love to.
[11:37:27pm] <Shadowdust> Harry Potter!!!!!!!
[11:37:39pm] <BrownKitty> stephen King has gotten too repetitive lately...
[11:37:48pm] <KalaniSan> I really enjoyed all the harry potter stuff
[11:37:58pm] <Tracibabe> she's wonderful, my kids adore harry potter (me too)
[11:38:03pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Favorite Misty & Larry short story -- 'Last Rights'
[11:38:08pm] <OnyxHawke> Is that artistry or greed speaking ?
[11:38:13pm] <Miranda> good night Misty, Larry, It was nice chating with you, night all, sleep well
[11:38:13pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I think we'll have another Owl book when we get a plot
[11:38:13pm] <Larry_Dixon> Iftel's hard border is actually passable by a few people before the Storms books, Traci.
[11:38:18pm] *** Miranda (anotherme3@***.we.mediaone.net) Quit (QUIT: )
[11:38:18pm] <Larry_Dixon> Ciao Miranda!
[11:38:23pm] <BrownKitty> sleep well Mir
[11:38:28pm] <KalaniSan> rats
[11:38:28pm] <Shadowdust> Night,Night
[11:38:33pm] <KalaniSan> who's got the roaster?
[11:38:38pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Night Miranda!
[11:38:42pm] <KalaniSan> she's gone...
[11:38:47pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> who are we roasting?
[11:38:47pm] <Larry_Dixon> Thanks Robert. It was a fun story :)
[11:39:01pm] <Paul> Question from Moonsong: Will there be contact with the descendents of the Haighlei?
[11:39:05pm] <Tracibabe> the reason i say that larry, is that elspeth mentions (and i'm afraid i really don't remember which book) that the mercs were never allowed in
[11:39:05pm] <KalaniSan> it is traiditional to say 'rats' when you miss someone who is leavig
[11:39:05pm] <Kechara> Okay, what is she whining about this time? *sigh* I'll cut her loose, see if she needs a drink.
[11:39:21pm] <KalaniSan> the rat roaster used to come out when that happend
[11:39:25pm] <BrownKitty> ::snags rat, skins/guts/cleans thoroughly, puts into rat roaster::
[11:39:25pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep. More Haighlei!! Definitely!
[11:39:30pm] <MoonSong> *yay*
[11:39:34pm] <KalaniSan> I cannot type tonight...dangit
[11:39:39pm] <Kechara> yup, she was thirsty. *L*
[11:39:46pm] <BrownKitty> I got tired of hunting the blasted things ;)
[11:39:51pm] <Kechara> brb, dogs need water.
[11:39:56pm] <Tracibabe> oh is there any chance at all you'll write Need's story?
[11:40:00pm] <Shadowdust> Yuckk! Rat! Shadowdust orders pizza
[11:40:07pm] <BrownKitty> someone please tell me how to IM a question to Paul? or let me know when I can ask it in here?
[11:40:12pm] <Larry_Dixon> Ohhh yeah. And the Haighlei will be a lot more laid back. And even more stylish.
[11:40:14pm] <KalaniSan> lightly grilled rat with a sesame reduction
[11:40:14pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I think at some poijnt I''ll do a short about Need's origin
[11:40:15pm] <Tracibabe> double click on his name mo
[11:40:33pm] <BarGnat> Lurk! ^_~
[11:40:38pm] <OnyxHawke> Haighlie ???
[11:40:51pm] <Shadowdust> My little brother wants to know if you'll do a story on Ross Canfeild?
[11:40:51pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> The Black Kings
[11:41:04pm] <Larry_Dixon> Ol' Ross!
[11:41:05pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Larry, that one's yours
[11:41:10pm] <OnyxHawke> :::slaps self with trout:::
[11:41:15pm] <Kechara> Mo, type /query Paul
[11:41:17pm] <BrownKitty> Thanks Traci
[11:41:25pm] <Kechara> Oh, NEED! Yes!
[11:41:45pm] * William_Katzell slaps William_Katzell around a bit with a large trout
[11:42:00pm] <KalaniSan> If you're totally mundane and can't fight, does NEED make you bothe a fighter and mage, one or the other as needed or just one?
[11:42:02pm] <Tracibabe> this is so much nicer than the excite chat, questions are actually getting asked
[11:42:02pm] <DannyBoy> *blink* Pleasant, was it?
[11:42:11pm] <William_Katzell> yes
[11:42:14pm] <Shadowdust> My other little brother wants to know how NEED can talk with the companions
[11:42:14pm] <William_Katzell> thanks
[11:42:23pm] <DannyBoy> Ah. Well, good for you, then.
[11:42:27pm] <Larry_Dixon> We don't have any plans for a Ross Canfield story specifically though we have been playing with some new Tannim ideas that he would show up in. And of course mayb Shar, Chinthliss and FX. :)
[11:42:34pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yes, Need would supply what you aren't until you trained in one or the other.
[11:42:37pm] <Kechara> Need did that to Kero during The Ride
[11:42:41pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> In fact, that's in her origin story
[11:42:58pm] <KalaniSan> so Both at once is possible? but you better hit the books so to speak?
[11:43:15pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Need won't ;let you be lazy!
[11:43:19pm] <Kechara> *looks at chair* Mage. *LOL*
[11:43:25pm] <Shadowdust> Yeah get busy!
[11:43:37pm] <BrownKitty> NONE OF THE ABOVE
[11:43:41pm] <KalaniSan> how far into your training as a fighter do you get before you're on your own
[11:43:42pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> But emergencies are special cases.
[11:44:14pm] <KalaniSan> even now that she is fully awake?
[11:44:20pm] <Sasha> Did you ever have a character that just refused to follow the outline?
[11:44:32pm] <Kechara> have you read the last Storm book, Kali?
[11:44:36pm] <Tracibabe> ooh good question sasha
[11:44:38pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Need basically runs tests on you and cuts you loose.
[11:44:39pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hah! Good question Sasha.
[11:44:45pm] <DannyBoy> VERY good question.
[11:44:48pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> WHoa slow down!
[11:45:08pm] *** KalaniSan is now known as Melissa
[11:45:10pm] <Shadowdust> Hits brakes making skid sounds
[11:45:18pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yes, I HAVE had characters that didn't follow the outline. I changed the outline.
[11:45:26pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Paul has a q on hold
[11:45:31pm] <Paul> Question from Moonsong's Friend who can't make it (apparently): Why can Companions later on mindspeak to anyone, yet Rolan can't (or doesn't) mindspeak to Talia ever, even though he does so to Dirk?
[11:45:35pm] *** Kechara is now known as ParaErin
[11:45:57pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Because Talia's Empathy is such a strong Gift that it blanks out everything else.
[11:46:08pm] <ParaErin> Nice cover, Misty. *giggle*
[11:46:14pm] *** BarGnat is now known as Typo-Mary
[11:46:15pm] <MoonSong> ok that's what I thought but he wouldn
[11:46:19pm] *** Guest75412 (JAVGUEST@***.ipt.aol.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[11:46:22pm] <Melissa> that Rolan is a regular Companion Methuselah
[11:46:23pm] <MoonSong> t believe me.... *g*
[11:46:31pm] *** Guest75412 is now known as ilaria
[11:46:39pm] <BrownKitty> hi ilaria
[11:46:43pm] <Sasha> hello
[11:46:44pm] *** Melissa is now known as KalaniSan
[11:46:45pm] <Typo-Mary> Hi
[11:46:49pm] <ilaria> hi
[11:46:59pm] <KalaniSan> bar-gnat....where's my story!!!!
[11:47:05pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> It's important that Ta;lia concentrate on Empathy becauser that was what was needed at the time
[11:47:07pm] <DannyBoy> Typoid Mary?
[11:47:09pm] <Typo-Mary> Soon as chat is over
[11:47:14pm] <Typo-Mary> yup
[11:47:15pm] <ParaErin> Okay, that makes good sense. :)
[11:47:22pm] <Typo-Mary> want it zipped, Melissa
[11:47:27pm] <BrownKitty> Danny, that was bad and you need to be pun-ished later
[11:47:30pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Talamir OTOH does Mindspeak with Rolan
[11:47:34pm] <KalaniSan> ooh.. I read that as typho-Mary
[11:47:36pm] <KalaniSan> bad...
