[20:50:22] *** Mercedes_Lackey (misty_lack@216.32.87.***) has joined #DixonsVixen
[20:50:25] <Chakaal> hi all
[20:50:31] <BarGnat> Hi, Misty
[20:50:33] <Graft> Hi Melissa
[20:50:33] <DaggerFang> look who's early. ;)
[20:50:35] <DaggerFang> hi Misty
[20:50:35] <Chakaal> hi misty...miss you here at Worldcon
[20:50:35] <Graft> Hi Misty
[20:51:06] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi guys! Gimme a mintue whi;le I get this sucker to f;loat off the page and adjust it.
[20:51:07] <Althalus> Hi :)
[20:51:31] <Chakaal> i was just checking in...didn't realize you'd be here Ms. L
[20:51:36] <Mercedes_Lackey> Much better1
[20:51:40] <BarGnat> please! take your time... don't let us over-eager fans rush you.
[20:52:32] <BarGnat> Where's Paul the captive Brit today?
[20:52:34] <Mercedes_Lackey> Heh! I don't miss Worldcon, tho I'd like to see you!
[20:52:34] <Chakaal> I just saw Joe Haldeman do filk
[20:53:00] <Chakaal> amfg
[20:53:09] <Mercedes_Lackey> Joe fillking? scary!
[20:53:16] <Mercedes_Lackey> Paul will be in lurk mode.
[20:53:19] <DaggerFang> Misty - just a quick question to confirm you got my email of a few days ago?
[20:53:49] <DaggerFang> at the helloelsie address, to be specific.
[20:54:09] <Mercedes_Lackey> And DaggerFang would really be....?
[20:54:15] <DaggerFang> Steven Swain.
[20:54:21] <DaggerFang> DF is my nom-de-bar.
[20:54:22] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep!
[20:54:33] <DaggerFang> ok. just wanted to make sure you got it, is all.
[20:55:06] <DaggerFang> at least i have the correct address then. lol.
[20:55:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hey, I'm the person who forgot her brother's name...I have a hard time remembering all of them!
[20:55:17] *** BarGnat is now known as Mary-BarGnat
[20:55:26] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hiya Mary!
[20:55:32] *** Chakaal (melissa@***.cidera.com) Quit (Ping Timeout)
[20:55:32] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi, Misty!
[20:55:34] <Mercedes_Lackey> Wasn't ignoring you!
[20:55:35] <DaggerFang> good idea...
[20:55:41] *** Graft is now known as MikeG
[20:55:46] *** DaggerFang is now known as Steven-Swain
[20:55:51] *** Larry_Dixon (Larry_Dixo@***.tnt5.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[20:55:54] <Steven-Swain> that should help.
[20:55:56] <Steven-Swain> hi Larry
[20:55:56] <MikeG> Hi Larry
[20:55:58] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi, Larry
[20:56:03] <Althalus> Hi
[20:56:11] *** monk (monk1@***.linkline.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[20:56:18] <Mercedes_Lackey> Much quieter room this time. Very comfortable.
[20:56:18] <Mary-BarGnat> monk?
[20:56:28] <Mary-BarGnat> Is that Paul-the-Lurker?
[20:56:31] <MikeG> Hi monk
[20:56:39] <monk> no
[20:56:44] <monk> Hello all
[20:56:57] *** Chakaal (melissa@***.cidera.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[20:56:57] <Mercedes_Lackey> Green things and ha;lucinations!
[20:57:06] <Steven-Swain> heh.
[20:57:16] <Larry_Dixon> Hello all! *clomping around in new fire boots*
[20:57:17] *** Morgen_Kirby (monred@***.244.64.123.Dial1.Chicago1.Level3.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[20:57:21] <Chakaal> arg....bonk
[20:57:25] <Mary-BarGnat> Ho, Brown Kitty
[20:57:28] <Steven-Swain> If one may ask, what are you working on at the moment? (I know how it can change)
[20:57:31] <MikeG> Hi Mo
[20:57:32] <Steven-Swain> hi Morgen
[20:57:33] <Morgen_Kirby> hello all
[20:57:35] <Mercedes_Lackey> So what's kicking at Worldcon, besides Joe Haldeman murdering music?
[20:57:37] <Chakaal> who you callin' a ho?
[20:57:44] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[20:57:50] <Larry_Dixon> It can change at any time. :)
[20:57:53] <Chakaal> i don't know...I've been running sound cables, climbing scaffolds and such
[20:57:53] <Morgen_Kirby> btw this is steven for a few she s bz
[20:57:54] <Mary-BarGnat> typoid mary strikes again
[20:58:15] <Mercedes_Lackey> What am I working on? short stories. Larry is on a Secret Project. It is secret, isn't it?
[20:58:27] <Mary-BarGnat> shhhh
[20:58:29] <Steven-Swain> I know that larry. that's why i said "at the moment"
[20:58:38] <Morgen_Kirby> only if you dont tell us what it is
[20:59:24] <Mercedes_Lackey> Well, we could tell you, but we'd have to kill you.
[20:59:27] <Morgen_Kirby> thank you for the snerk of skif was immensely enjoyable
[20:59:30] <Morgen_Kirby> hehehe
[20:59:31] <Larry_Dixon> Hmmm... yeah, it is secret. But I can say that it is involving a major movie's special effects.
[20:59:42] <Mary-BarGnat> wow!
[20:59:45] <Morgen_Kirby> cool
[20:59:49] <Mary-BarGnat> that's great, Larry
[20:59:56] <Larry_Dixon> Thank you!
[21:00:06] <Steven-Swain> cool.
[21:00:09] <Chakaal> snerk? skif?
[21:00:09] <Larry_Dixon> I hope you all like it when you see it.
[21:00:24] <Chakaal> im off the bar due to VT220 text only access
[21:00:30] <Mercedes_Lackey> Meanwhile, the Gryphonking fought a fire in his pajamas the other day....(cue)
[21:00:32] <Morgen_Kirby> how will we know you worked on it?
[21:00:41] <Steven-Swain> we'll certainly be primed to like it once you announce it at the proper time.
[21:00:44] <Morgen_Kirby> ouch what happened?
[21:00:51] <Larry_Dixon> And how the fire got in my pajamas I'll never know! ...but seriously folks...
[21:00:58] <Chakaal> whoah....
[21:01:20] <Larry_Dixon> <---- volunteer firefighter, rescuer, stormspotter, 6 years
[21:01:39] <Morgen_Kirby> excuse the pun - but hot time that night eh?
[21:01:53] <Mary-BarGnat> old town?
[21:01:55] <MikeG> was it an internal combustion or external?
[21:01:55] <Morgen_Kirby> impressive
[21:01:58] <Mercedes_Lackey> Actually he had just gotten up.
[21:02:03] <Larry_Dixon> Morgen... not sure if I get a screen credit yet, but it'll be out in late December.
[21:02:06] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[21:02:09] <Mercedes_Lackey> It was around 2 pm ish
[21:02:12] <Chakaal> >I've only seen a few barflies here, guys... Max..Janet...\
[21:02:14] <Morgen_Kirby> ok
[21:02:14] <Mary-BarGnat> sorry
[21:02:32] <Mary-BarGnat> Tell 'em hello for us
[21:02:38] <Steven-Swain> 2 pm? just gotten up? such a hedonistic lifestyle. hehe
[21:02:54] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yeah, well we go to bed around 5 am
[21:03:11] <MikeG> isn't that the normal bedtime?
[21:03:14] <Chakaal> hmmm...that sounds like The Life
[21:03:15] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[21:03:18] <Mercedes_Lackey> It's easier and quieter to work at night.
[21:03:20] <Chakaal> Unf. I have to be working by 10 am
[21:03:23] <Steven-Swain> i know Misty. it still sounds...relaxing.
[21:03:39] <Morgen_Kirby> it's not as easy as it sounds
[21:03:44] <Mercedes_Lackey> No phone calls interrupting.
[21:03:52] <Larry_Dixon> <grin> Well the fire was under two miles from the house, which made me first on scene... I didn't have my gear with me atthe time so there I was, leaping out of my rescue truck in grey cottom pajamas with a fire bottle.
[21:03:55] <Steven-Swain> phone calls? what's that? (GDRRR)
[21:04:26] <Mary-BarGnat> where's the camcorder when you need it?
[21:04:31] <Mercedes_Lackey> Did Tor tell you about it?
[21:04:40] *** Morgen_Kirby is now known as Steven
[21:04:42] <MikeG> thank god they weren't some embarassing PJ's
[21:04:51] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[21:04:55] <Mercedes_Lackey> I know he was coming back from the vet about then.
[21:04:58] <Chakaal> hey, he'd a looked great in the sushi jammies
[21:05:05] <Larry_Dixon> I did get credit for saving a farmer's 35,000 farm truck though. That was cool. And we stopped the 20+ acre grass fire about ten meters from a new house.
[21:05:22] <Mary-BarGnat> attaboy!
[21:05:25] <Steven-Swain> cool.
[21:05:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> It's a better thing that they weren't polyester or rayon jammies...melting fabric is no fun.
[21:05:35] <Larry_Dixon> Yes that is true, Misty! Torrin actually spotted it and rushed to get me.
[21:05:35] <Chakaal> ow
[21:05:38] <Chakaal> indeed
[21:05:58] <Chakaal> well kiddies...hate to bug out...but the 2 hours sleep wasn't intentional and I am wrecked
[21:06:10] <Mary-BarGnat> 'bye Mel
[21:06:13] <Steven-Swain> later then mel
[21:06:15] <Steven> bye mel
[21:06:17] <Chakaal> you kids have fun...
[21:06:17] <Mercedes_Lackey> Okay Chakaal! See ya!
[21:06:20] <Althalus> Bye...
[21:06:21] <Chakaal> *poof*
[21:06:39] *** Chakaal (melissa@***.cidera.com) Quit (QUIT: a nap! a nap! )
[21:06:44] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[21:07:06] <Mary-BarGnat> brb... time for a Mtn.Dew
[21:07:10] <Mercedes_Lackey> The frre started in one of those big round haybales, and they are a b***h to put out.
[21:07:27] <Steven> so....how is the zoo?
[21:07:32] <Steven-Swain> i can imagine
[21:07:37] <Steven> can see why they would be hard to put out
[21:07:45] <Mercedes_Lackey> We had about a 15-20mph wind that caught sparks and sent them across the road and started the big grass fire.
[21:07:51] <Steven-Swain> we've had quite a few grass/forest fires in this area in the past few months.
[21:08:13] <Steven-Swain> the ones up in the canyons were the worst - lots of wind.
[21:08:16] <Larry_Dixon> That is true. A round hay bale (the most common kind over here) become large self-maintaining convenction ovens inside once the core ignotes...they can literally burn steady for 3 days at 800 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit at the center.
[21:08:23] <Steven> joy at least he was on the scene quickly and they were able to contain it
[21:08:32] <Mercedes_Lackey> I hate those things. We haven't had a *big* one...and like a big tornado, I'd rather not see one.
[21:08:42] <Larry_Dixon> I agree with Misty. :)
[21:09:01] <Steven-Swain> mostly started by lighting, it's been that dry here. (heat lightning sucks in the middle of a drought)
[21:09:10] <xyzzy> !seen xyzzy
[21:09:15] <Mercedes_Lackey> Thing about the fire happening at 2 pm was that most people were at work, and the people having the fire were too busy trying to save their equipment to phone for hel
[21:09:23] <Larry_Dixon> We are just a ittle volunteer department with antiquated equipment and a very little budget (like right now, under a thousand dollars in the bank).
[21:09:44] <Steven> time for a fund drive?
[21:09:55] <Mary-BarGnat> hope those dolls will help
[21:10:09] <Mercedes_Lackey> Me too!
[21:10:34] <Larry_Dixon> But we can improvise. :) That is one thing about a volunteer department... since we don't have the budget of a major city department, we fabricate our own gear, weld and salvage, and scavenge very well. And improvise. It is true---one of our hot-spot backpacks is actually a Super Soaker 6000.
[21:10:52] <Mary-BarGnat> !
[21:10:54] <Althalus> *g*
[21:10:59] <Steven> if it works.....
[21:11:05] * Steven-Swain shrugs and says "necessity is the mother of invention"
[21:11:13] <Larry_Dixon> Hey, it works. And it was just forty dollars.
[21:11:20] <Mercedes_Lackey> It's a cheap backpack watersprayer.
[21:11:25] <Steven-Swain> "creativity and barked kuckles are the father." ;)
[21:11:28] <Mary-BarGnat> take that! you big-city guys!
[21:11:35] <Larry_Dixon> But yes you are right, we do need fundraising.
[21:11:44] <Mercedes_Lackey> WE have saved TRAILER HOMES!
[21:11:53] <Mary-BarGnat> Do you have an address for donations?