[11:47:37pm] <DannyBoy> *blink* WHAT?
[11:47:42pm] <Typo-Mary> it's 50K words
[11:47:44pm] <BrownKitty> VBEG
[11:47:49pm] <KalaniSan> uh..if you save it as plain text it should be small enough
[11:47:50pm] *** Typo-Mary is now known as BarGnat
[11:47:56pm] <BarGnat> so there!
[11:47:57pm] <OnyxHawke> Does as in we'll see him in a story ?
[11:47:58pm] * DannyBoy looks innocent.
[11:48:03pm] *** MikeG (graft@***.icehouse.net) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[11:48:11pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> Well, I've gotta bail; starting to check my eyelids for holes. Misty, Larry, Paul, and Barflies -- Nitey nite!
[11:48:12pm] <BrownKitty> I dont buy it
[11:48:16pm] <Sasha> Can Companions be mages?
[11:48:18pm] <BrownKitty> sleep well Robert
[11:48:21pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yes, in the Alberich book, and briefly in Take a Thief
[11:48:22pm] <DannyBoy> Night, Robert!
[11:48:24pm] <BarGnat> 'Night Robert
[11:48:27pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Night Robert!
[11:48:28pm] <William_Katzell> Night, Robert
[11:48:30pm] <Paul> G'night Rob!
[11:48:33pm] <Sasha> night Robert
[11:48:38pm] <ParaErin> Night Rob
[11:48:48pm] *** MikeG (graft@***.icehouse.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[11:48:49pm] <Tracibabe> i can't WAIT for those books
[11:48:52pm] <Robert_Cruze_Jr> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bye!
[11:48:53pm] <Tracibabe> wb mike
[11:48:53pm] <BarGnat> wb, Mike
[11:48:54pm] <Sasha> wb
[11:48:55pm] <Tracibabe> bye robert
[11:48:56pm] *** Robert_Cruze_Jr (rjcruzejr@***.evel1.mn.home.com) Quit (QUIT: )
[11:48:57pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep, Companions can be mages...but weren't during th vrondi infestation
[11:49:03pm] <BrownKitty> wb Mike
[11:49:08pm] <Shadowdust> Bye
[11:49:10pm] <ParaErin> I'd love to see that.
[11:49:19pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Bye Mike!
[11:49:20pm] <KalaniSan> mary - if it is big zip it...i can handle it either way
[11:49:32pm] <BarGnat> rtf/zipped okay?
[11:49:33pm] <Sasha> What will creatures like the vrondi do now that magic is reduced?
[11:49:39pm] <KalaniSan> there once was a bar gnat named mary
[11:49:40pm] <MikeG> thx
[11:49:41pm] <ParaErin> OH, GOOD question!
[11:49:49pm] <ilaria> Gala exhibited some Mage qualities, did she not? (sorry...I don't have my books with me)
[11:49:50pm] <KalaniSan> who's MS was pretty contrary
[11:49:55pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Companions do have a little trouble with mixing ingredients, and thre handgestures.....
[11:49:56pm] <KalaniSan> she sent it to mel
[11:50:01pm] <KalaniSan> for use as a pell
[11:50:06pm] <Sasha> lol
[11:50:13pm] <BarGnat> LOL
[11:50:16pm] <Paul> Thanks!
[11:50:21pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> snicker
[11:50:23pm] <KalaniSan> uh...mm.....
[11:50:29pm] <OnyxHawke> oh boy ,
[11:50:42pm] <Shadowdust> How much do those amozon parrots run you?
[11:50:49pm] *** ParaErin is now known as Kechara
[11:50:51pm] <KalaniSan> dang...last line...
[11:50:52pm] <BarGnat> I'm saving all the leftover limericks for Books 2 and 3, Melissa
[11:50:53pm] <BrownKitty> Which was so extremely scary Mel?
[11:50:54pm] <Shadowdust> amAzon
[11:51:00pm] <KalaniSan> but this limerick is getting quite hairy
[11:51:01pm] <Tracibabe> misty, i have to say thanks for the they might be giants lyrics in Chrome Born, i had to get the flood and apollo cds because of that
[11:51:15pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Amazons run the lives of everyone!
[11:51:16pm] <BarGnat> Eudora would not let her tarry
[11:51:26pm] <Tracibabe> i should return the favor, have you ever heard any OysterBand?
[11:51:28pm] <Kechara> Actually, those were in Born to Run first. *G* I have it.
[11:51:49pm] <BrownKitty> OysterBand? similar to BOC?
[11:51:55pm] <Tracibabe> chrome circle neener neener neener
[11:51:56pm] <KalaniSan> and watch all these final lines vary
[11:51:59pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Larry? Oysterband? Ring a bell?
[11:52:01pm] <Tracibabe> no, mo, they're not
[11:52:13pm] <KalaniSan> she read it and then got quite wary
[11:52:18pm] <BarGnat> hehehe
[11:52:22pm] <Tracibabe> celtic rock group
[11:52:31pm] <BrownKitty> ah, cool
[11:52:35pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hey Traci.. one of the guys who works for us RL has us to thank for him not getting his butt kicked when he was in high school because of that... he was reading Chrome Circle and laughing hard, and some gothkids nearby thought he was laughing at them.. they came over to start some trouble with him and he read them the part with the TMBG lyrics, and they laughed too..they wound up becoming friends thanks to that. :)
[11:52:36pm] <Tracibabe> my college english teacher got me hooked
[11:52:43pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I haven't knowlingly
[11:52:52pm] *** Silvers (Herald_Van@***.dun.ihug.co.nz) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[11:53:02pm] <KalaniSan> dang tigger peer
[11:53:16pm] <BarGnat> poor Jannah
[11:53:23pm] <BarGnat> and from New Zealand, too
[11:53:31pm] <Larry_Dixon> Kiwis!
[11:53:32pm] <Shadowdust> Chrome Circle *sigh* haven't read that in 7 maybe 9 months.
[11:53:33pm] <KalaniSan> maybe it was the doggerel that got the tigger
[11:53:47pm] <KalaniSan> or would that be tiggerel
[11:53:49pm] <BarGnat> Silvers just had her nineteenth birthday
[11:53:55pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I hope she'll get back in!
[11:53:58pm] <BrownKitty> we should have made that gallows for chiCon, I knew it
[11:53:59pm] <BarGnat> hehe
[11:54:15pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> oooh to be 19 again...with muy current brain.
[11:54:18pm] <KalaniSan> well...I'll blow tigger away in effigy at the range, ok?
[11:54:25pm] <ilaria> Misty, I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed the short story "Midnight" that was circulated on the list...I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!
[11:54:27pm] <Kechara> DannyBoy is in Sweden, and has his eyes propped open with toothpicks at the moment. *laugh*
[11:54:30pm] <Tracibabe> will you ever make it to a con in oh, say, california? next year? conjose?
[11:54:34pm] <BarGnat> at 73, current brain ain't all that attractive an idea
[11:54:49pm] <DannyBoy> Who, me? Nah. I'm at my...fourth wind, just now. :)
[11:54:51pm] <KalaniSan> your brain probably look just like mine
[11:54:53pm] <Shadowdust> 14!
[11:54:56pm] <Kechara> I wish that InCon could afford Misty. *laugh* Not a CHANCE. We keep hiring John Dalmas, cause he lives in town.
[11:55:04pm] <BrownKitty> Mary, you dont look 73 by about 20 years
[11:55:07pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Well,we can back your brain down to about,,,,55, ok Mary?
[11:55:22pm] <BarGnat> that was a good year, IIRC
[11:55:26pm] <KalaniSan> except for the 99559 fractal patterns
[11:55:27pm] <BarGnat> thx, Misty
[11:55:34pm] <BarGnat> LOL, Melissa
[11:55:39pm] <Larry_Dixon> We can just change his center diff gear ratio to 55, Misty...
[11:55:52pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> We just don't do cons anymmore. Too tiring, and too likely to wind up giving us Con Plague.
[11:55:57pm] <KalaniSan> mine has 5/7/5 fractals..
[11:56:00pm] <KalaniSan> ;-)
[11:56:07pm] <BarGnat> hehe
[11:56:09pm] <Paul> Question from Onyxhawkw: Will there be any more Tal stories?
[11:56:10pm] <Tracibabe> sigh. that's a shame.