[21:12:05] <Mary-BarGnat> In case I ever meet anyone with money?
[21:12:15] <Larry_Dixon> Misty has a great idea, of setting up a PayPal account for the department, so we can hold Ebay auctions of various things and it goes right to Tri-District. :)
[21:12:26] <Steven-Swain> money...that's that funny looking green paper with the pictures on it, right?
[21:12:37] <Mary-BarGnat> don't remember... my age, you know
[21:12:48] <Steven> Mo here: I wouldnt'know, its been so long since Ive seen any...
[21:12:51] <Larry_Dixon> *grin*
[21:12:59] <Larry_Dixon> Heya Mo :)
[21:13:13] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hang on, let me find the Tri District address.
[21:13:15] <Mary-BarGnat> thx
[21:13:19] *** Steven is now known as Morgen_Kirby
[21:13:35] <Morgen_Kirby> I love my hubby :-D
[21:13:42] <Mary-BarGnat> :)
[21:13:46] <Steven-Swain> good thing too. ;)
[21:13:56] <Morgen_Kirby> wonderful thing
[21:13:59] <Mary-BarGnat> makes it convenient to say the least
[21:14:01] <Morgen_Kirby> MUCH better than first hubby
[21:14:01] <Steven-Swain> howdy mo
[21:14:13] <Larry_Dixon> Can always send things to Bob Anderson at the Rogers County Courthouse EOC (Emergency Operations Center).
[21:14:21] <Morgen_Kirby> hi Misty, Dave, Larry, Mary, Mike, Steven, and two people I dont know yet
[21:14:35] <monk> Hello
[21:14:56] <Mercedes_Lackey> Tri District Volunteer Fire Department 20352 S 4230 Rd Claremore OK 74017-4073
[21:14:59] <Mary-BarGnat> In what city, Larry?
[21:15:25] <Larry_Dixon> Hee hee! hey there. Well what else would you all like to know? I have some running around to do in a bit so I can't stay terribly long.
[21:15:38] <Morgen_Kirby> drat :(
[21:15:45] <Morgen_Kirby> we want to know EVERYTHING!
[21:15:48] <Morgen_Kirby> ;)
[21:15:48] <Steven-Swain> will the skif book have any of your nice drawings at the chapter headings?
[21:15:56] <Steven-Swain> I enjoy those.
[21:16:16] <MikeG> he's told us we can't know everything, he has secret <G>
[21:16:50] <Larry_Dixon> Alas no, Steven, but thank you for the compliment... I had a couple of other jobs at the time, including a cover for The Mighty Baen, and art for a TSR Core Rulebook for D&D, and this movie thing.
[21:16:53] <Mary-BarGnat> sshhhhh. eavesdrop, that's the ticket
[21:16:57] <Morgen_Kirby> oh, well in that case...
[21:17:14] <Steven-Swain> ah. well, that's good that you're busy but a bummer to no pics.
[21:17:20] <Morgen_Kirby> Larry, are you going to be doing the covers for the collaborations with Dave Freer and Eric Flint?
[21:17:28] <Mary-BarGnat> hmpf. any old excuse in a storm, eh?
[21:17:46] <Mercedes_Lackey> He's done the first one...we're hoping for the rest of them.
[21:17:50] <Steven-Swain> as a not-very-good painter I know how hard it is.
[21:17:52] <Larry_Dixon> Hey Morgen---only if you ask Jim Baen reeeealllly nicely. And often. <laugh>
[21:18:10] <Morgen_Kirby> hmmmmm...I understand he likes macadamia nuts...
[21:18:14] <Larry_Dixon> Steven---I'm not a very good painter myself. But I'm persistent. I flog at the thing until it works!
[21:18:20] <Mary-BarGnat> We'll sic Traci on the GE
[21:18:28] <Steven-Swain> my perspective is all wrong, mostly.
[21:18:35] <MikeG> sic wendy on him
[21:18:37] <Mary-BarGnat> She's good at NICE
[21:18:41] <Mary-BarGnat> and at whining
[21:18:43] <Steven-Swain> right now, what i'm flogging at is the writing.
[21:18:46] *** Paul (JAVGUEST@216.32.87.***) has joined #DixonsVixen
[21:18:49] <MikeG> Hi Paul
[21:18:52] <Morgen_Kirby> hi Paul :)
[21:19:01] <Althalus> Hi.
[21:19:02] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Paul
[21:19:14] <Mercedes_Lackey> hi Paul!
[21:19:15] <Steven-Swain> hi paul
[21:19:17] <Paul> Hi folks. I'm actually trying to help a friend with his homeowork due in today.. so I'll be a bit distant. Apologies :)
[21:19:26] <monk> Hi
[21:19:31] <Mary-BarGnat> lurking is good
[21:19:43] <Morgen_Kirby> we will accept the apology as long as he gets at least a B ;)
[21:19:55] <Larry_Dixon> Perspective is something you have to get a "feel" for... only study and practice help with it. I haven't drawn a vanishing point or grid line in probably 18 years now. Once it gets ingrained in you it's there for good... but getting to that point can be aggrivating.
[21:20:02] <Steven-Swain> Misty...would that short story you're working on be one for Eric's anthology?
[21:20:07] <Steven-Swain> so true, Larry
[21:20:25] <Larry_Dixon> There is The Cool Paul. :)
[21:20:35] <Steven-Swain> basically, i had to decide if i wanted to spend time practicing art or practicing writing...i chose writing for now.
[21:20:45] <Mercedes_Lackey> Actually it's one for an anthology that Bill Fawcett is putting together. THEN the Grey story, THEN Eric's.
[21:20:56] <Steven-Swain> ahh.
[21:21:07] <Steven-Swain> I'm working on something for Eric now. It's going slowly though.
[21:21:14] <Steven-Swain> VERY slowly. *sigh*
[21:21:21] <Mary-BarGnat> And, in your SPARE time, you fight fires... hoo boy!
[21:21:26] <Larry_Dixon> I'd very much like to do more covers though, yes.
[21:21:52] <Mercedes_Lackey> I don't fight fires, I just bring drinking water to the field.
[21:22:04] <Steven-Swain> Larry, I once did a painting where there was a large tree behind a small mountain. rather surreal, no?
[21:22:15] <Mary-BarGnat> Larry: I don't paint these days, but you are so right about perspective
[21:22:33] <Morgen_Kirby> May I ask a personal question?
[21:22:47] <Steven-Swain> so i decided to go all out on the surreal and made the mountain some funky color. it looked not too bad in the end.
[21:22:52] <Larry_Dixon> Well Mary... it's a whole-household effort. Misty is good at weather radar and she's usually down in the bunker when I'm out spotting... and she does canteen for us (showing up with the watr and gatorade, towels and things we need), and the rest of the household pitches in with prepping gear and all. So it isn't all on just Misty & me.
[21:22:58] <Mercedes_Lackey> Of which of us, Morgen?
[21:23:05] <Morgen_Kirby> actually, both of you
[21:23:17] <Mary-BarGnat> thx, Larry
[21:23:26] <Morgen_Kirby> I was wondering how you two met and whether the collaboration or the marriage came first
[21:23:36] <Larry_Dixon> Hah hah! What a story that is.
[21:23:45] <Mary-BarGnat> ???
[21:23:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> We met at a con.
[21:23:55] <Morgen_Kirby> VBG
[21:24:25] <Larry_Dixon> On television. <laugh> On a news show, right after a UFO report actually. Meridian Mississippi!
[21:24:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> I was writer GoH, he was artist GoH.
[21:24:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> right!
[21:24:52] <Mercedes_Lackey> They dragged us out to do something on the evening news for a promo for the con.
[21:25:17] <Larry_Dixon> First time we met, yeah, was in the green room before the gig... first time we talked much was on air.
[21:26:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> And some guy had seen a UFO when he was out swamp-fishing, and they put us on right after that.
[21:26:49] <Steven-Swain> heh.
[21:27:11] <Mercedes_Lackey> He'd never read anything of mine!
[21:27:18] <Larry_Dixon> By the end of that first weekend, we had plotted our first book together, called "Ties Never Binding." The characters of Treyvan, Hydona, Darkwind, the gryphlets, Falconsbane, Nyara and such....It eventually became the "Winds" trilogy.
[21:27:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> But I'd never seen his comic-work so we were even.
[21:27:39] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[21:27:57] <Steven-Swain> yeah, i like that trilogy. i thought it was cool.
[21:28:10] <Steven-Swain> but i'm biased - I like the hawkbrothers.
[21:28:29] <Larry_Dixon> Ah! Not true Misty! I'd read three of yours in the month before the show. But anyway, we danced, we laughed, we got along great, and we stayed in touch.
[21:28:33] <Morgen_Kirby> you mean there are people who dont?
[21:28:47] <Mercedes_Lackey> So then he did a portrait of Amberdrake and cunningly showed it to Betsy Wollheim.
[21:28:50] <Steven-Swain> more than the other groups, i mean, mo
[21:28:53] <Morgen_Kirby> this keyboard is allergic to punctuation...aargh!
[21:29:09] <Larry_Dixon> Heh heh! Oh yes. The Amberdrake picture at the very beginning of Black Gryphon...
[21:29:15] <Steven-Swain> although i like the others too, but my favorites are the hawkbrothers.
[21:29:41] <Mercedes_Lackey> We wanted to do something with dual cover-credit.
[21:29:45] <Larry_Dixon> That picture is responsible for the Gryphon books being there at all...because she saw the picture and said, "I want a book with HIM in it! *drool*" :)
[21:29:45] <Steven-Swain> I think part of that was due to the pictures Larry drew though. all those feathers and sweeping clothes. I thought it was kinda cool.
[21:29:55] * xyzzy sends some punctuation to Morgen_Kirby: .,,,.,.,.;;:;:,.,.:,:,.,:,;:..,,..;;:.,:.,.;,:...,,,,;;::;,,;;,.::."''"
[21:29:58] *** Keith_Cunningham (keith_cunn@***.buf.adelphia.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[21:30:02] <Morgen_Kirby> hi Keith
[21:30:05] <Steven-Swain> hey Keith
[21:30:05] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Keith
[21:30:09] <MikeG> Hi Keith
[21:30:13] <Mary-BarGnat> Glad you made it
[21:30:15] <Morgen_Kirby> just what we need, a Vorpal Bunny Webmaster ;)
[21:30:15] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi Keith!
[21:30:30] <Keith_Cunningham> oh hello....
[21:30:33] <Keith_Cunningham> full house
[21:30:36] <Mary-BarGnat> but such a good one, Mo
[21:30:39] <Morgen_Kirby> and cute ;)
[21:30:39] <xyzzy> hi
[21:30:44] <Morgen_Kirby> and he sounds like Corey Feldman
[21:30:48] <Mercedes_Lackey> So have we actually got anyone from across the Atlantic here today?
[21:30:48] <Keith_Cunningham> and the higher ups are here too :-)
[21:31:04] <MikeG> Misty: did you know there is a chatroom on this server called #MercedesLackey?
[21:31:05] <Althalus> Yup... *raises hand* ;)
[21:31:08] <Larry_Dixon> I sure am glad you like the artwork. I do the best I can with what skills I have, and strive to do better each time. It isn't always easy with the time constraints I have... each picture usually comes down to maybe 3 or 4 days total, from concept to finsihed art.
[21:31:08] <Mary-BarGnat> yes, Misty, we have
[21:31:24] <Larry_Dixon> finished, rather.
[21:31:27] <Keith_Cunningham> who's corey feldman?
[21:31:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> Cool! I wanted to make sure I caught some of you folks this time.
[21:31:41] <Steven-Swain> well, you do a good job Larry.
[21:32:00] <Morgen_Kirby> ever seen Dream a Little Dream?
[21:32:04] <Keith_Cunningham> neg
[21:32:07] <Morgen_Kirby> or Lost Boys?
[21:32:07] <Mercedes_Lackey> I saw there was a chatroom by that name...is it somehow attached to the Bar or what/
[21:32:18] <Althalus> I was there last time as well... just not that awake... ^^;
[21:32:18] <Mercedes_Lackey> Lost Boys! Great film!
[21:32:20] <Steven-Swain> Keith, he's an actor from late 80's, early 90's
[21:32:22] <Keith_Cunningham> neg
[21:32:25] <MikeG> all of the Free Library authors have one
[21:32:32] <Mary-BarGnat> not attached to the bar, Misty
[21:32:32] <Morgen_Kirby> hmmm...
[21:32:48] <Morgen_Kirby> you never saw Lost Boys...
[21:32:50] <MikeG> you can join it from here, you just can't see it from the bar
[21:32:53] <Morgen_Kirby> you are living in a cultural void
[21:33:09] <Mary-BarGnat> brb. gonna email Jannah in New Zealand that Misty's here
[21:33:23] <Steven-Swain> Rock n' Roll High School Forever. heh what a cheesy movie.
[21:33:33] <Morgen_Kirby> probably wouldn't'hurt to let Bue know either
[21:33:49] <Morgen_Kirby> or Myk
[21:33:56] <Mercedes_Lackey> Cheesy but fun.
[21:34:07] <Althalus> And where's DannyBoy, btw...?
[21:34:11] <Steven-Swain> Loved the character of D. Vadar.
[21:34:25] <Mercedes_Lackey> I can forgive cheesy if the object is jjust to have fun with the flick.
[21:34:32] <Steven-Swain> true, Misty.
[21:34:53] <MikeG> that's something movie critics never understand
[21:34:54] <Steven-Swain> speaking of which, ever saw an early 90's movie called Undercover Blues?
[21:35:00] <Mercedes_Lackey> Beer 'n' pretzels movies.
[21:35:05] <Althalus> Yup ;)
[21:35:05] <Larry_Dixon> Oh heavens yes. Low budget films are often the very best, because they have to be clever instead of throwing another ten million at ILM. :)
[21:35:09] <MikeG> Steven: great movie, I have the tape
[21:35:22] <Larry_Dixon> All time greatest: Buckaroo Banzai.
[21:35:23] <Steven-Swain> Me too Mike. We watch it over and over. so hilarious.
[21:35:51] <Mary-BarGnat> I did my email duty with NZ. Someone else's turn on the others.
[21:35:52] <MikeG> me too, one of those movies you watch when you can't figure out what else to look at
[21:35:59] <Steven-Swain> yup
[21:36:04] <Steven-Swain> Dennis Quaid was great.
[21:36:06] <Larry_Dixon> NZ?
[21:36:16] <MikeG> I do the same thing with a Kevin Cline movie called January Man
[21:36:32] <Steven-Swain> one of my favorite lines :I don't know what kind of vaccuum cleaner you have but the Electrolux is the biggest sucker of them all.
[21:36:43] <Mercedes_Lackey> I like old movie musicals for that too.
[21:36:50] <Mary-BarGnat> One of the regulars here who planned to be here and asked to be reminded
[21:37:04] <Morgen_Kirby> New Zealand
[21:37:09] <Mary-BarGnat> Dunedin
[21:37:13] <Mary-BarGnat> to be precise
[21:37:23] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh to be in NZ now that spring is there.....
[21:37:32] <Larry_Dixon> *sigh* We never got to Dunedin when we were in NZ.
[21:37:38] <Morgen_Kirby> hehehe...and if a very furry Monkey should show, it's my fault ;)
[21:37:42] <Steven-Swain> yeah, NZ this time of year is great.
[21:37:50] <Mercedes_Lackey> I wanted to go but there wasn't time to get to South Island.
[21:37:57] <Keith_Cunningham> it's evening time where dave is
[21:38:06] <Larry_Dixon> Next time, Misty...next time. :) In a Subaru WRX :)
[21:38:11] *** Katie_Morris (KatieKat10@***.ipt.aol.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[21:38:16] <Mercedes_Lackey> OH yes!
[21:38:17] <MikeG> Hi Katie
[21:38:17] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi, Katie
[21:38:24] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi Katie!
[21:38:29] <xyzzy> hi
[21:38:31] <Steven-Swain> hi Katie.
[21:38:34] <monk> Hi
[21:38:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> Love those NZ roads!
[21:38:46] <Larry_Dixon> Hey there Katie...
[21:38:46] <Morgen_Kirby> KATIE!!! :)
[21:38:47] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[21:39:16] <Katie_Morris> Hi, Y'all
[21:39:37] <Mary-BarGnat> By the way, Misty... Althalus isn't the only one here from "across the pond"
[21:39:52] <Mary-BarGnat> The others just didn't raise a hand when you asked about it
[21:40:06] <Morgen_Kirby> there's always Paul the Captive Brit ;)
[21:40:09] * xyzzy whispers pssst
[21:40:22] <Mary-BarGnat> Tattled on ya, didn't I Robert?
[21:40:30] <Althalus> ;)
[21:40:32] <Morgen_Kirby> Robert?
[21:40:35] <MikeG> lol
[21:40:35] <Morgen_Kirby> who's Robert?
[21:40:40] <Mary-BarGnat> xyzzy
[21:40:43] <Steven-Swain> xyzzy
[21:40:44] <Larry_Dixon> Dread Pirate Robert? :)
[21:40:55] <Mercedes_Lackey> But Paul's just across the driveway, not across the Pond!
[21:40:57] <Steven-Swain> there will be no survivors?
[21:41:01] <Morgen_Kirby> and here I thougt he just got carried away with Rush fandom ;)
[21:41:05] <MikeG> no, that's Dread Pirate Roberts
[21:41:09] <xyzzy> yes, you did. never mind
[21:41:14] <xyzzy> no pirate.
[21:41:15] <Mercedes_Lackey> That's Inconcievable!
[21:41:22] <Morgen_Kirby> You keep using that word
[21:41:28] <Morgen_Kirby> I do not think it means what you think it means
[21:41:40] <Steven-Swain> I'm not left handed either
[21:41:42] *** monk is now known as Eric_Whitcomb
[21:41:44] <Mercedes_Lackey> hehehe
[21:41:50] <Morgen_Kirby> hello Eric
[21:41:55] <MikeG> bu-bye boys, have fun storming the castle
[21:41:59] <Katie_Morris> I should have known you would type faster than me, Mo
[21:41:59] <Mercedes_Lackey> rodents of unusual size....
[21:42:00] <Mary-BarGnat> Ah, Eric... finally unmasked, eh?
[21:42:17] <Steven-Swain> now that's another A&W and popcorn movie.
[21:42:23] * Paul wonders if someone is using his name in vain. It'll be to the pain.. I tell ya..
[21:42:30] <Morgen_Kirby> Katie, youré probably a lot faster at typing odd strings of alphanumerics
[21:42:36] <Eric_Whitcomb> finlly figured out how
[21:42:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> Absolutely.
[21:42:52] <Mary-BarGnat> ah
[21:43:04] <Steven-Swain> I have to say A&W beats the other root beers for burp quality. Just right for that kind of movie.
[21:43:08] <Mercedes_Lackey> That explains it Eric!
[21:43:10] <MikeG> ello, my name is Enricee Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!
[21:43:12] <Morgen_Kirby> LOL
[21:43:37] <Steven-Swain> Isn't that Inigo?
[21:43:39] *** Clyde_Tittle (tregonsee@***.cybermesa.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[21:43:39] <Morgen_Kirby> Carey Elwes does look pretty in tights ;)
[21:43:43] <Morgen_Kirby> hi Clyde
[21:43:47] <MikeG> Hi Clyde
[21:43:49] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi, Clyde
[21:43:53] <Eric_Whitcomb> Hi
[21:43:56] <Althalus> Hi.
[21:44:00] <Mercedes_Lackey> Carey Elwes looks pretty in anything!
[21:44:02] <MikeG> ok, so my brain is a little fuzzed
[21:44:04] <Clyde_Tittle> hi All
[21:44:06] <Morgen_Kirby> hehehe
[21:44:06] <Morgen_Kirby> true
[21:44:07] <MikeG> I was close
[21:44:08] <Keith_Cunningham> Inigo's confrontation with the six fingered man is one of the best scenes ever filmed
[21:44:11] <xyzzy> hi
[21:44:13] <Mercedes_Lackey> hello C;lyde!
[21:44:17] <Steven-Swain> hello clyde
[21:44:20] <Morgen_Kirby> but FAR better in tights than in Navy uniform (no offense Katie)
[21:44:25] <Katie_Morris> hi Clude
[21:44:40] <Steven-Swain> hmm...when was he ever in navy uniform? I don't recall that...
[21:44:46] <Katie_Morris> Mo, I know of only 3 men who looked better in a Navy uniform than in tights
[21:44:53] <Morgen_Kirby> oh?
[21:44:56] <MikeG> he played the perfect a** in Twister
[21:44:58] <Mercedes_Lackey> The swordfight scene is one of the best I've ever seen.
[21:45:19] <Mercedes_Lackey> he's a much underrated actor.
[21:45:20] <Steven-Swain> never saw Twister.
[21:45:20] <Steven-Swain> and yes, i loved that swordfight scene.
[21:45:38] <Keith_Cunningham> he wore a navy uniform in Hot Shots, didn't he? or was that someone else who played the kilmer-top gun analogue
[21:45:42] <Steven-Swain> but....most _humorous_ swordfight scene has got to be Danny Kaye in The Court Jester.
[21:45:46] <Morgen_Kirby> no, that was Carey
[21:45:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> I think Twister is another good beer'n'pretzles flick.
[21:45:58] <MikeG> me too
[21:46:00] <Larry_Dixon> Danny Kaye! *happy sigh*
[21:46:02] <Katie_Morris> Met the fight choreographer in CA once, he says that Elwes and Patinkin were both very quick
[21:46:04] <Steven-Swain> oh, right, hot shots. forgot bout that.
[21:46:04] <Eric_Whitcomb> much better than anything by Eroll Flin
[21:46:14] <Mercedes_Lackey> cows! We got cows!
[21:46:14] <Larry_Dixon> Not Enough Debris! *laugh*
[21:46:21] <Katie_Morris> "Vessel with the Pessle is the Brew that is True"
[21:46:32] <MikeG> I just picked up a DVD of the Road to Bali, I love the Road movies
[21:46:52] <Mary-BarGnat> Oh, me too!
[21:46:55] <Mercedes_Lackey> I can watch COurt Jester anytime, anyplace.
[21:46:55] <Larry_Dixon> All of us who have been up close & personal with tornadoes agree, Twister is pretty accurate except for one thing... Not Enough Debris. :)
[21:47:09] <Morgen_Kirby> that's a bit closer than I'd like to get to that much wind
[21:47:21] <Mercedes_Lackey> Did you know that Basil Rathbone (who was a world-class Olympic fencer) said that Danny kaye was the best natural fencer he'd ever seen?
[21:47:24] <Katie_Morris> But Mo, its sooooooo fun
[21:47:34] <Steven-Swain> yup.
[21:47:39] <MikeG> never heard that one
[21:47:41] <Katie_Morris> WOW...But then he was a dancer
[21:47:41] <Mary-BarGnat> No, Misty. Didn't know that
[21:47:45] <Morgen_Kirby> Basic Rathbone, as in Sherlock Holmes?
[21:47:53] <Steven-Swain> I heard someone said once that Erroll Flynn was a hack fencer.
[21:47:57] <Mary-BarGnat> Danny Kaye was so multi-talented it's unreal
[21:48:05] <Steven-Swain> and watching the movie with him, i believe it.
[21:48:07] <Morgen_Kirby> definitely
[21:48:17] <Mercedes_Lackey> Apparantly he started out Court Jester not knowing one end of a foil from the other, and finished out the movie seriously bouting Basil.
[21:48:24] <Larry_Dixon> Flynn was widely considered a creep and dork by insiders :) But Kaye...mm.
[21:48:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> In fact, the final fight scene is ALL IMPROV!!!
[21:48:52] <Morgen_Kirby> we need more actors like that, except they wouldnt get to use their talents :(
[21:48:54] <Mary-BarGnat> that's awesome!
[21:48:58] <Steven-Swain> cool.
[21:49:02] <Eric_Whitcomb> cool
[21:49:14] <Mercedes_Lackey> Saw that years ago in an interview with Rathbone.
[21:49:53] <Steven-Swain> I believe it though - Kaye had a smoothness about him that showed he wasn't just flailing the sword around haphazardly.
[21:49:57] <Morgen_Kirby> Theres this little devilish-looking Canuck with blue eyes saying hi
[21:50:03] <Katie_Morris> I love Flynn Movies, but I can watch Danny Kaye MUCH more often
[21:50:06] <Morgen_Kirby> goes by Mark ;)
[21:50:10] <Larry_Dixon> Hey there blue eyed Canuck :)
[21:50:16] <Mercedes_Lackey> rHi Mark!
[21:50:18] <Katie_Morris> MARK!!!!!
[21:50:24] <Eric_Whitcomb> Hi
[21:50:26] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi, Mark
[21:50:28] <Katie_Morris> Give Mark a kiss from Inga
[21:51:33] <Morgen_Kirby> he said Hope Ingas doing well
[21:51:40] <Morgen_Kirby> and is griping at me for calling him little ;)
[21:51:48] <Mary-BarGnat> I see, Misty, that your ubiquitous "r" is with you still
[21:51:53] <Katie_Morris> Inga's fine, its me that's having all the fun
[21:51:57] <Mercedes_Lackey> Sigh. Yes.
[21:52:15] <Larry_Dixon> I confess though, that my current favorite show has to be the Comedy Central reruns of SportsNight. Possibly the best character interplay writing ever, with unexpected joys like unbroken follow shots through 5 rooms and with 16+ characters. And long story arcs through 30-minute episode bites.