[11:56:14pm] <DannyBoy> Con Plague...related to Pennsic Plague?
[11:56:18pm] <KalaniSan> Con Crud laid low alot of barflys last year
[11:56:21pm] <KalaniSan> nah
[11:56:24pm] <BarGnat> Montezuma's Revenge
[11:56:29pm] <KalaniSan> Pennsic Plague is different
[11:56:30pm] <Kechara> That's the one that you just catch cause everyone has it! *hates that*
[11:56:34pm] <DannyBoy> Aj.
[11:56:37pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I do plan on doing more with Tal in another BardicVoicesbook
[11:56:40pm] <Kechara> I never leave a con without the plague.
[11:56:45pm] <Larry_Dixon> If we make his diff ratio 55:73, then if we add overdrive and a high 5th, he'll be 22 at the hub. :)
[11:56:50pm] <Paul> Con Plague is the nasty cold/flu/whatever you are bound to get from a con..
[11:56:55pm] <BrownKitty> Misty, if I could share my Con Plague immunity, you'd be welcome to it
[11:56:59pm] <OnyxHawke> goody !!
[11:56:59pm] <KalaniSan> Though I never caught it...I guess I should boost the Vit C before Worldcon
[11:57:08pm] <Kechara> I go to one a year... and I catch the crud every time.
[11:57:11pm] <BrownKitty> yes, Mel
[11:57:11pm] <KalaniSan> don't want no Con Crud
[11:57:13pm] <Paul> Question from Moonsong: What are Misty and Larry's favourite bands? (actually she said favorite, and I just corrected the spelling :)
[11:57:19pm] <Tracibabe> lol
[11:57:22pm] <KalaniSan> hahaahahahaaaah brits
[11:57:24pm] <BrownKitty> especially among a group that kisses in greeting
[11:57:29pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> I just dropped into the Baen party last WorldCon and got the plague.
[11:57:29pm] <KalaniSan> dogdy spelling a problem for you?
[11:57:33pm] <Larry_Dixon> Hah hah! Oh dear. We have wildly divergent tastes in music with a surprising overlap.
[11:57:36pm] <BarGnat> ah, these Brits!
[11:57:40pm] *** Silvers (Herald_Van@***.dun.ihug.co.nz) has joined #DixonsVixen
[11:57:45pm] <Sasha> wb
[11:57:46pm] <KalaniSan> ah. well I'm not a spit swapper so maybe that is the source of my immunity
[11:57:51pm] <MoonSong> ahem... so i need an EDITOR now?? what do i have to pay u for that honoUr, paul?
[11:57:52pm] * Silvers beats her connection with a rusty spork
[11:57:53pm] <MoonSong> :)
[11:57:55pm] <MikeG> wb Jannah
[11:57:56pm] <William_Katzell> Wb, Jannah
[11:57:57pm] <DannyBoy> Brits...those people that drive wrong.
[11:57:59pm] <BarGnat> wb Jannah
[11:58:00pm] <Tracibabe> wb jannah
[11:58:06pm] <Kechara> *trying to get the dog to lie down*
[11:58:08pm] <OnyxHawke> lol
[11:58:09pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Bands! Aha, Rush, Floyd, Queen, Bjork, Enya, Sarah MclAUghlin
[11:58:17pm] <BarGnat> and keep adding all those u's to their words
[11:58:18pm] <William_Katzell> Better a spork, than a foon, Jannah
[11:58:19pm] <Paul> I'm just a colourful character Moonsong :)
[11:58:21pm] <KalaniSan> no, they drive left, not wrong
[11:58:35pm] <Silvers> lol
[11:58:36pm] <Shadowdust> Yay a kindred spirit Misty!
[11:58:37pm] <BrownKitty> Oingo Boingo, Misty?
[11:58:39pm] <KalaniSan> Tempest
[11:58:42pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Battlefield Band, Steeleye Span, Beatuiful Day,
[11:58:46pm] <DannyBoy> Exactly, they drive wrong. After all, they don't drive right? Thus, wrong.
[11:58:47pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oingo!
[11:58:50pm] <MikeG> Rockapella !
[11:58:52pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Tempest!
[11:58:59pm] <BarGnat> Rockapella
[11:59:01pm] <KalaniSan> Fairport Convention? The New St. George?
[11:59:02pm] <BrownKitty> ::GRINS::
[11:59:05pm] <MoonSong> natalie merchant at all?
[11:59:09pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> fAIRPORT!
[11:59:11pm] <Shadowdust> Me
[11:59:12pm] <BrownKitty> anyone got Joe's new MP3 site link?
[11:59:27pm] <KalaniSan> how about Polly Bolton?
[11:59:28pm] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ahhh, Brian Setzer Orchestra
[11:59:34pm] <BrownKitty> post in here please, Shadowdust?
[11:59:42pm] <Larry_Dixon> Ambient, trance, hard house, drum-n-bass... the Ibiza sounds, backbeats and twobeats... Neil Finn/Crowded House (who turned out to be fans of ours, how is that for weird), Rush, Mike Oldfield, Concrete Blonde, anything Trevor Horn touches... Grieg and Yes, The Church, Shriekback, Chris Isaak, Ventures.
[11:59:44pm] <Tracibabe> good stuff
[11:59:44pm] <Paul> Question from Shadowdust: Do Companions ever get sick?
[11:59:52pm] <Kechara> I had a ticket to Brian Setzer Orchestra here in town. I still have it... I missed the show. I FORGOT THE DATE.
[00:00:02am] <Shadowdust> Go Larry
[00:00:06am] <KalaniSan> Misty, have you ever heard of Jennifer Cutting?
[00:00:10am] * MoonSong quietly borrows from Misty & Larrys music collection... I'll return 'em I SWEAR!
[00:00:15am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yes, very rarely, but Companions can get sick.
[00:00:18am] <BrownKitty> ROFL
[00:00:20am] * DannyBoy hugs Erin.
[00:00:27am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hehe!
[00:00:39am] <Kechara> You buy a ticket 3 months before a show. *laugh*
[00:00:54am] <Kechara> Billy Idol is playing here the 9th and I can't go.
[00:01:07am] <Kechara> Misy, you've written to him, haven't you? Fight scenes?
[00:01:09am] <Shadowdust> Are there any books were a companiion does get sick?
[00:01:14am] <BrownKitty> I cant' listen to his music anymore and hear it right, Erin
[00:01:15am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ooo all the concerts I have missed......
[00:01:23am] <Larry_Dixon> Juno Reactor, Danny Elfman (including Boingo), Cocteau Twins.
[00:01:30am] <Kechara> whose music, Mo?
[00:01:33am] <DannyBoy> Rotblos. Which is Swedish, for those that are curious.
[00:01:35am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Haven't done a sick Companion yet...
[00:01:39am] <BrownKitty> billY Idol
[00:01:52am] <BrownKitty> Have you ever heard teh adjustment for Mony Mony?
[00:01:53am] * Larry_Dixon listens to MC 900 Foot Jesus this very moment though.
[00:02:07am] <OnyxHawke> Billy was on the MTV 20th party, good show
[00:02:08am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I'd love to hear Rotblos...sounds neat
[00:02:11am] * Kechara listens to an all 80's radio station...
[00:02:22am] <Kechara> what does he look like? should I take up a collection to get to the show? *LOL*
[00:02:23am] <Tracibabe> oysterband/blood wedding. *giggles*
[00:02:27am] <KalaniSan> Tangerine Dream?
[00:02:28am] <DannyBoy> Companion with cold...or how about the Companion with a hang-over that is mentioned in one book
[00:02:33am] <DannyBoy> ?
[00:02:34am] <OnyxHawke> wishes there were such a beast around here*
[00:02:48am] <KalaniSan> happy the man?
[00:02:49am] <Larry_Dixon> Oh yes anyone with DirecTV, tune to 806 for some of the best ambient chill on air.
[00:02:51am] *** Guest84100 (JAVGUEST@***.stny.rr.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[00:02:52am] <Mercedes_Lackey> That's true, I did have a hungover Companion.
[00:02:54am] <Sasha> Is is just Monarch's own companions that don't die or is it grove born
[00:02:55am] <Shadowdust> Which book was that?
[00:02:56am] <KalaniSan> Mike Oldfield...
[00:03:04am] <BrownKitty> hi new person
[00:03:06am] * MoonSong wishes she had Oakenfold's Perfecto Presents Another World going right now....
[00:03:08am] <BrownKitty> hi Mike
[00:03:10am] <Mercedes_Lackey> It's the Grove Born
[00:03:29am] <DannyBoy> BRotblos is a nice one...problem is it's in Swedish...don't think it would give you much. :)
[00:03:29am] <Tracibabe> i thought grove born could die
[00:03:31am] <ilaria> So Gala won't die?
[00:03:32am] <Kechara> OOoo, so Gwena's not gonna die. (how DO I pronounce that name, PLEASE?)
[00:03:41am] <ilaria> sorry..Gwena
[00:03:46am] <BrownKitty> they can be killed but not die i thought
[00:03:49am] <Sasha> So how will this affect gwena?
[00:03:51am] <Larry_Dixon> It's pronounced "Je-NOF-sky." Trick spelling.
[00:03:53am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Well, you dont' neccesaarily have to know the words.
[00:04:10am] <Kechara> I alson need pronounciations for T'fyrr and... drat, I've blanked. And I was all set with the question too.
[00:04:12am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep, you can kill a Companion but they don't die of old age.
[00:04:29am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Companions = angels. Grove Born = archangels.
[00:04:36am] <MoonSong> aaaHHAaaaaaaa...
[00:04:38am] <Tracibabe> do they stick around after their heralds die then?
[00:04:43am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Tuh-fear
[00:04:43am] <KalaniSan> are unattached companions very lonely, if they haven't ever chose?
[00:04:45am] <Kechara> Larry, are you kidding? *L*
[00:04:52am] <Kechara> Thank you, Misty!
[00:04:53am] <Shadowdust> I thought that the MO companinion was the only one that was "eternal
[00:05:06am] *** Guest84100 is now known as Crystal
[00:05:13am] <BarGnat> Hi, Crystal
[00:05:15am] <BrownKitty> hi Crystal :)
[00:05:17am] <ilaria> hi crystal
[00:05:21am] <Sasha> hello
[00:05:27am] <OnyxHawke> hi
[00:05:28am] <BarGnat> Welcome to the funny-farm
[00:05:29am] <Larry_Dixon> T'Fyrr. *swoon* talk about sexy, huh?
[00:05:38am] <Kechara> Well.. _I_ think so. *grin*
[00:05:42am] <Crystal> Blessings all!
[00:05:46am] <Mercedes_Lackey> In talia's time, the only Grove-Born was ROlan.
[00:05:49am] <Kechara> A gryphon that walks upright.
[00:06:09am] <Kechara> and "has what
[heam] has" *ROFL*
[00:06:16am] <Shadowdust> Hey Crystal
[00:06:19am] <Sasha> I liked the bar where Nightingale worked.
[00:06:29am] <ilaria> Do you ever get tired of the world (Velgarth) that you created?
[00:06:30am] <Kechara> Freehold? I'd love to go there!
[00:06:43am] <Sasha> yeah, Freehold.
[00:06:52am] <Kechara> I'd fit in there. :) Finally.
[00:06:52am] <Shadowdust> I want to meet a Hawk brother
[00:07:08am] <Kechara> I want animal mindspeech, but I don't think it's going to happen. *laugh*
[00:07:10am] <Shadowdust> Or Tannim
[00:07:13am] <Larry_Dixon> Misty and I were thinking of doing some more Freehold stuff. It's definitely an interesting place.
[00:07:19am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I do get tired of doing the same thing in the same world after I;'ve worked in it for some toime, which is why I switch to other kinds of books
[00:07:19am] <BrownKitty> I want to meet Jennifer Talldeer
[00:07:25am] <Shadowdust> OOHH *sobs*
[00:07:37am] <Shadowdust> Yes she's cool
[00:07:50am] <Shadowdust> But you mean no FX either
[00:07:56am] <Mercedes_Lackey> That's why I'm alternating Valdemar with non-Valdemar books, and why I started doing stuff for baen
[00:08:06am] <BrownKitty> Misty, is there any particular reason that most of your strong heroines are petite?
[00:08:06am] <Kechara> I'd like to rid in Tannim's car but for one reason... I get carsick as a passenger. LOL
[00:08:09am] <Tracibabe> the fire rose was great fun to read
[00:08:19am] <KalaniSan> I really liked that
[00:08:20am] <Crystal> Are the current rumors floating about of a Valdemar WB series just rumors?
[00:08:24am] <Shadowdust> AHH drive it!!!
[00:08:26am] <Kechara> The Fire Rose is my "companion"...
[00:08:34am] <KalaniSan> I was glad that the guy didn't get transformed back
[00:08:38am] <Kechara> I can't, without hand controls. *LOL*
[00:08:40am] <Mercedes_Lackey> WB series??? What's that?
[00:08:54am] <BrownKitty> Warner Bros?
[00:08:58am] <Paul> Question from Dannyboy (to Larry) Have you or will you make any art of other mythological beasts, such as pegasi, chimera and so forth?
[00:09:06am] <ilaria> TV?
[00:09:13am] <Shadowdust> TV
[00:09:18am] <Crystal> A television network... I read somewhere that they were considering a tv series based on Valdenarm
[00:09:22am] <Shadowdust> Cool
[00:09:26am] <Crystal> er... Valdemar that is :)
[00:09:26am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Not bloody ;likely. Sigh
[00:09:30am] <Crystal> ahh...
[00:09:34am] <Kechara> snowhorns are mentioned in the Writ of Vkandis...
[00:09:34am] <Kechara> unicorns?
[00:09:39am] <timedancer> wrong world wrong author :)
[00:09:43am] <Crystal> Well, this is why I don't believe everything I read on the internet.
[00:09:47am] <Shadowdust> Ohh shatter our hopes will you Misty
[00:09:51am] <KalaniSan> that pesky internet
[00:09:56am] <Tracibabe> i thought they were referring to hertasi, dyheli, and
[00:09:56am] <Tracibabe> um
[00:10:01am] <Larry_Dixon> Hey Danny. Well, every once in a while... there hasn't been a lot of call for it lately. Of course, SHADOW OF THE LION does have a brilliantly lit, magical winged lion on the cover....
[00:10:05am] <BrownKitty> tervadi
[00:10:05am] <KalaniSan> still we could have a good time doing the casting
[00:10:13am] <Mercedes_Lackey> The Valdemar books wouldn't make good TV. Tarma and Kethry\, yes, not Valdemar.
[00:10:18am] <Tracibabe> thanks mo. i just couldn't remember.
[00:10:23am] <BrownKitty> welcome
[00:10:30am] <OnyxHawke> As animated it might work
[00:10:40am] <DannyBoy> Ah. Ok...well, more lovely things, then. :)
[00:10:44am] <KalaniSan> adrian paul as skif....
[00:10:44am] <Crystal> ala Final Fantasy would be cool...
[00:10:44am] <Tracibabe> *snickers* tarma and kethry, especially the bit where they're fighting thaalkarsh
[00:10:49am] <Shadowdust> SERRAeted edge series
[00:10:49am] <BrownKitty> NO!
[00:10:53am] <Mercedes_Lackey> The problem is that so much of what is in the Valdemar books is internal to the characters
[00:11:06am] <KalaniSan> actuall in Dance Magazine theres and ad for a show, this guy is dressed all in whites.
[00:11:10am] <BrownKitty> John Cusak would make a better Skif, but hes not right either
[00:11:16am] <Kechara> no more anime where you hear thinking, please. *L*
[00:11:21am] <Paul> Question from OnyxHawke: What do you think of the Free Library, Wescriptions and E-Books in general?
[00:11:26am] <KalaniSan> he's a dancer so he's beautiful. he looks like a herald to me
[00:11:26am] <BrownKitty> hey Mel...Rasta as Skif ;)
[00:11:26am] <timedancer> Matthew Broderick=Skif
[00:11:30am] <Shadowdust> You could do it like they did Dune mental comentary
[00:11:35am] <BrownKitty> too old, timedancer
[00:11:39am] <Kechara> Broderick is too old now... *L*
[00:11:39am] <KalaniSan> ahhhh....could work
[00:11:45am] <KalaniSan> Rasta would be better as a hawkbrother
[00:11:51am] <Shadowdust> Matthew indeed
[00:11:55am] <KalaniSan> he has that boneless strength
[00:11:59am] <Kechara> darn glasses. *trying to fix a bow*
[00:12:04am] <KalaniSan> little punk
[00:12:04am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I think the whole Free Library thing is great---there's always been a need to find a way to get samples to readers to hook them in, and this works
[00:12:11am] <KalaniSan> he also has the exotic look
[00:12:16am] <Larry_Dixon> I think they are adventurous and risky, which could always backfire badly. Jim Baen & Co are bold, though, and anything that makes the fans happy is almost always a good thing.