[21:52:26] <Mary-BarGnat> Daggerfane wondered earlier if that meant that your keyboard is r-rated?
[21:52:27] <Mercedes_Lackey> This kb tends to insert 'r's on its own.
[21:52:42] <Morgen_Kirby> maybe its from Georgia?
[21:52:44] <Mercedes_Lackey> Could be...
[21:52:49] <Steven-Swain> Fan_g_ , dammit.
[21:52:51] <Steven-Swain> ;)
[21:53:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> No, I expect it's a pirate.
[21:53:07] <Mary-BarGnat> typoid Mary strikes again
[21:53:12] <Morgen_Kirby> why Steven, I knew you liked the letter G, but isn't being fannish a bit much? ;)
[21:53:24] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[21:53:28] <Eric_Whitcomb> lol
[21:53:33] <Morgen_Kirby> Katie, Mark says as long as you keep her away from Hank's swords...LOL
[21:53:35] <Larry_Dixon> Hey Misty! *hands you a sandwich* You've gone an entire hour online without being asked "Is it true that Companions are really recycled Heralds?"
[21:53:35] * Steven-Swain blows raspberry at morgen.
[21:53:38] <Mary-BarGnat> all because of one of my typical typos
[21:53:57] <Larry_Dixon> Amazing! :)
[21:53:59] <Morgen_Kirby> ::hands raspberry over to Katie, who has straws to launch them with properly::
[21:54:06] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh my! You're right!
[21:54:19] <Morgen_Kirby> Hey Misty...are Firecats recycled Heralds? ;)
[21:54:23] <Katie_Morris> he he he he he he he
[21:54:25] <Steven-Swain> oh, we have much better things to talk about today - like that.
[21:54:27] <Eric_Whitcomb> lol
[21:54:35] <Morgen_Kirby> sorry, I had to do it
[21:54:35] <Althalus> ^^;
[21:54:37] <Larry_Dixon> Firecats are recycled hostility. :)
[21:54:42] <Mercedes_Lackey> Actually tho, they never use the word 'recycled'---they're too reverent for that.
[21:54:44] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[21:54:51] <Steven-Swain> refurbished?
[21:54:55] <Steven-Swain> reupholstered?
[21:54:58] <Morgen_Kirby> reincarnated?
[21:55:00] <Larry_Dixon> Previously Enjoyed!
[21:55:02] <Steven-Swain> LOL
[21:55:04] <Morgen_Kirby> used?
[21:55:10] <Morgen_Kirby> pre-customer content?
[21:55:29] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ahem. it's a CAT. Cats as we all know are the pinnacles of the(ir) universe.
[21:55:31] <Morgen_Kirby> Owned by a little old lady who only petted them on Sundays?
[21:55:35] <Larry_Dixon> We actually see that in the USA. Used cars advertised as "Previously Enjoyed Automobiles." *laughs* Americans are SO full of it.
[21:55:41] <Katie_Morris> "Previously Titled
[21:55:53] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[21:56:08] <Katie_Morris> That's the latest thing around here
[21:56:10] <Mercedes_Lackey> "The Companion formerly known as..."
[21:56:14] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[21:56:16] <Steven-Swain> with a symbol?
[21:56:18] <Eric_Whitcomb> LOL
[21:56:21] *** Tracibabe (tracibabe@***.dsl.frsn01.pacbell.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[21:56:26] <Steven-Swain> hey traci
[21:56:29] <MikeG> Hi Traci
[21:56:31] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Traci
[21:56:31] <Eric_Whitcomb> Hi
[21:56:34] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi Traci!!
[21:56:34] <Althalus> Hi Traci :)
[21:56:40] <Katie_Morris> Hi Traci!
[21:56:42] <Morgen_Kirby> hi Traci :)
[21:56:51] <Tracibabe> hi everyone
[21:56:54] <Mary-BarGnat> Got a mission for you... should you care to accept it!
[21:56:54] <xyzzy> hi
[21:56:56] <Larry_Dixon> I loved it when prince did that. It was brilliant :)
[21:57:08] <Morgen_Kirby> I dont see why anyone had a problem pronouncing it
[21:57:14] <Morgen_Kirby> its pronounced Glyph
[21:57:14] <Mercedes_Lackey> MIssion for whom...
[21:57:20] <Mary-BarGnat> Traci
[21:57:27] <Steven-Swain> _I_ certainly didn't. Sign Language can be _so_ useful sometimes. ;)
[21:57:29] <Mary-BarGnat> about nicely whining to the GE
[21:57:44] <Larry_Dixon> *whistles and listens*
[21:57:46] <Mercedes_Lackey> As if Laryy had a lisp. The Glyphonking.
[21:57:46] <Mary-BarGnat> about the covers
[21:58:01] <Steven-Swain> LOL
[21:58:04] <Morgen_Kirby> that sounds vaguely like a sport, Misty
[21:58:09] <Tracibabe> i'm afraid to ask mary
[21:58:11] <Morgen_Kirby> something like cave-fishing
[21:58:24] <Mary-BarGnat> I've never Glyphonked, myself
[21:58:46] <Morgen_Kirby> Baen She for getting Jim to have Larry do the covers for the collaborations, Traci
[21:58:48] <Larry_Dixon> Good one Mary. Another Groucho line!
[21:58:54] <Mary-BarGnat> Dunno, Mo, sounds more like spelunking to me
[21:59:04] <Morgen_Kirby> yup, that's why I said cave
[21:59:10] <Mary-BarGnat> gotcha
[21:59:22] <Mary-BarGnat> removes gnatly appendage from mouth
[21:59:27] <Morgen_Kirby> this conversation could go downhill fast...I'm'going to try to be good
[21:59:35] <Morgen_Kirby> my apologies if it doesnt work
[21:59:37] <Larry_Dixon> I'd certainly like to do more covers. Actually we need a car trailer for some of our projects, and another cover job would pay for one exactly...
[21:59:39] <Mary-BarGnat> shhhh, Mary, behave
[21:59:41] <Katie_Morris> he he he he he he
[21:59:47] * Steven-Swain is wondering how this transcript will look to people reading it onthe bar.
[21:59:50] <Steven-Swain> LOL
[22:00:02] <Morgen_Kirby> that's the OTHER reason I'm'trying to be good
[22:00:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ghod alone knoweth.
[22:00:05] <Mary-BarGnat> they'll call it "chaotic", just like always
[22:00:10] <Tracibabe> as chaotic as the last one
[22:00:27] <Morgen_Kirby> no
[22:00:30] <Mary-BarGnat> I feel we've been behaving just a TAD better today
[22:00:36] <Morgen_Kirby> if you want chaotic I'll wake skippy up and ask him to come play
[22:00:44] <Mary-BarGnat> eeeek
[22:00:46] <Mercedes_Lackey> Not so many of you; that helps.
[22:00:48] <Steven-Swain> let's not and say we did.
[22:00:53] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[22:00:55] <Morgen_Kirby> I like skippy
[22:00:58] <Althalus> ^^;
[22:00:58] <Paul> For those people reading this later. Well, it's all your own fault. These chats are "you had to be there".
[22:01:00] <Morgen_Kirby> he's good people
[22:01:02] <MikeG> Mary and I have been talking about how many of the younger people around here (the bar) have never seen any of the Marx brothers work
[22:01:05] * Paul has no sympathy.
[22:01:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> We do too.
[22:01:05] <Mary-BarGnat> as do we all, Mo
[22:01:28] <Steven-Swain> oh, i like him but this is quite chaotic enough as it is. ;)
[22:01:47] <Morgen_Kirby> Mark is now gloating that the next WorldCon is in Toronto
[22:01:56] <MikeG> I imagine Danny Kaye would fit into that too
[22:02:01] <Larry_Dixon> I observed to Paul the other day the you know you have passed a Generation Gap when you find people of voting age who don't recognise references to things you knew when you were voting age.
[22:02:09] <Mary-BarGnat> Barflies are like tornadoes? Even one can create chaos, Steven?
[22:02:26] <Steven-Swain> you tell me. *looks around*
[22:02:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> My granffather, who was a physician in Chicago, once gave Harpo Marx his immunization shots for an overseas trip, and said he was remarkabl;y quiet in person.
[22:02:35] <Tracibabe> that's such a depressing thought larry.
[22:02:44] <Morgen_Kirby> ah, Misty? I can do that now, and I'm'29
[22:02:44] <Althalus> Marx Brothers were cool... can't get that line out of my head... "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend... inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." ^^;
[22:02:46] <Mary-BarGnat> sigh. from my vantage point (73) that's a daily reflection
[22:02:52] <Morgen_Kirby> whoops, Larry
[22:02:57] <Morgen_Kirby> ::smacks forehead:: sorry
[22:03:02] <Keith_Cunningham> used to be my sig line :-)
[22:03:21] *** MoonSong-work (moonsong21@***.voyager.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:03:27] <MikeG> Hi Jami
[22:03:29] <Steven-Swain> had a great-uncle who was in Keystone Kops. he was an interesting guy.
[22:03:32] <Tracibabe> wasn't harpo the one who didn't talk anyway? used a horn?
[22:03:32] <Morgen_Kirby> most of my exposure to Groucho Marx was Bugs Bunny
[22:03:34] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Jami
[22:03:34] <Eric_Whitcomb> Hi
[22:03:36] <Morgen_Kirby> hi Jami :)
[22:03:38] <Althalus> Hi.
[22:03:39] * MoonSong-work waves hi
[22:03:39] <Tracibabe> hi jami
[22:03:39] <Steven-Swain> hi Jami
[22:03:45] <Morgen_Kirby> back in a few, going to go get Colin off the bus
[22:03:47] <Katie_Morris> hi
[22:03:51] <xyzzy> hi
[22:03:58] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep, that was Harpo. Apparantly he carried on the not-talking to a remarkable extend in real life.
[22:04:04] *** Morgen_Kirby is now known as Brown_Kitty_afk
[22:04:08] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi Jami!
[22:04:40] <MikeG> I wonder how many of the youger generation ever heard of the honeymooners
[22:04:47] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[22:04:51] <Mary-BarGnat> oh my, Mike
[22:04:57] <Mercedes_Lackey> One more time!
[22:05:05] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[22:05:08] <Tracibabe> define YOUNGER generation there mike, they were before MY time but not by much
[22:05:13] <MoonSong-work> OMG! the gnat is TALKING this time! :)
[22:05:18] <Steven-Swain> silly mike. everybody knows the honeymooners are those friends of yours who just got married.
[22:05:20] <MikeG> too the moon Alice
[22:05:21] <Katie_Morris> When I was 10 I saw my first Honeymooners and said to my Dad, "But its just like the Flintstones1"
[22:05:22] <Mercedes_Lackey> Over the moon, Alice!
[22:05:24] <Larry_Dixon> Well I think that Paul and I are going to hobble off over the horizon in our walkers and get some errands run :)
[22:05:36] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[22:05:38] <MikeG> lol
[22:05:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> Right---to the moon, not over it.
[22:05:39] <Steven-Swain> lol. later then larry
[22:05:40] <Keith_Cunningham> do i qualify as the younger generation?
[22:05:47] <Tracibabe> yes keith
[22:05:51] <Keith_Cunningham> if so..... then yes, I've heard of the honeymooners
[22:05:52] <Tracibabe> bye larry
[22:05:57] <Mary-BarGnat> Later, guys
[22:06:01] <MoonSong-work> brb
[22:06:01] <Althalus> Later...
[22:06:03] <Katie_Morris> bye
[22:06:04] <Eric_Whitcomb> Bye larry
[22:06:05] *** MoonSong-work (moonsong21@***.voyager.net) Quit (QUIT: )
[22:06:12] <Keith_Cunningham> later larry
[22:06:14] <MikeG> Bye Larry, Bye Paul
[22:06:15] <Mercedes_Lackey> yes, well I saw Trek Classic the first time around.
[22:06:23] <Tracibabe> and bye paul too.
[22:06:31] <Steven-Swain> oh yeah. bye paul. lol
[22:06:32] <Mercedes_Lackey> Larry, some modesl arrrived for you.
[22:06:34] <Eric_Whitcomb> Bye Paul
[22:06:38] <Katie_Morris> My Mom's joke is that I was conceived during a first season rerun
[22:06:48] <Tracibabe> i first saw it in re-runs. and not enough of those, mom couldn't stand it
[22:06:49] <MikeG> me too
[22:06:51] <Larry_Dixon> Wheeee! Styrenes! On my way Misty :)
[22:07:21] <Mercedes_Lackey> (This was a cunning way to get a kiss before he leaves, you see)
[22:07:21] <Larry_Dixon> Frabjous Day!