[00:12:20am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Personally, though, I wouldn't read a book on a computer screen.
[00:12:24am] <Kechara> I buy books I've read there. The authors aren't losing money on my part! :)
[00:12:28am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I like a dead tree book.
[00:12:37am] <ilaria> lol
[00:12:41am] <BrownKitty> too hard to take your computer into the bathtub ;)
[00:12:45am] <Kechara> Misty, it's not bad... reading from the screen, I mean. It took some getting used to though.
[00:12:45am] <Crystal> I prefer to be able to smell my books. I can't get that with a computer.
[00:12:45am] <Tracibabe> me too misty, but i can't always WAIT for the dead tree version
[00:12:50am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Paper books don't need batteries.
[00:13:01am] <Kechara> I can't always AFFORD the dead tree versions for quite some time.
[00:13:12am] <OnyxHawke> not to mention you can't get them signed
[00:13:16am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I do so much on a screen that my eyes get too tired to read on a screen
[00:13:16am] * Kechara hates living on a fixed income
[00:13:21am] <Sasha> I like them cause you can try a few chapters and see if you like the book and then go buy a real book to read all the way, for new authors.
[00:13:21am] <ilaria> and the only time they crash is when you throw them across the room
[00:13:21am] <KalaniSan> BTW, Mo...Rasta is letting his hair grow out
[00:13:25am] *** Kat (katenigma0@***.ipt.aol.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[00:13:29am] <Tracibabe> :P the bookstores hate me sometimes, whenever a new misty book is due out.
[00:13:33am] <Tracibabe> i call daily. "is it in yet?
[00:13:38am] <BrownKitty> got pic, Mel? this I wanna see
[00:13:38am] <Kechara> Oh, I pester mine too... *L*
[00:13:42am] <Tracibabe> they recognize my voice
[00:13:53am] <KalaniSan> heheehehehe...well not yet. He's in NYC....
[00:13:57am] <Kechara> well, I did when I could afford books.
[00:14:06am] <KalaniSan> I only got to see him last time because he broke his computer
[00:14:26am] <BrownKitty> we need to seduce him onto the bar
[00:14:32am] <Kechara> Misty, next time I get a lump sum of cash, you're getting it, just so you know. *laugh*
[00:14:36am] <OnyxHawke> my local bookstore knows my name face, number, taste, shadow..... laugh
[00:14:41am] <Tracibabe> i htought they were going to cry when the last 2 belisarius books came out
[00:14:52am] <Kechara> I am SO far behind... *sigh*
[00:14:57am] <BarGnat> hehehe
[00:14:57am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Basically, I really like the free concept. The more people try stuff, the more will buy it. All pushers know that.
[00:15:01am] <KalaniSan> hate to bust your bubble, mo, but rasta doesn't read enough
[00:15:07am] <BrownKitty> does he have time?
[00:15:14am] <BrownKitty> i didnt think he did
[00:15:18am] <Kechara> *ROFL* Misty! Are you calling the GE a pusher??
[00:15:18am] <KalaniSan> not really
[00:15:29am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Gonna go trade in harley and JD for Grays and Kechara, Brb
[00:15:39am] <BrownKitty> Erin, hes one of the most charming pushers youll ever meet ;)
[00:15:43am] <Sasha> k
[00:15:43am] <Larry_Dixon> We do the best we can with what skills we have. <smile> We don't get big-headed or anything, we just try to do the best work we can, with the limitations of time and talent we have, so you all can enjoy some great times reading and imagining.
[00:15:43am] <KalaniSan> we are being rude, MO, we aren't here to discuss the knucklehead
[00:15:47am] <William_Katzell> He admits, erin that he is a Pu(bli)sher
[00:15:47am] <Kechara> yike, I'm being traded!
[00:15:55am] <OnyxHawke> i think she is as in s(p)end money
[00:16:10am] <OnyxHawke> or pu9bli)sher
[00:16:14am] <DannyBoy> As an idle question, what's the time on your side of the puddle? And this wasn't meant for Misty and Larry, naturally. :)
[00:16:18am] <Paul> No, Kechara is still waiting her turn.. Harley and JD got traded!
[00:16:23am] <Tracibabe> Larry, i absolutely love that you have illustrations in the pb books.
[00:16:29am] <OnyxHawke> pu(bli)sher
[00:16:36am] <BrownKitty> midnight=thirty, Danny
[00:16:40am] <KalaniSan> Misty have you ever heard of Capoeira?
[00:16:44am] <MoonSong> 1.15 am eastern time (Michigan)
[00:16:44am] <Tracibabe> I haven't seen that since Sword of Shanarra 20 years ago
[00:16:49am] <Kechara> does this mean i get to sit on Misty's shoulder? *laugh*
[00:16:49am] <DannyBoy> Oki...
[00:16:53am] <OnyxHawke> 1{20 on the right coast
[00:16:53am] <William_Katzell> 23:17 Mountain time, here
[00:16:57am] <Kechara> Misty's afk
[00:17:01am] <Larry_Dixon> Thank you Traci. It wasn't an easy sell... no one had been doing that except as a lark once in a while. It was a sort of lost art. I didn't want to see it die off.
[00:17:01am] <Sasha> Larry, do you ever do drawings that give Misty ideas for characters?
[00:17:06am] <KalaniSan> oh dang you can see how much attention I'm paying.
[00:17:06am] <ilaria> bye, everyone! It's really late, but this has been fun! Thanks, Misty and Larry...I look forward to your upcoming books!
[00:17:14am] <BrownKitty> sleep well ilaria
[00:17:18am] <KalaniSan> thanks for bringing up ras, mo... grrr ;-)
[00:17:18am] <Kechara> night ilaria
[00:17:23am] <DannyBoy> And 7:15 here.
[00:17:23am] <BrownKitty> meep?
[00:17:27am] <BrownKitty> sorry meep?
[00:17:27am] *** ilaria (JAVGUEST@***.ipt.aol.com) has left #DixonsVixen
[00:17:31am] *** Fred (fredgei@***.fame.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[00:17:35am] <KalaniSan> heh. I'm kidding you
[00:17:35am] <DannyBoy> Night...drat, missed.
[00:17:40am] <MikeG> Hi Fred
[00:17:40am] <Kechara> Hi, Fred
[00:17:40am] <BrownKitty> hi Fred
[00:17:40am] <Larry_Dixon> Oh heavens yes! In fact I did the drawing of Amberdrake that is in Black Gryphon, and Betsy Wollheim at DAW saw it and said, "I want a book with HIM in it!" <laugh>
[00:17:49am] <Tracibabe> have you seen the character Sephiroth in final fantasy 7? he looks just like my mental image of firesong, pre-scarring
[00:17:54am] <Paul> 2Questions in Stock..
[00:17:54am] <BarGnat> Night Ilaria
[00:17:56am] <Althalus> 7:15am here, too... -_-
[00:17:59am] <BarGnat> Hi Fred
[00:18:00am] <Kechara> which one? *L* the one in the opening, or Amberdrake Alone?>
[00:18:00am] <BrownKitty> now there would be a good job to have...kestrachern
[00:18:03am] <Fred> Hi.
[00:18:12am] <OnyxHawke> hi fred
[00:18:16am] <Sasha> Amberdrake was cool.
[00:18:16am] <Tracibabe> hi fred
[00:18:16am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ok, Paul has his girlfriend Kechara and I have Elsie Bird Wollheim and Isaac AsaGray.
[00:18:16am] <William_Katzell> Evening, Fred
[00:18:20am] <Shadowdust> My mom drew a Firesong pic.
[00:18:29am] <KalaniSan> ah...she's back. Misty - have you ever heard of Capoeira?
[00:18:37am] <Larry_Dixon> The one in the opening.
[00:18:41am] * Kechara sits on Paul *LOL*
[00:18:41am] <DannyBoy> *blink* Erin! What will Sin say!?
[00:18:46am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Cappoewho?
[00:18:50am] <Paul> Question from Timedancer: Will there be a follow up to rediscovery? Is that allowed?
[00:18:55am] <Kechara> Hey, blame misty, she handed me to him!
[00:19:06am] <KalaniSan> it is a brazilian fighting dance with some darn near impossible moves if you hadn't seen them dome
[00:19:10am] <DannyBoy> Capoeira. Brazilian martial art.
[00:19:10am] <KalaniSan> non
[00:19:10am] <Paul> /me grins. Kechara is definitely sitting on me. I'm also being mercilessly cuted.
[00:19:10am] <KalaniSan> done
[00:19:14am] <KalaniSan> dang it
[00:19:33am] <Larry_Dixon> Yes, with Kechara, "cuting" is a verb. She is extremely good at being cute.
[00:19:37am] <Mercedes_Lackey> There won't be a follow-up to Rediscovery because I frankly don't have time to write one.
[00:19:43am] * Kechara is as cute as possible at paul to get scritches
[00:19:43am] <Kechara> and fruit
[00:19:43am] <BrownKitty> ::wonders if typo-daemons would fit into the rat roaster::
[00:20:07am] <KalaniSan> yes...I just did a 'top' and the typo daemon is using up lots of cycles....
[00:20:11am] <Sasha> you could feed them to the rats and then roast em
[00:20:11am] <timedancer> darn *pout*
[00:20:15am] <Tracibabe> now that you've come in once, will you drop in now and then to say hi?
[00:20:15am] <OnyxHawke> blame mary for that
[00:20:19am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I've heard of Cappooo---what but never seen it.
[00:20:24am] <Larry_Dixon> Capoeira is what Ron Levy was learning a bit of, Misty. It's terrific stuff.
[00:20:28am] <DannyBoy> It has, as said, some of the most incredible moves, such as rolling into a handstance, and then spinning around.
[00:20:28am] <KalaniSan> heheh...
[00:20:32am] <DannyBoy> On your hands, that is.
[00:20:36am] <Fred> Only if this rat-roaster is the model based on the BFG 9000 firing chamber . . .
[00:20:41am] <BarGnat> thx a lot, Onyx
[00:20:41am] <KalaniSan> I've got video...;-)
[00:20:45am] <Paul> Question from Moonsong: Will DAW always have the Velgarth books?
[00:20:45am] <OnyxHawke> anytime
[00:20:49am] <MoonSong> ... ummm there is a character in Tekken 3 that does that kind of fighting
[00:20:58am] <KalaniSan> I figure it is where break dancing came from
[00:21:03am] <Silvers> Eddy gordo
[00:21:03am] <OnyxHawke> eddy i hate him
[00:21:05am] <KalaniSan> anyone here olde enough to remember break dancing?
[00:21:09am] <Sasha> yup
[00:21:11am] <BrownKitty> me
[00:21:18am] <Kechara> I never could do it... but I could "pop"...
[00:21:19am] <KalaniSan> heh. I shouldn't feel so ancient sometimes
[00:21:21am] <OnyxHawke> the ultimate button mashers choice
[00:21:23am] <Larry_Dixon> Heck, I used to do breakdancing.
[00:21:26am] <BrownKitty> gee, like it was forever ago...thanks Mel, I feel old now too ;)
[00:21:30am] <OnyxHawke> yes
[00:21:31am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yes, DAW will always have the Velgarth books UNLESS DAW gets bought out by another company. ththen all bets are off.
[00:21:32am] <KalaniSan> Agh. sorry mo
[00:21:34am] <Crystal> I even did a little breakdancing of my own back in my younger (and thinner!) days.
[00:21:36am] <DannyBoy> *G* WEll, I don't think I could do it again, but I used to be, once upon a time, a decent breaker.
[00:21:40am] <OnyxHawke> i even tried a few times
[00:21:49am] <KalaniSan> my little brother was pretty good
[00:21:56am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I'm trying to learn flamenco
[00:22:00am] <KalaniSan> I never even tried, knowing I'd break something
[00:22:05am] <BrownKitty> LOL Mel, I suspect youvé got the same problem I do...14 going on 50
[00:22:05am] <Mercedes_Lackey> and belly dancing
[00:22:09am] <KalaniSan> ah.
[00:22:13am] <Mercedes_Lackey> And step-dancing
[00:22:17am] <KalaniSan> Irish good for you
[00:22:22am] <BrownKitty> Victor/Victoria!
[00:22:26am] <KalaniSan> need some perfect tempo music for practice?
[00:22:26am] <Tracibabe> oooh you don't believe in half measures at all do you
[00:22:30am] <Shadowdust> I'm just 14
[00:22:30am] <Paul> uestion from Shadowdust: DO Misty and Larry RP, and if so, what games?
[00:22:30am] <OnyxHawke> muche better than the other way
[00:22:42am] <KalaniSan> my fiddle teacher and two other guys did a CD just of that
[00:22:46am] <Crystal> I'm learning belly dancing from video. I have dreams of scaring all the upper management folk at the Christmas party this year. :)
[00:22:51am] <KalaniSan> it's great to listen to as well
[00:22:55am] <DannyBoy> Capoeira started as a martial art, but brazilian slaves couldn't practise it. So, they started 'dancing' instead.
[00:22:55am] <Kechara> *ROFL*
[00:22:59am] <Larry_Dixon> Do I RP. Oh my.
[00:23:07am] <Larry_Dixon> WOGOTH.
[00:23:16am] <BrownKitty> should the question be changed to What do you NOT RP?
[00:23:20am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I used to do a lot of RPG; don't do as much anymore, but my favorite was Castle Falenstein
[00:23:25am] <Kechara> no one plays my games anymore.... *sigh* or at least not my versions!
[00:23:25am] <DannyBoy> Larry used to be a FurryMucker. :)
[00:23:34am] <BrownKitty> a what?
[00:23:38am] <MikeG> ?
[00:23:38am] <KalaniSan> never got into any of that
[00:23:38am] <Larry_Dixon> Heck, I helped found FM, Danny.
[00:23:38am] <DannyBoy> This I know, since I talked to him there.
[00:23:43am] <BrownKitty> a sasquatch decker?
[00:23:47am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I don't RP onliner at a;ll
[00:23:47am] <Shadowdust> GURPS is good
[00:23:51am] * Larry_Dixon laughs.
[00:24:00am] <Shadowdust> Shadowrun is good too
[00:24:04am] <BrownKitty> was I that far off?
[00:24:08am] <William_Katzell> I can see Larry doing the FurryMucks
[00:24:08am] <KalaniSan> anyway, Misty, if you would like to have a special CD for practicing your soft and hard shoe reels, etc...I'll send it
[00:24:13am] <Kechara> I played Vampire: The Masquerade until third ed. came out.
[00:24:13am] * MikeG has been RP'ing since 76
[00:24:17am] <DannyBoy> *G* And, I think that Furhold is copied, at least partly, from FM...
[00:24:17am] <KittCatt> FM!!
[00:24:50am] <Kechara> *suddenly needs coffee desperately* brb... oh my. 10:20 and I'm passing out!
[00:24:54am] <Larry_Dixon> I think that I would date myself pretty severely if I told you how far back I go in RPing. Suffice to say that I was a player in the second Greyhawk campaign and go from there?
[00:24:59am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I'll let you know when I get past the basic steps!!! I'm still at the rewind/repeat stage for the ffirst five minutes of the tape!
[00:24:59am] <KalaniSan> that's me, the music pusher...
[00:25:08am] <Sasha> brb
[00:25:13am] <KalaniSan> heh, well that is what this CD is for
[00:25:17am] * MoonSong gives the birdos un-salted un-buttered popcorn to distract them, and then passes the bucket of the *good* stuff for the featherless in attendance
[00:25:17am] <Paul> Question from Moonsong:What kind of bird is Kechara?
[00:25:17am] <DannyBoy> The scene where Chinth'liss(spelling is wrong, but...) and FX show up could be the west corner in FM.
[00:25:41am] <KalaniSan> it is called One More Time
[00:25:45am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Kechara is a Goffin's cockatoo.
[00:25:51am] <Paul> Kechara is a rare species of laptop sitting bird, called the meep.