[22:07:33] <Mary-BarGnat> :)
[22:07:40] <Keith_Cunningham> i was just a wee little sprite when i watched the first episode of the next generation on tv
[22:07:52] <Larry_Dixon> QUIT
[22:08:00] <MikeG> it's /quit
[22:08:01] <Larry_Dixon> Hah! what is that syntax...
[22:08:01] <Althalus> Seen TOS only in the re-re-re-re-(insert appropriate number of "re"s here)-rerun... ;)
[22:08:05] <Larry_Dixon> Got me. Ciao!
[22:08:09] *** Larry_Dixon (Larry_Dixo@***.tnt5.dfw9.da.uu.net) Quit (QUIT: )
[22:08:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> Nothing quite like seeingTrek Classic on a black and white TV and wondering what all the fuss over the Vulcan is about.
[22:08:49] <MikeG> hehe
[22:08:51] <Steven-Swain> hehe
[22:09:11] <Mercedes_Lackey> Of course, who would have guessed it would spawn an empire? Certainl;y not Paramount.
[22:09:21] <Mary-BarGnat> I was around, egging on the protesters, when they tried to cancel the original Star Trek
[22:09:30] <Mary-BarGnat> What a brouhaha
[22:09:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> I sent in my letters!
[22:09:47] <MikeG> I also
[22:09:53] <Eric_Whitcomb> A-Z?
[22:10:02] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[22:10:08] <Tracibabe> i was too young. wow, something i was too young for.
[22:10:11] <Tracibabe> oh dear
[22:10:27] <Tracibabe> brb, son just got home.
[22:10:28] <Mary-BarGnat> now, there's a thrilling thought, Traci
[22:10:49] <Mary-BarGnat> I remember the old Edgar Bergen movies
[22:11:06] <Mary-BarGnat> complete with McCarthy and Snerd
[22:11:11] <MikeG> lol
[22:11:31] <MikeG> I'm to young for those, the first time around
[22:11:46] <Mary-BarGnat> And even Frank Buck's "Bring 'Em Back Alive"
[22:11:55] <Mercedes_Lackey> Let's see...some of my fondest memories...watching the Flash Gorden serials on Saturday Morning TV (and Buck Rogers and Sky King and Sargeant Preston)
[22:12:03] <Mary-BarGnat> Had nightmares about pythons for years after that one
[22:12:24] <MikeG> watching John Wayne Theatre on sunday mornings
[22:12:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> Frank BUck was a seriously demented man.
[22:12:30] <Mary-BarGnat> Didn't have tv when I was a kid.
[22:12:32] <Tracibabe> ew snakes
[22:12:51] <Mary-BarGnat> But I read Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers in the Sunday funnies
[22:12:55] *** MoonSong-work (moonsong21@***.voyager.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:13:01] <Mary-BarGnat> wb Jami
[22:13:07] <Althalus> wb
[22:13:08] <MikeG> wb Jami
[22:13:09] <xyzzy> rehi
[22:13:12] <Tracibabe> oh, misty, i just read "the river's gift" what a charming story.
[22:13:13] <Mercedes_Lackey> We got our first TV about the time that Howdy Doody premiered.
[22:13:13] <MoonSong-work> sorry... computer went crazy...
[22:13:14] <Mary-BarGnat> Didn't mean to scare you off by de-lurking
[22:13:17] <Mercedes_Lackey> rehi!
[22:13:19] <Clyde_Tittle> You forgot "Annie Oakley"
[22:13:30] <Tracibabe> i'm going to try to get my daughter to read it
[22:13:39] <Mary-BarGnat> I was married by the time tv sets came out
[22:13:48] <Mercedes_Lackey> And Lone Ranger and My Friend Flicka.
[22:14:03] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[22:14:23] <Mary-BarGnat> gnothing like a bit of gnatly gnostalgia
[22:14:25] <MoonSong-work> so how are the birds, Misty?
[22:14:26] <MoonSong-work> :)
[22:14:27] <Clyde_Tittle> Look at the garbage we have now.
[22:14:29] * xyzzy would like to know who "Annie Oakley" is (heard the name before)
[22:14:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> So you're a little younger than my parents, Gnat?
[22:14:54] <Mary-BarGnat> 73... don't know how old your parents are
[22:15:11] <Eric_Whitcomb> Misty I would like to invite you to a wedding in A.B.M.L on Oct 31 care to come?
[22:15:13] <Mary-BarGnat> in my second childhood though, so having lots of fun
[22:15:13] <Mercedes_Lackey> The historical Annie Oakley was a trick-shooter with Buffalo Bill's Wi;ld West show in the 1800s.
[22:15:18] <Clyde_Tittle> The sharp shooting lady deeputy sheriff.
[22:15:41] <xyzzy> thx
[22:15:43] <Mary-BarGnat> made even more famous by a musical called "Annie Get Your Gun"
[22:15:56] <Mercedes_Lackey> I'd like to, but we'll probably be running the Fire Dept Spook Trail so we can get some money!
[22:16:30] <Mary-BarGnat> Lemme see now... how many $5 donations would it take...
[22:16:40] <Mary-BarGnat> very bad at math
[22:16:41] <Tracibabe> spook trail? sounds like fun
[22:16:42] <Steven-Swain> for?
[22:16:44] <Mary-BarGnat> even barefooted
[22:16:46] <Eric_Whitcomb> well it won't happen in real time
[22:17:17] <Mercedes_Lackey> In the 50s when TV became popular there was a Saturday Morning TV show 'about' her...loosely about her...VERY looselly.
[22:17:23] *** Robert_Vancel (thunderbea@***.spwest1.tn.home.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:17:29] <Mary-BarGnat> I'm getting silly now... back to Lurk mode
[22:17:34] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Robert
[22:17:42] <Eric_Whitcomb> Hi
[22:17:43] <MikeG> Hi Robert
[22:17:50] <xyzzy> hi
[22:17:51] <Katie_Morris> Hi Bobert
[22:17:53] <Mercedes_Lackey> If we aren';t knee deep in scared kids, then yes, Eric, and thank you!
[22:17:54] *** Bue_Pedersen (bow@***.ds1-vbr.adsl.cybercity.dk) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:17:58] <MikeG> Hi Bue
[22:18:01] <Bue_Pedersen> hey
[22:18:03] <Mary-BarGnat> Bue!
[22:18:04] <Eric_Whitcomb> Hi
[22:18:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi Robert!
[22:18:06] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi Bue!
[22:18:09] <Steven-Swain> hi robert and bue
[22:18:16] <xyzzy> hi
[22:18:18] <Katie_Morris> hi
[22:18:41] <Robert_Vancel> hey katie
[22:18:43] <Tracibabe> hi robert,hi bue
[22:18:45] <Mary-BarGnat> More fodder from the other side, Misty
[22:18:46] <Mercedes_Lackey> We run a really, reea;lly good spook trail. It's a walk-around, outside, on a decomissioned stretch of HWY 20.
[22:18:48] <Robert_Vancel> hi mercedes!
[22:18:57] <Mercedes_Lackey> Kewl!
[22:19:36] <Mary-BarGnat> I WAS going to say fodder from the odder side... it rhymed, but thought it might be misunderstood
[22:19:42] <Mercedes_Lackey> Our spook trail has woods, car-wrecks, an abandoned shack...all kinds of good fun.
[22:19:43] <MikeG> for fund raising in the fall, how about hay rides?
[22:20:00] <Robert_Vancel> odders? you mean those cute critters that live in the river?
[22:20:05] <Mary-BarGnat> yup
[22:20:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> There are so many people doing hay rides that they don
[22:20:13] <Mary-BarGnat> whatever
[22:20:20] <Mercedes_Lackey> don
[22:20:21] <MikeG> oh
[22:20:24] <Mercedes_Lackey> don't seem to be viab;le
[22:20:35] <Althalus> Hi robert, bue...
[22:20:36] <Mary-BarGnat> congrats, Misty, you made it!
[22:20:42] <Mercedes_Lackey> We're in horse country out here.
[22:20:46] <Steven-Swain> how about a cornfield maze? those are big out here.
[22:20:50] <Robert_Vancel> hi alt
[22:21:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> I kept hitting the return instead of the apostrophe
[22:21:08] <Tracibabe> a maize maze?
[22:21:12] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[22:21:13] <Steven-Swain> yup
[22:21:13] <Keith_Cunningham> about an hour south of here is what is touted as the best cornfield maze in the world
[22:21:22] <Katie_Morris> Yeah, Maize Mazes are REALLY catching on
[22:21:35] <MoonSong-work> ....i'm jealous... i wish i lived further out in the country... :)
[22:21:48] <Mercedes_Lackey> No corn. Horses and cattle, but no corn. Wheat, yes.
[22:21:57] <Steven-Swain> they started around 5 years ago out here.
[22:22:09] <Tracibabe> i wish the farmers here would do one.
[22:22:20] <Mercedes_Lackey> But wheat doesn't get tall enough to do a maize maze.
[22:22:37] <Mary-BarGnat> hmmmm. back to the drawingboard, then
[22:22:43] <Robert_Vancel> heck, most wheat fields i know of get turned into alien art!
[22:22:50] <Mercedes_Lackey> We were getting people coming in from Tulsa to go to our spook trail.
[22:22:51] <Steven-Swain> lol
[22:22:52] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[22:23:20] <Clyde_Tittle> Yo could always do crop cirles in the wheat.
[22:23:24] <Steven-Swain> claremont is what, 30 miles or so from Tulsa?
[22:23:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> Huh. There's a thought...stage a crop circle and then charge admission to the Newagers to come meditate in it!
[22:23:41] <Steven-Swain> or am i thinking of another town...
[22:23:47] *** Katie_Morris (KatieKat10@***.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:23:49] <MoonSong-work> there is a really cool childrens garden on Michigan State's campus... our Friendly Local Pagans do a labyrinth ritual there every year :)
[22:24:01] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep, about 30 miles from Tulsa.
[22:24:15] <Steven-Swain> I've been there then. bout 10 years ago though.
[22:24:16] <Mercedes_Lackey> Home of the JF Davis Gun Museum/
[22:24:23] <Mercedes_Lackey> Which has one of everything.
[22:24:46] <Mercedes_Lackey> Literally.
[22:25:00] <Robert_Vancel> what, you mean we can actually FAKE crop circles? *swoons*
[22:25:21] <Althalus> ^^;
[22:25:32] <Tracibabe> lol
[22:26:04] <Tracibabe> hmmm. demon lag has a hold on me today
[22:26:05] <MikeG> they aren't fake, the're real circles
[22:26:20] <Mercedes_Lackey> Well...true enough.
[22:26:39] <Steven-Swain> isn't that also where Will Rogers is from? hence, Rogers County?
[22:26:45] <Robert_Vancel> *whew* okay, that takes the pressure off
[22:26:55] <Clyde_Tittle> Real crops. Real circles. What's fake?
[22:27:31] <Mercedes_Lackey> Technically, Will ROgers was from Oolagah, but he claimed Claremore, saying that no white man could properly pronounce Oolahgah.
[22:27:41] <Steven-Swain> hehe
[22:27:51] <MikeG> you just need to be a little circumspect in regards as to who made them
[22:27:52] <Robert_Vancel> Oolahgah...ow...he's right
[22:27:53] <Mary-BarGnat> Sounds like him! ^_~
[22:28:20] <Mary-BarGnat> I remember one of HIS movies too. Sigh
[22:28:27] <Tracibabe> Misty, did you enjoy working with anne mccaffrey on the ship who searched?
[22:28:37] <Mercedes_Lackey> The Will Rogers Memorial is here, up the hill from us.
[22:28:38] <Keith_Cunningham> i remember nothing. . .
[22:28:48] <Mary-BarGnat> :)
[22:28:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> I certainly did!
[22:28:52] <Keith_Cunningham> ironically. . i don't even remember things that happened ten minutes ago
[22:28:54] <Mercedes_Lackey> Annie is a blast!
[22:29:09] <Keith_Cunningham> who are all you people!?!?! :-)
[22:29:18] <Mary-BarGnat> Where am I?
[22:29:24] <Mercedes_Lackey> Keith, you're getting OldTimers Disease/
[22:29:35] <Mary-BarGnat> I'm a "carrier"
[22:29:36] <Keith_Cunningham> must be
[22:29:40] <Steven-Swain> namnesia?
[22:29:41] <Mercedes_Lackey> What is this thing i'm typing on?
[22:29:52] <Keith_Cunningham> fifnjdefcxzxizifj
[22:29:57] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[22:30:02] <Steven-Swain> It's a QWERTY, Misty
[22:30:04] <Robert_Vancel> tsk tsk keith...
[22:30:07] <Keith_Cunningham> that was me smacking my palm into it..... in an attempt to understand it
[22:30:10] <MikeG> what is this thing in front of me with all the buttons...hmmm, my fingers seem to know what to do with it.