[00:25:55am] <KalaniSan> GOFFINs
[00:25:59am] <KalaniSan> are soooooooo cute
[00:25:59am] <Larry_Dixon> Yes, exactly, Danny. The blue unicorn is Tugrik, the centaur is K'has, the burgundy gryphon is Gryph, and so on.
[00:26:03am] <Shadowdust> There's another typeo in The Fire Rose
[00:26:07am] <DannyBoy> Yep!
[00:26:07am] <Mercedes_Lackey> She is also the source from which all cuteness flows.
[00:26:12am] *** Coldblue (mjriot@***.bc.hsia.telus.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[00:26:16am] <BrownKitty> hi Mat
[00:26:20am] <KalaniSan> I had one...he died :-( birdo malnutrition 2 months after he came to us
[00:26:20am] <Coldblue> hello
[00:26:24am] <Larry_Dixon> The Omphalos of Cuteness!
[00:26:24am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Sigh. There are a lot of typos we don't catch
[00:26:29am] <MoonSong> oooooooooooooooo.... :)
[00:26:29am] <OnyxHawke> hi
[00:26:32am] <BarGnat> Hi CB
[00:26:34am] <DannyBoy> Thought so...the similarities were too many to be coincidence.
[00:26:36am] <Kechara> I'm a cockatoo?? *grin*
[00:26:36am] * Tracibabe volunteers to scan for typos
[00:26:40am] <Tracibabe> lol
[00:26:44am] <Larry_Dixon> Old pals, Danny.
[00:26:44am] <Kechara> Danny, I think I justu popped a tire!
[00:26:48am] <KalaniSan> the day before he died he puked on me to tell me he loved m for the first tiem.....
[00:26:49am] <Tracibabe> i know you have more volunteers than you need.
[00:26:54am] <Mercedes_Lackey> iron chef is on!!!
[00:26:57am] <KalaniSan> AGH
[00:27:03am] <Paul> She is currently scampering back and forth on top of my laptop screen, peering down into it at you lot to see why I'm paying attention to you, and not playing "WOO" with her.
[00:27:06am] <Shadowdust> Not a big Typo just a little one
[00:27:08am] <KalaniSan> no cable...what is the secret ingreediaent
[00:27:15am] <DannyBoy> :) Well, as I said, I was on FM too. Just a poor Coyote.
[00:27:16am] <BrownKitty> does that mean we need to let you go? ::regretfully::
[00:27:19am] <Paul> Misty proves it's live :)
[00:27:24am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Mushrooms
[00:27:31am] <KalaniSan> Shiro used to chase cursors around...
[00:27:32am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I think
[00:27:36am] <Larry_Dixon> Actually Misty, Paul... aren't we near time to wind this up? It's 12:30 AM and Paul will turn into a pumpkin crumpet. :)
[00:27:38am] <KalaniSan> oooh
[00:27:45am] <Crystal> My mother rescued some sort of really big parrot once. He was naked because he lost all his feathers, but he was very sweet.
[00:27:57am] <Paul> *grin* I installed an extension so Misty can watch DirecTV; and she watches Iron Chef :)
[00:27:57am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Maybe seaweed....
[00:27:59am] <Kechara> *whimper* don't go! or if you do, come back anytime you want!
[00:28:00am] <Tracibabe> will you drop in every now and then to say hi?
[00:28:08am] <Tracibabe> please?
[00:28:08am] <KalaniSan> Iron Chef rocks
[00:28:16am] <Kechara> As you can see, we don't bite!
[00:28:17am] <BrownKitty> we'll try and be a better-behaved mob next time
[00:28:22am] <DannyBoy> Much.
[00:28:22am] * MoonSong is begging along with traci...
[00:28:28am] * Silvers lurks in the shadows
[00:28:30am] <KalaniSan> dignity people...
[00:28:37am] <DannyBoy> What's that?
[00:28:38am] <BrownKitty> dignity hell
[00:28:42am] <William_Katzell> Wer may nibble a bit, but we don't really BITE
[00:28:43am] <KalaniSan> simpering whimpering fandom...*sigh*
[00:28:57am] <Shadowdust> I'm kinda scared of parrots
[00:28:59am] <Althalus> And normally there aren't as much of us in here as are now... ^^;
[00:29:03am] <BrownKitty> Misty and Larry, you are cordially invited to return here as often and for as long as you may find comfortable or convenient
[00:29:04am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I think we ought to make this a regular deal....with maybe a special time for the Ozzies and Kiwis andd an afternoon version for the EuroTrash (gdrlh)
[00:29:05am] <KalaniSan> would you rather have her here because you begged or because she likes it here
[00:29:05am] * Paul picks up a dignity from the floor. "Did someone lose this?"
[00:29:06am] <Kechara> what? I want a chance to treat her like a human being, so I'm pathetic, Melissa?
[00:29:09am] <OnyxHawke> or into the aim/aol chat
[00:29:20am] <DannyBoy> Ummm...no, I'm still missing mine.
[00:29:21am] <Larry_Dixon> Thank you very much for the welcome. <smile>
[00:29:28am] * BarGnat flurches into a loop-the-loop, squeaking "Please come back to see us"
[00:29:29am] <Tracibabe> both melissa. :P
[00:29:33am] <Mercedes_Lackey> this was a lot of fun
[00:29:35am] <KalaniSan> I figure they know they're welcome...
[00:29:40am] <MoonSong> dignity? new concept to me... ;)
[00:29:42am] <Paul> Yes it was.
[00:29:46am] <KalaniSan> and they're big boys and girls
[00:30:00am] <Kechara> all three of you are welcome anytime... :) Course, you knew that, right? *grin*
[00:30:01am] <KalaniSan> so they'll come back if they WANT to....
[00:30:01am] <Tracibabe> we weren't too much of a rampaging mob i hope
[00:30:06am] <OnyxHawke> yes i enjoyed it and next tiem i'll try and keep it under a hundred questions :)
[00:30:15am] <MikeG> Pop in anytime.....please?
[00:30:17am] <Larry_Dixon> Had a great time chatting with you all and of course, we hope you had a great time too! Let's do it again sometime. :)
[00:30:22am] <BarGnat> I may quit lurking
[00:30:30am] <KalaniSan> ah. now she pops up!
[00:30:31am] <Sasha> yes, please
[00:30:39am] <BrownKitty> Thank you all for coming and talking :)
[00:30:41am] <Larry_Dixon> Ciao!
[00:30:42am] <Shadowdust> Yeah set a date!!!!!
[00:30:44am] <BarGnat> Check your tanstaafl, Mel
[00:30:48am] *** Kat (katenigma0@***.ipt.aol.com) has left #DixonsVixen
[00:30:49am] <Mercedes_Lackey> let's figure on a date in Septemberfor an official chat, this time in the afternoon so the brits and swedes can join in
[00:30:51am] <Sasha> Thank you and bye.
[00:30:52am] <DannyBoy> *G* Well, I think the idea has come across. We would like to see you here again, and hope it would be at least semi-soon. :)
[00:30:52am] <KalaniSan> coolio
[00:30:55am] <MoonSong> THANK YOU MISTY & LARRY (and captive Brit!)
[00:31:02am] <Paul> *grin*
[00:31:04am] <Tracibabe> sounds very good
[00:31:05am] *** Larry_Dixon (Larry_Dixo@***.tnt5.dfw9.da.uu.net) Quit (QUIT: )
[00:31:08am] <KalaniSan> thanks for coming buy you three...dang
[00:31:09am] <DannyBoy> *G* That sounds lovely.
[00:31:09am] <Kechara> Thanks for coming, it was great.
[00:31:10am] <KalaniSan> rats
[00:31:11am] <MikeG> how about on a weekend so I don't have to do it from work?
[00:31:13am] <Kechara> Tell Larry I said bye. *L*
[00:31:14am] <Mercedes_Lackey> We'll check the scheds and post it in the Cixen
[00:31:15am] <Tracibabe> thank you for chatting
[00:31:16am] <Shadowdust> BYE
[00:31:18am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Vxen
[00:31:22am] <KalaniSan> you can drop in unannounced
[00:31:23am] <DannyBoy> Thank you, and hope to see you soon.
[00:31:27am] <BarGnat> thanks again for the chat
[00:31:28am] <Tracibabe> any time
[00:31:28am] <Kechara> Take care, all of you! *hugs to all*
[00:31:36am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I probably will drop in now and again.
[00:31:38am] <KalaniSan> if you don't want to be the center of attention, just change your name
[00:31:42am] <Shadowdust> 8Blows kisses to all
[00:31:43am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Heh
[00:31:49am] <BarGnat> Zen hugs to the max!
[00:31:57am] <Kechara> soon as she mentions a bird, her cover is blown. *LOL*
[00:31:58am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Zen hugs back!
[00:31:59am] <KalaniSan> have a nice night, all
[00:32:01am] <OnyxHawke> this is Your room.....
[00:32:03am] <DannyBoy> If you DO want to be in the center...
[00:32:08am] <KalaniSan> nah...there are lots of birdos here
[00:32:11am] * MoonSong sends warm thoughts
[00:32:16am] <KalaniSan> at least 3 or 4
[00:32:18am] <Tracibabe> goodnight misty and paul and larry
[00:32:21am] <BrownKitty> sleep well when you all do
[00:32:34am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ha! Around 4 or 5 am!
[00:32:36am] <OnyxHawke> *onyx sends the creative energy he never has time to use*
[00:32:42am] <William_Katzell> Night to all three of you
[00:32:44am] <Althalus> "Good morning" is what I should say now... -_-
[00:32:44am] <Mercedes_Lackey> I'm an Owl!
[00:32:45am] <Paul> Couple of items of news - I'm a regular poster to the Herald.co.uk Mercedes Lackey mailing list. Go to www.herald.co.uk look at local links, and sign up there. I try to keep up with snippets :) And note that I'm the keeper of the email, so email sent to mistysdesk@hotmail.com is to me, and often forwarded to Whichever of the dynamic duo it was addressed to. (Or sent to Misty or Larry if Batman's not around).
[00:32:47am] <Kechara> How did I know you were a night owl, Misty? *LOL*
[00:32:58am] <Tracibabe> :P i see you online a lot misty, we keep the same hours
[00:33:01am] <KalaniSan> Me too... it is way early for me at 01:30
[00:33:15am] <BrownKitty> so sleep well at dawn ;)
[00:33:23am] <Shadowdust> Early at 12:37
[00:33:29am] <BarGnat> heh
[00:33:32am] <KalaniSan> how do you do it whent he birds go off at dawn?
[00:33:36am] <Kechara> just after 10:30 here... *L*
[00:33:37am] <Coldblue> Nice and early here, at 10:30pm :P
[00:33:39am] <DannyBoy> 7:30...in the morning. ICK!
[00:33:55am] <MoonSong> Well, I'm outtie... thanks again! (p.s. I reposted my art offer for everyone on yer board, Misty... )
[00:33:56am] <KalaniSan> little dratted annoyotrons
[00:34:00am] <Kechara> Daniel? Go to bed. *laugh*
[00:34:05am] <Althalus> The sun's blinding me here... ^^;
[00:34:06am] <Shadowdust> Bye
[00:34:10am] <DannyBoy> Yes, mother.
[00:34:12am] *** MoonSong (moonsong21@***.mdmmi.voyager.net) Quit (QUIT: Moonsong flies away on white wings)
[00:34:13am] <BrownKitty> ::chuckles:: annoyotrons?
[00:34:15am] <Shadowdust> Thanks for the bird info
[00:34:16am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Well next time I'll run an afternoon chat, then I'll run one at 3 or 4 am
[00:34:21am] <KalaniSan> birdos-annoyotron
[00:34:22am] <MikeG> try poping in here sometime before you go to sleep and you will find some of us are nite owls too <G>
[00:34:28am] <BrownKitty> I LIKE that word
[00:34:30am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Cool!
[00:34:31am] <KalaniSan> i mean =
[00:34:32am] <Shadowdust> Yeah
[00:34:35am] <Tracibabe> notably mike, me and mary
[00:34:41am] <Crystal> Excellent! I don't really wake up until 3 a.m. :)
[00:34:45am] <Kechara> I'm up, I'm just not always here. *L*
[00:34:47am] <BarGnat> yup
[00:34:48am] <Shadowdust> Maybe not so bombarding then
[00:34:50am] <Kechara> I can change that though...
[00:34:51am] <OnyxHawke> yes both of us mikes
[00:34:52am] <KalaniSan> also
[00:34:52am] <DannyBoy> Peter, Paul and Mary?
[00:34:56am] <OnyxHawke> and Jess is here alot
[00:34:57am] <KalaniSan> Little Engines of Destruction
[00:35:01am] <BarGnat> hehe
[00:35:09am] <KalaniSan> do Not Taunt happy Fun Ball
[00:35:11am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Shredomatics
[00:35:13am] <BrownKitty> Danny, if you start singing Big Blue Frog I'm'going to have to hurt you a little ;)
[00:35:14am] <Tracibabe> depends on the hour
[00:35:17am] <KalaniSan> ah...that's a good one
[00:35:18am] <Kechara> Where IS Jess??
[00:35:22am] <DannyBoy> Ok...
[00:35:30am] <BrownKitty> feeling VERY in need of solitude tonight
[00:35:32am] <DannyBoy> Puff, the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea...
[00:35:37am] <Kechara> Ah...
[00:35:38am] <OnyxHawke> she signed off aol a while ago,....
[00:35:38am] <KalaniSan> she signed off and declined to come in here
[00:35:38am] <William_Katzell> Dunno. Maybe she's out partying in DT Houston
[00:35:38am] <Coldblue> I have not seen Jess online all night
[00:35:41am] <Shadowdust> OH NO!!!!!!
[00:35:45am] *** KittCatt (dlemay@***.jam.rr.com) Quit (QUIT: )
[00:35:49am] <KalaniSan> did'nt feel like it
[00:35:50am] <Shadowdust> NOT PUFF!!!!!!!!!
[00:35:53am] <Kechara> she must really be bad if she skipped this!
[00:35:57am] <Tracibabe> i saw her earlier, she said she had a headache from the computer screen
[00:36:00am] <Kechara> *worried sick*
[00:36:02am] <BarGnat> she was on irc earlier, but not in here
[00:36:06am] <BrownKitty> why do you think I wished I was Talia?
[00:36:07am] <KalaniSan> sheseemedok, just not up for it
[00:36:17am] <DannyBoy> Well, what am I to do...I couldn't sing Big Blue Frog...
[00:36:22am] <KalaniSan> if you were talia you'd never seleep
[00:36:25am] <BrownKitty> how about Right Field?
[00:36:29am] <BrownKitty> I never sleep anyway
[00:36:34am] <BarGnat> me either BK
[00:36:35am] <Fred> Jess got her arm twisted to go home for the first weekend of classes. :((
[00:36:35am] <Tracibabe> i am pretty sure i have a log of this, just have to find it, and i don't think i was booted during the chat
[00:36:37am] <KalaniSan> you can't be everyone's saviour, mo
[00:36:39am] <Shadowdust> THEY MIght Be Giants of course
[00:36:41am] <Coldblue> sleep what is that??
[00:36:42am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ooo whatever the secret ingredian is, it looks gooooooood
[00:36:49am] <BrownKitty> I know, Mel
[00:36:51am] <Kechara> *laughing* Having fun, Misty?
[00:36:55am] <KalaniSan> jealousy is such an ugly emotion
[00:36:58am] <KalaniSan> I can't watch Iron Chef
[00:37:00am] <BrownKitty> one of these days I'll learn not to try ;)
[00:37:15am] <Shadowdust> OR NSync
[00:37:17am] <Mercedes_Lackey> It's seaweed. i love seaweed....
[00:37:19am] <Sasha> Never heard of Iron Chef
[00:37:22am] * KalaniSan glowing faintly greenish
[00:37:26am] <BarGnat> LOL
[00:37:31am] <KalaniSan> so's birdo
[00:37:32am] <Tracibabe> *shudders* NSync is slightly better than britney
[00:37:36am] <KalaniSan> the cat is right beside me
[00:37:39am] <Mercedes_Lackey> splain Iron Chef folks, I'm gonna go drool
[00:37:43am] <Kechara> I haven't heard either. *L*
[00:37:44am] <Mercedes_Lackey> Nighters!
[00:37:47am] *** Mercedes_Lackey (misty_lack@216.32.87.***) Quit (QUIT: )