[22:30:10] <Mercedes_Lackey> We are not well
[22:30:18] <Robert_Vancel> lol keith
[22:30:26] * MoonSong-work chuckles. if i could only claim amnesia here @ work...
[22:30:31] <Keith_Cunningham> cnnmnmjdenmdsenmjdse
[22:30:37] <Mary-BarGnat> good grief. are we being chaotic again?
[22:30:42] <Steven-Swain> anyway, Misty, I presume that the Skif book is at the publisher's now?
[22:30:46] <Keith_Cunningham> theoretically this way I can right the greatest book ever written
[22:31:02] <Steven-Swain> right it? what was wrong with it?
[22:31:09] <Mercedes_Lackey> It is indeed, and proofread and about ready to go.
[22:31:14] <MikeG> only if your a monkey?
[22:31:19] <Steven-Swain> ooooo. cool. when published?
[22:31:25] <Tracibabe> will there be anymore snippets?
[22:31:25] *** Bue_Pedersen (bow@***.ds1-vbr.adsl.cybercity.dk) Quit (QUIT: )
[22:31:25] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL, Mike
[22:31:34] <Mercedes_Lackey> October
[22:31:34] <Steven-Swain> yay
[22:31:34] <Keith_Cunningham> my t-shirt has a 'spacemonkey' logo on it . . . . . .
[22:32:04] <Mercedes_Lackey> I have to be circumspect about snippets from Other Publishers.
[22:32:10] <Robert_Vancel> hehe... my wife just realized who we were talking to
[22:32:15] <Steven-Swain> no need for snippets. ;)
[22:32:21] <MikeG> that's probably wise
[22:32:26] <Keith_Cunningham> there are, I suspect, legal ambiguities
[22:32:26] <Steven-Swain> not for me anyway. *evil grin*
[22:32:46] * Steven-Swain shouldn't gloat, but...
[22:33:07] *** Katie_Morris (KatieKat10@***.ipt.aol.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:33:11] <Mary-BarGnat> oh, sure... not you, YOU would never enjoy gloating
[22:33:15] <MikeG> although if the other publisher were smart they would have their own web board where you could post snippets
[22:33:15] <Mary-BarGnat> wb Katie
[22:33:19] <Tracibabe> no, Steven-Swain SHOULDN'T gloat.
[22:33:28] <Steven-Swain> wb Katie
[22:33:32] <Tracibabe> tisn't attractive at all. hmph
[22:33:32] <Katie_Morris> Hi, again, Y'all
[22:33:32] <Tracibabe> lol
[22:33:36] <Robert_Vancel> the wife says HI to Misty
[22:33:36] <Steven-Swain> lolol
[22:33:36] <Tracibabe> wb katie
[22:33:40] <Mary-BarGnat> takes one to know one!
[22:33:40] <MikeG> wb Katie
[22:33:40] <Mary-BarGnat> Traci
[22:33:53] <Brown_Kitty_afk> man, i leave for a few minutes and things go wild ;)
[22:34:07] <Tracibabe> why mary, i'm astonished, i know you know i'm innocent. O:)
[22:34:07] <Mary-BarGnat> you're a calming influence, BK
[22:34:13] <Brown_Kitty_afk> ./nick Brown_Kitty
[22:34:21] <Mary-BarGnat> hehehe, sure, Traci
[22:34:34] <MikeG> don't use the .
[22:34:40] <Mary-BarGnat> oops, BK, try again
[22:34:50] <Brown_Kitty_afk> what did I do?
[22:34:56] <MikeG> just /nick Brown_Kitty
[22:35:02] *** Brown_Kitty_afk is now known as Brown_Kitty
[22:35:02] <Robert_Vancel> well, i gotta head to work... ICK!!
[22:35:08] <Katie_Morris> Well, what do you expect, Mo?? We were just waiting for you to leave ;-)
[22:35:08] <Brown_Kitty> darned typo daemon
[22:35:08] <Steven-Swain> later then robert
[22:35:08] <MikeG> bye Robert
[22:35:14] <Tracibabe> so let your wife take over robert
[22:35:14] <Brown_Kitty> bye Robert
[22:35:19] <Mary-BarGnat> take care, Robert
[22:35:19] <Eric_Whitcomb> Gy
[22:35:22] <Althalus> Bye...
[22:35:28] <Katie_Morris> See you Bobert
[22:35:28] <Eric_Whitcomb> BYE
[22:35:35] <MoonSong-work> Misty, you're so lucky your work is at home... u can get 'too cuddles while yer working... *dreamy sigh*
[22:35:52] <Robert_Vancel> bye... take care...
[22:36:00] <Mary-BarGnat> 'bye
[22:36:06] *** Robert_Vancel (thunderbea@***.spwest1.tn.home.com) Quit (QUIT: )
[22:36:43] <Steven-Swain> well, Misty, you have to admit this is a much healthier way to talk to fans than going to cons. ;)
[22:36:48] <Brown_Kitty> YAY!
[22:36:48] <Brown_Kitty> Jimmy is home!
[22:36:54] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh yes!!
[22:37:08] *** Bue_Pedersen (bow@***.ds1-vbr.adsl.cybercity.dk) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:37:08] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh excellent...what was wrong with him?
[22:37:15] <Mary-BarGnat> wb Bue
[22:37:15] <MikeG> wb Bue
[22:37:15] <Steven-Swain> wb Bue
[22:37:17] <Althalus> wb
[22:37:22] <Brown_Kitty> hi Bue :)
[22:37:22] <Bue_Pedersen> thnks
[22:37:29] <Brown_Kitty> ::scoots over for my favorite viking::
[22:37:29] <MikeG> Wonderfull news Mo
[22:37:37] <Katie_Morris> wb
[22:37:48] <Bue_Pedersen> i am a bit tired so dont expect too much talk from me
[22:37:48] <Mary-BarGnat> k
[22:37:55] <Mercedes_Lackey> Sure!
[22:37:55] <Brown_Kitty> just tired?
[22:37:55] <Brown_Kitty> thats all?
[22:37:59] <Bue_Pedersen> but there is always room for a kitten
[22:38:03] <Brown_Kitty> havent' started partying yet? ;)
[22:38:05] <Steven-Swain> My wife and I are going to ConJose next year - our first con. hmm...
[22:38:05] <Tracibabe> mary, did you notice there were a few groans over that pun? i finally posted one bad enough
[22:38:11] <Brown_Kitty> yes, but Tania isnt here
[22:38:14] <Tracibabe> tht's cool steven, i think i'm going too.
[22:38:21] <Tracibabe> i'm going to try to anyway
[22:38:23] <Brown_Kitty> I'm going to go
[22:38:26] <Mary-BarGnat> Yes, I was one of the groaners, IIRC
[22:38:31] <Bue_Pedersen> tired after working 12 hours every day for 10 days in the field
[22:38:33] <Brown_Kitty> with any luck, I'll go WITH hubby and WITHOUT kids
[22:38:36] <MikeG> I hope I can go too
[22:38:39] <Katie_Morris> I've promised to go myself
[22:38:51] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh man, Bue.
[22:38:53] <Mary-BarGnat> :(
[22:38:58] <Steven-Swain> we've already got grandmotherly approval to leave the kids with her. *grin*
[22:39:07] <Tracibabe> i'm leaving hubby AND kids home. hubby doesn't like big crowds of people, unless they're at a race
[22:39:20] <Bue_Pedersen> it was great work but 6 hours of sleep and then of to work is a bit hard
[22:39:24] <Brown_Kitty> steven, last time I asked for grandparent approval Mom went on leave AFTER ChiCon
[22:39:44] <Mercedes_Lackey> Very hard.
[22:39:44] <Brown_Kitty> I dont know if she forgot, or Dad did
[22:39:49] <Steven-Swain> well....my mother in law is a retired schoolteacher. she aint going nowhere. ;)
[22:39:56] <Bue_Pedersen> but it was sunshine and the countryside was very pretty
[22:40:13] <Mary-BarGnat> that helps a little, Bue
[22:40:34] <Steven-Swain> she deliberately retired a few years early so she'd have time to do her projects and grandmotherly things and other things of that sort.
[22:40:39] <Mary-BarGnat> but can't completely compensate for no sleep
[22:40:43] <Brown_Kitty> find any interesting specimens? or were you too busy working?
[22:40:52] <Katie_Morris> KNow how he feels, Traci, I spent most of ChiCon in the smoking area
[22:41:45] <Bue_Pedersen> well there was a few farmers daughters that was pretty but alas i was just moving through their fields
[22:41:51] <Tracibabe> i tend to be shy myself in crowds of people, i will probably drag a friend along so i don't have tostand around by myself anywhere
[22:42:01] <Tracibabe> LOL bue
[22:42:10] <Mary-BarGnat> Good plan, Traci
[22:42:12] <Brown_Kitty> Traci, where there are Barflies, there will be a mob
[22:42:23] <Brown_Kitty> I think we averaged about 20 for meals at ChiCon
[22:42:28] <Tracibabe> what fun
[22:42:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> What do you do, Bue?
[22:42:33] <Katie_Morris> Miranda and David and I are talking about a suite for a meeting place
[22:42:33] <Bue_Pedersen> geology
[22:42:46] <Katie_Morris> and Miranda and I are going to be a mutual support group
[22:42:52] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oilfield?
[22:42:57] <Brown_Kitty> oh, Katie, did I tell you?
[22:43:07] <Katie_Morris> tell me what, Mo?
[22:43:17] <Brown_Kitty> I might possible have seduc-....err, PERSUADED Perdue to come to the con
[22:43:17] <Bue_Pedersen> this was a tempory hob (as a field monkey) with search for groundwater
[22:43:28] <Mary-BarGnat> ah
[22:43:36] <Mary-BarGnat> thx for the explanation, Bue
[22:43:43] <Bue_Pedersen> no interpretation of the data just collecting them
[22:43:50] <Katie_Morris> :-) I've been bribed with a trip to Disneyland, what're you bribing HIM with :)
[22:44:08] <Katie_Morris> Tell him its about TIME we had a reunion
[22:44:15] *** Brown_Kitty (monred@***.244.64.123.Dial1.Chicago1.Level3.net) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:44:21] <Mercedes_Lackey> Tiring work, but it is outside...just during the hottest part of the year!
[22:44:21] <MoonSong-work> ... i want to go a con, but i've never had the time and money together...
[22:44:36] <Tracibabe> *bcg* i'm going to loscon this year
[22:44:43] <Bue_Pedersen> yes i drank a lot of water
[22:44:51] <Mercedes_Lackey> You ought to do a small con before you try one of the mosnters.
[22:44:59] <Mercedes_Lackey> Otherwise you'll be lost.
[22:45:07] <Tracibabe> my very first con in fact
[22:45:15] <Steven-Swain> problem is Utah isn't con-territory for the most part.
[22:45:15] <Tracibabe> loscon this year and conjose next
[22:45:22] <Bue_Pedersen> and i was ofcourse carrying the heaviest equipment and had to do the most walking
[22:45:28] <Katie_Morris> YES, small first......I made the mistake of being bribed to ChiCon as my first Con in 10 years....bad mistake
[22:45:38] <MoonSong-work> *nod* i believe it... i *did* go to a parrot convention back in March... saw Layne Dicker and Sam Foster and the guy in GA who does PDD research (wearing that shirt today!)
[22:45:44] <Steven-Swain> technically, i suppose, this isn't my first con. I went to one local one, but that wasn't much of one.
[22:46:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> Bue---always works that way. Oh, give the heavy stuff to HIM---tall, strong and waterproof...
[22:46:05] <Steven-Swain> college con.
[22:46:23] <Steven-Swain> when exactly is loscon?
[22:46:35] <Tracibabe> november 23=25
[22:46:47] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh, did you do one of the Behavior seminars? I love Layne; he hel;ped me with my abused Molluccan.
[22:46:59] <Bue_Pedersen> more of a question "he is the new guy, let him do the hardest work"
[22:46:59] <Tracibabe> i'm dragging my sister along
[22:47:10] <Mercedes_Lackey> (the pDD guy is Bran Ritchie)
[22:47:19] <MoonSong-work> no, they just did a "sit and be talked to" convention....
[22:47:19] <Steven-Swain> part of the thing is we're budgeting the moneh _and_ the vacation time to, hopefully, correspond properly.
[22:47:19] <MoonSong-work> that's right, ritchie
[22:47:30] <Steven-Swain> moneh = money
[22:47:41] <Katie_Morris> aaaahhhh, the fun of being the newbie.......I commiserate, Bue
[22:47:58] <Mercedes_Lackey> Moonsong, did you know Irene Pepperberg is moving permanently to MIT?
[22:48:17] <Bue_Pedersen> but the pay was ok and more important now i got some actual work to put on my CV :-)
[22:48:28] <Steven-Swain> My wife and I might go to Life The Universe and Everything, which is the local con, next spring.
[22:48:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> Credits count more than pay sometimes, Bue.
[22:49:08] <MoonSong-work> *no*, omg - that's neat... :) I love Alex. :)
[22:49:17] <Steven-Swain> the only other local con is in Salt Lake - Conduit.
[22:49:26] <MoonSong-work> I'm trying to do some art and sell it off for Gabriel foundation and for Alex foundation
[22:49:26] <Tracibabe> the only thing i'll have to pay for (extra that is) is the con itself for LosCon, my sister lives there so i have a place to stay
[22:49:53] <Mercedes_Lackey> Alex is a hoot. He loves men; when we were helping Irene out he fell in love with larry, built him a nest and tried to get him to climb into it.
[22:50:17] <MoonSong-work> *lol* I bet THAT was a sight to see!! :)
[22:50:27] <Tracibabe> lol
[22:50:27] <Steven-Swain> well, if we get overwhelmed, we'll just hole up and reinforce the _primary_ reason for the trip - our 5 year anniversary. *grin*
[22:50:49] <Tracibabe> awww congrats steven
[22:50:49] <MoonSong-work> I saw him on a documentary a few months ago... looks like he picks a little bit?
[22:51:01] <Mary-BarGnat> happy anniversary!
[22:51:01] <Mercedes_Lackey> Congras, Steven!
[22:51:15] <Steven-Swain> it'll be a few few months late at that point but...*shrug*
[22:51:20] <Steven-Swain> June, actually.
[22:51:25] <Tracibabe> money for loscon is my birthday present, my birthday is the following week
[22:51:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> Alex and Grif both pick; it's more than performance anxiety, I told irene that I suspected AZ was too dry for them, even in the lab.
[22:51:52] <Keith_Cunningham> i sure it hope it plans on stopping raining...
[22:52:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> Send the rain here!
[22:52:22] <Steven-Swain> and here!
[22:52:22] <Keith_Cunningham> your welcome to it
[22:52:22] <MoonSong-work> that makes sense. Boston should be MUCH more humid for them!
[22:52:32] <Tracibabe> rain? it hasn't rained here for ages
[22:52:32] * Mary-BarGnat does a move-the-rain dance
[22:52:42] <Mercedes_Lackey> <----wants a good hard soaking storm for about three days!
[22:52:54] <MoonSong-work> we had thunder last night, but no rain...
[22:53:01] <Steven-Swain> we're still only getting spotty cloudbursts now and then.
[22:53:01] <MikeG> and here
[22:53:10] <Keith_Cunningham> 'tis quite a downpour
[22:53:18] *** Morgen_Kirby (monred@***.90.84.177.Dial1.Chicago1.Level3.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:53:25] <Keith_Cunningham> could make later.... unpleasant if it don't stop
[22:53:25] <Mary-BarGnat> Welcome back, Brown Kitty!
[22:53:25] <Tracibabe> sounds nice keith
[22:53:25] <Morgen_Kirby> aargh!
[22:53:25] <Katie_Morris> wb, MO!!!!!!
[22:53:27] <Althalus> wb
[22:53:32] <Tracibabe> wb Mo
[22:53:32] <Mercedes_Lackey> All of Irenes friends had left AZ, they weren't granting her tenure, she hadn't had a raise in ages and they were spending research money on some pretty loony things.
[22:53:32] <MikeG> we are in our top ten of driest summers
[22:53:35] <Bue_Pedersen> wb mo
[22:53:35] *** Morgen_Kirby is now known as Brown_Kitty
[22:53:40] <Mercedes_Lackey> Meanwhile she's raising most of her OWN money.
[22:54:06] <Steven-Swain> wb mo
[22:54:26] <Brown_Kitty> thanks
[22:54:38] <MoonSong-work> man... i wish i wasn't a poor college student.... i would donate more to research like hers and dr. ritchies
[22:54:48] <Brown_Kitty> what research?
[22:55:06] <Mercedes_Lackey> I asked her to check into getting the MIT people to set up an ebay auction area so we can donate stuff for money-raising.;
[22:55:17] <MoonSong-work> that would be awesome.
[22:55:27] <Steven-Swain> birdo research, i guess?
[22:55:38] <MoonSong-work> *nod* exactly right steven
[22:55:38] <MoonSong-work> :)
[22:55:50] <Mercedes_Lackey> Irene Pepperberg is the one doing cognitive research on African Grey Parrots...you've probably seen the amazing Alex on Discovery Channel;, Animal planet or National Geo
[22:56:05] *** Mary-BarGnat (mmqualls@***.ixi.net) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:56:20] <Mercedes_Lackey> The parrot that counts and identifies things correctly.
[22:56:32] <Steven-Swain> alas, no cable.
[22:56:47] <Keith_Cunningham> seen 'em
[22:56:59] <Keith_Cunningham> impressive little sprite
[22:56:59] <Mercedes_Lackey> Nova too, on PBS
[22:56:59] <Brown_Kitty> my tv is life support for the vcr
[22:57:14] <Mercedes_Lackey> "Parrots: Look Who's Talking"
[22:57:23] <MikeG> gahhhh.....have you seen John Ringo's latest snippet?
[22:57:31] <Steven-Swain> haven't seen that one.
[22:57:44] *** Mary-BarGnat (mmqualls@206.58.181.***) has joined #DixonsVixen
[22:57:51] <MoonSong-work> wb mary...
[22:57:51] <Tracibabe> wb mary
[22:57:51] <Steven-Swain> wb mary
[22:57:53] <Althalus> wb Mary
[22:58:11] <Brown_Kitty> Mike, that's nicer than the one he was going to post
[22:58:12] <MikeG> wb Mary
[22:58:12] <Mary-BarGnat> thx
[22:58:12] <Brown_Kitty> wb Mary
[22:58:12] <Mary-BarGnat> grmpf
[22:58:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> What you can't see is that the parrots are training each other in down-time.
[22:58:12] <Katie_Morris> wb, Mary
[22:58:12] * MoonSong-work smacks the tigger that was bouncing around mary
[22:58:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> rehi Gnat!
[22:58:17] <Mary-BarGnat> thanks
[22:58:24] <Mary-BarGnat> hate my ISP
[22:58:30] <Brown_Kitty> Misty, you speak Japanese?
[22:58:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> Nope, not a word
[22:58:53] <Brown_Kitty> you just did
[22:59:01] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh, okay.
[22:59:09] <Tracibabe> not one misty? not even gaki?
[22:59:18] <Brown_Kitty> or kitsune?
[22:59:28] <Brown_Kitty> or sushi?
[22:59:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> okay, okay.
[22:59:28] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[22:59:41] * Steven-Swain grins
[22:59:41] <Brown_Kitty> ::snicker:: or is it that you speak anime instead?
[22:59:41] <Mercedes_Lackey> <----want sushi.....
[22:59:41] <Mary-BarGnat> got back just in time for more chaos I see
[22:59:52] *** Althalus is now known as Shippou-chan
[22:59:52] * MoonSong-work speaks anime!!!
[22:59:52] <Keith_Cunningham> konichewah gnat-san haji mashite? that and a few others are about the limits of mine
[23:00:03] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[23:00:03] <Tracibabe> never have cared much for sushi, but oh, the time we got it for the kids to eat was hilarious
[23:00:19] <Brown_Kitty> fried calimari is good stuff
[23:00:19] <Mary-BarGnat> thank you, Keith, for whatever it was that you said
[23:00:33] <MikeG> sushi aka bait
[23:00:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> <-------LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE sushi
[23:00:33] <Tracibabe> ever had an 8 year old give you the look?
[23:00:33] <MoonSong-work> i'm waiting for the girls to start picking up Japanese phrases from the subbed anime i watch... taht would be SO funny to watch a parrot talk in JAPANESE when their owner doesn't even know it... *chuckle*
[23:00:37] <Shippou-chan> anime... manga... now you're talking... ;)
[23:00:48] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[23:00:50] <Mercedes_Lackey> That could happen, too!
[23:01:02] <Brown_Kitty> Jami, just what are you letting those parrots watch? ;)
[23:01:02] <Mary-BarGnat> ex-pro footballers, Mike?
[23:01:47] <MoonSong-work> NGE, some that I can't remember the names of...
[23:01:47] <MoonSong-work> mysterious play...
[23:01:47] <Brown_Kitty> just please tell me youré not letting them watch hentai?
[23:01:50] <MoonSong-work> NO!!!!
[23:01:59] <Brown_Kitty> thank you
[23:02:08] <Shippou-chan> Hehe ;)
[23:02:13] <Tracibabe> lol
[23:02:17] <Steven-Swain> lol
[23:02:21] <MoonSong-work> no tentacle porn for da girlies... *lol*
[23:02:24] <Katie_Morris> he he he he
[23:02:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> <---lost
[23:02:33] <Keith_Cunningham> hentai....such a stupid concept
[23:02:40] <Brown_Kitty> hentai roughly translates to hardcore, Misty
[23:02:44] <Keith_Cunningham> animated SF porn, esentially
[23:02:50] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh, okay, tentacle porn. That part I recognize!
[23:02:57] <Katie_Morris> FUNNY....but REALLY weird
[23:03:05] <Shippou-chan> Well... literally it means "perverse" or "pervert"... ^^;
[23:03:15] <Brown_Kitty> you have GOT to wonder what this love/hate relationship the Japanese have with seafood is
[23:03:29] <Brown_Kitty> on second thought, I dont'want to go there
[23:03:36] <Mercedes_Lackey> And schoolgirls.
[23:03:45] <Steven-Swain> why is it called _tentacle_ etc?
[23:03:51] <Steven-Swain> or do i not want to know?
[23:03:51] <Keith_Cunningham> because....
[23:03:51] <Mercedes_Lackey> What IS it with them and schoolgirls?
[23:03:58] <Tracibabe> you don't want to know
[23:03:58] <Keith_Cunningham> it uses tentacles
[23:04:07] <Tracibabe> TRUST me you don't want to know.
[23:04:07] <Keith_Cunningham> :-/
[23:04:07] <Brown_Kitty> Steven, you'd most likely have to do some sort of atonement in your church if you watched any
[23:04:15] <MikeG> big round eyed schoolgirls
[23:04:21] <Steven-Swain> didn't plan to, BK
[23:04:31] <Mercedes_Lackey> He'd have to go wash his mind out with bleach.
[23:04:31] <MoonSong-work> oops i opened up a can of worms here... :)
[23:04:31] <Brown_Kitty> and then his vcr
[23:04:40] <Keith_Cunningham> big eyes is the animation style
[23:04:47] <Steven-Swain> I recommend whoever posts this transcript remove this part...
[23:04:57] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[23:04:57] <Katie_Morris> he he he he
[23:05:12] <Steven-Swain> subject change, anyone?
[23:05:23] <Brown_Kitty> cant be me, I lost my Fun Police badge somewhere in the kids room
[23:05:23] * xyzzy grrrs, 'cause now both channels are talking about anime...
[23:05:31] <Keith_Cunningham> <shakes head> gives good anime a bad name
[23:05:31] *** Shippou-chan is now known as Althalus
[23:05:34] <Althalus> ;)
[23:05:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> Okay enough with the anime
[23:05:39] <Brown_Kitty> well, food is a fairly good topic
[23:05:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> Ah, food.
[23:05:57] <Tracibabe> so are books.
[23:06:07] <Brown_Kitty> cookbooks!
[23:06:07] <Mary-BarGnat> Yes! Books!
[23:06:07] <Brown_Kitty> ;)
[23:06:16] <Althalus> Or music...
[23:06:17] <Katie_Morris> ah....the best of both worlds
[23:06:17] <Steven-Swain> anyway misty - you mentioned an anthology you were working on a story for right now...can you elaborate?
[23:06:26] <Brown_Kitty> and here I was going to be evil and ask about favorite desserts
[23:06:51] <Brown_Kitty> musical cookbooks?
[23:07:00] * Mary-BarGnat stares dreamily and murmurs "baklava"
[23:07:00] <Brown_Kitty> Firebird!
[23:07:00] <Mercedes_Lackey> Got a British cookbook to do things for Paul. First instruction: "Remove all flavor"
[23:07:09] <Steven-Swain> lol
[23:07:16] <Katie_Morris> he he he he he he he
[23:07:16] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[23:07:16] <Brown_Kitty> Misty, are you still making/selling music CDs?
[23:07:19] <Althalus> Are there audio-books about cooking...? ^^;
[23:07:36] <Tracibabe> lol, wouldn't that be flavour?
[23:07:47] <MoonSong-work> hey misty... you inspired my first (and only) composition with the lyrics for Shadow Lover...
[23:07:48] <Althalus> ^^;
[23:08:21] <Mercedes_Lackey> Let's see, startijng with the ? about the short story.
[23:08:52] <Bue_Pedersen> well time to go to bed bye
[23:09:02] <Steven-Swain> bye bue
[23:09:02] <Katie_Morris> night, Bue
[23:09:07] <Mercedes_Lackey> Bill Fawcett is doing an anthology of fantasy writers each working in their own world, so I'm working on (nite Bue!)
[23:09:08] <Brown_Kitty> sleep well Bue
[23:09:13] <Althalus> g'night bue...
[23:09:15] <Mary-BarGnat> night Bue
[23:09:19] *** Bue_Pedersen (bow@***.ds1-vbr.adsl.cybercity.dk) Quit (QUIT: )
[23:09:40] <Mercedes_Lackey> a Valdemar story wherein Herald-prince Alain discovers just what's in Lake Evendim.
[23:09:55] <Steven-Swain> hmmm......
[23:09:58] <Brown_Kitty> I WANT THAT ONE
[23:10:02] <Mary-BarGnat> ah
[23:10:02] <Tracibabe> oooooh.
[23:10:08] <Steven-Swain> Alain - is this Elspeth's younger brother or someone else? I misremember.
[23:10:16] <Brown_Kitty> actually, I want to know whats in the Pelagirs
[23:10:20] <Tracibabe> *note to self, must buy this book*
[23:10:24] <Brown_Kitty> someone else
[23:10:24] <Mercedes_Lackey> Just finished the story of Talia becoming a SunPriest for the Valdemar antho.
[23:10:32] <Eric_Whitcomb> cool
[23:10:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> DIfferent Alain. youngest of 12 kids.
[23:10:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> All Chosen.
[23:10:54] <Steven-Swain> ALL? whoa.
[23:10:59] <Brown_Kitty> WOW
[23:10:59] <Katie_Morris> Oh, My
[23:11:01] <Althalus> ^^:
[23:11:04] <Brown_Kitty> parents too?
[23:11:07] <Tracibabe> wow. parents must have been doing something right
[23:11:11] <Eric_Whitcomb> whewoooo
[23:11:16] <Mercedes_Lackey> Twins, triplets, twins, triplets, twins.
[23:11:19] <Steven-Swain> oi
[23:11:27] <Eric_Whitcomb> poor mom
[23:11:32] <MoonSong-work> ...do fertility drugs exist in Velgarth ;)
[23:11:36] <Katie_Morris> My, Oh, My
[23:11:36] <MikeG> must be something they eat
[23:11:38] <Steven-Swain> no obvious patter, eh? ;)
[23:11:58] <Steven-Swain> pattern, even
[23:11:58] <Brown_Kitty> yeah, the patter would be pretty obvious
[23:12:13] <Mary-BarGnat> I sorta liked "patter"
[23:12:13] <Steven-Swain> I guess it kinda fits....
[23:12:15] <Mercedes_Lackey> This is post Brightly Burning and speculation is that Queen Felice was trying to single-handedly fill up the rebuilt Collegium (remember they were going to expand)
[23:12:28] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[23:12:33] <Steven-Swain> *note to self* finally get around to reading BB
[23:12:33] <MikeG> well, obviously there would be a lot of patter of little feet
[23:12:51] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[23:13:05] <Steven-Swain> I keep planning to but i keep getting sidetracked with something else.
[23:13:13] <Mercedes_Lackey> There being a slight problem with having that many Trainees on internship in Haven at the same time...
[23:13:37] <Brown_Kitty> just a slight one
[23:13:42] <Katie_Morris> It comes to me that proliferation in Heralds always seems to presage something Dire happening
[23:14:15] <Mercedes_Lackey> Not in this case...
[23:14:34] <Katie_Morris> well, that's a relief
[23:14:49] <Clyde_Tittle> Not till the next book? : )
[23:15:01] <Mercedes_Lackey> Just Felice doing her best to make sure that there are a few spare royals around for marriages of state.
[23:15:01] <Steven-Swain> When (if ever) are you planning on doing a post-Owlknight book?
[23:15:20] <Mercedes_Lackey> When Larry has the time and comes up with a plot.
[23:15:37] <Mary-BarGnat> <G>
[23:15:47] <Mercedes_Lackey> Scuze me...gotta go rescue something from a crow.
[23:15:52] <Steven-Swain> k
[23:15:57] <Mary-BarGnat> k
[23:16:01] <Clyde_Tittle> Don't forget the artwork.
[23:16:01] <Katie_Morris> oops
[23:16:06] <Brown_Kitty> happy rescuing
[23:17:50] <Eric_Whitcomb> HELLO HEllo Hello ello llo lo o o o
[23:17:55] <Tracibabe> are you still here paul?
[23:17:56] <Mary-BarGnat> hehehe
[23:18:05] <Mary-BarGnat> nope, he left with Larry
[23:18:11] <Brown_Kitty> ::chirp chirp chirp::
[23:18:17] <Tracibabe> i see a paul in the room list though, that's why i asked.
[23:18:22] <Mary-BarGnat> caw caw
[23:18:32] <MikeG> Mo: do you know what has happened to the John Raisor's Barfly page?
[23:18:36] <Tracibabe> aaaaack brb puddin at tacking feet
[23:18:38] <Mary-BarGnat> he was helping a friend with homework
[23:18:46] <Mary-BarGnat> oops
[23:18:48] <Althalus> A Paul who has been silent for 80 min's now... ;)
[23:19:09] <Mercedes_Lackey> There.
[23:19:10] <Mary-BarGnat> think he just didn't quit out at departure time
[23:19:16] <MikeG> I thought Larry said he and Paul were taking off
[23:19:19] <Mary-BarGnat> what was the problem?
[23:19:20] <MoonSong-work> what did the crow have?
[23:19:22] <Steven-Swain> yeah, and Larry specifically said he was taking Paul.
[23:19:31] <Mary-BarGnat> yup
[23:19:33] <Steven-Swain> wb misty
[23:19:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> Don't mind him playing with odd bits, but I think matches is a bad idea.
[23:19:44] <Brown_Kitty> VERY bad idea
[23:19:46] <Mary-BarGnat> eeek
[23:19:49] <MoonSong-work> uh.... yah. definitely. :)
[23:19:49] <Steven-Swain> ah, yeah.
[23:19:50] <MikeG> that would be bad
[23:19:58] <MikeG> too dry
[23:20:00] <Mary-BarGnat> call the volunteer fire department!
[23:20:04] <Althalus> No good... ^^;
[23:20:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> Good thing I don't keep 'strike anywhere's' around.
[23:20:24] <Mary-BarGnat> whew
[23:20:33] <Mary-BarGnat> there's good news
[23:20:37] <Mercedes_Lackey> Used to, precrow.
[23:20:39] <Brown_Kitty> that would DEFINITELY be not good...crows are too smart to avoid mishap
[23:20:45] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[23:20:49] <MikeG> Misty: do you have an offical website? the link on the baen page is to an unoffical one
[23:21:02] <Mercedes_Lackey> Nope, no official website.
[23:21:06] <Tracibabe> whew. son got the cat. my fet are safe again
[23:21:16] <Mary-BarGnat> is he out of the doghouse yet?
[23:21:17] <Eric_Whitcomb> well got to go BYE all
[23:21:21] <Steven-Swain> bye eric
[23:21:25] <Katie_Morris> bye, erick
[23:21:28] <MikeG> Bye Eric
[23:21:28] <Mary-BarGnat> bye Eric
[23:21:28] <Mercedes_Lackey> Before I get onto the music question, (bye Eric!)
[23:21:28] <xyzzy> bye
[23:21:32] <Brown_Kitty> bye Eric
[23:21:33] <Althalus> Bye...
[23:21:35] *** Eric_Whitcomb (monk1@***.linkline.com) Quit (QUIT: Leaving)
[23:21:35] <Mercedes_Lackey> Got to tell you something cute.
[23:21:35] <Tracibabe> bye eric
[23:21:44] <Mary-BarGnat> all ears
[23:21:46] <Tracibabe> cute is good.
[23:22:05] <Brown_Kitty> unless you're were-mouse
[23:22:09] * Althalus listens
[23:22:10] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[23:22:46] <Mercedes_Lackey> Vel Crow sleeps in our bedroom, he's got a 'nest' in a wallshelf next to the bed, and lately when it's bedtime he's been going to the bedroom so I can put him up;...
[23:23:00] <Mercedes_Lackey> 'Bedtime' being around sunset.
[23:23:07] *** Judith_Lasker (jlaskeresq@64.173.79.***) has joined #DixonsVixen
[23:23:15] <Steven-Swain> hey Judith!
[23:23:19] <Brown_Kitty> hi Judith :)
[23:23:19] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Lady Judith
[23:23:24] <Althalus> Hi...
[23:23:25] <Tracibabe> hi judith
[23:23:28] <Katie_Morris> Hi Judith
[23:23:32] <xyzzy> hi
[23:23:34] <Mercedes_Lackey> Last night I couldn't find him, and remembered that I'd l;ast seen him lurking near the bedroom. Sure enough---there he was, he'd put himself to bed!
[23:23:45] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hi judith!
[23:23:45] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[23:23:45] <Judith_Lasker> Hi -just thought I'd see if anyone is still here and if this process works at work. I'm at work and can't dawdle.
[23:23:48] <Tracibabe> "Vel Crow"? love tht name.
[23:23:50] <Brown_Kitty> that is cute :)
[23:24:00] <Brown_Kitty> does he have a teddy bear or equivalent?
[23:24:07] <Steven-Swain> Vel Crow - does he stick to anything?
[23:24:32] <Mary-BarGnat> Maybe a teddy-match, BK?
[23:24:40] <Judith_Lasker> Best wishes, Misty. Have a wonderful weekend. Everyone, have a wonderful weekend!
[23:24:45] <Mary-BarGnat> bye
[23:24:45] <Steven-Swain> bye Judith
[23:24:49] <Mary-BarGnat> see ya
[23:24:49] <MikeG> you too Judith
[23:24:49] <Brown_Kitty> bye Judith
[23:24:49] <xyzzy> bye
[23:24:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> Vel had two broken legs that never healed quite right, so he walks very oddl;y and his toes don't work (thanks Judith!)
[23:24:49] <Althalus> Bye...
[23:25:04] <Mercedes_Lackey> quite right either, so yes, he does stick to things.
[23:25:09] *** Judith_Lasker (jlaskeresq@64.173.79.***) Quit (QUIT: )
[23:25:13] <Brown_Kitty> can they be rebroken and splinted to heal straight? or is that too dangerous to do for a bird?
[23:25:56] <Mercedes_Lackey> The vet tried to splint him, but bird bones heal so fast that we figure they were already set by the tijme she got him.
[23:26:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> He gets around just fine, though, and he's happy.
[23:26:35] <Mary-BarGnat> good
[23:26:39] <Mary-BarGnat> that's what counts
[23:26:40] <Brown_Kitty> so which one of you is he bondbird to? ;)
[23:26:54] <MoonSong-work> hey misty, ya gonna send a picture of VelCrow too, with the others? Never drawn a crow before... :)
[23:27:01] <Mercedes_Lackey> probably me, since he creeps under the blankets with me
[23:27:13] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[23:27:22] <Mercedes_Lackey> Sure! I'll send you one of him too.
[23:27:30] <MoonSong-work> *awesome* :)
[23:27:37] <Mary-BarGnat> can hardly wait to see the results, Jami
[23:27:50] <Mary-BarGnat> your bird art is truly awesome
[23:27:58] <Mercedes_Lackey> Irene thinks I can do some preliminary (non-publishable) research with him to see where his intelligence is compared with parrots.
[23:28:05] * MoonSong-work blushes
[23:28:10] <Mary-BarGnat> cool
[23:28:31] <Tracibabe> ooooow brb
[23:28:38] <Mary-BarGnat> k
[23:29:04] <Mercedes_Lackey> If it looks good, she can pass it on to her students as doctoral research possibilities. I told her if anyone takes it, I'll take in the subjects when the research is over, assuming the student doesn't want them.
[23:29:12] <Mercedes_Lackey> Or can't get the permit to keep them.
[23:29:44] <Brown_Kitty> do crows have a high degree of manual dexterity (whats the proper phrasing for that, please)?
[23:30:06] *** alfric (alfric@***.dialinx.net) has joined #DixonsVixen
[23:30:06] <MikeG> Hi David
[23:30:06] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Alf!
[23:30:08] <alfric> Hey alll
[23:30:10] <MoonSong-work> wouldn't surprise me... i have a friend who has a starling, Poe, who is quite the character
[23:30:10] <Brown_Kitty> hi David
[23:30:15] <xyzzy> hi
[23:30:19] <Mercedes_Lackey> It shouldn't be hard to get a research permit to take young from the nest. cCrows and Ravens are very dextrous manually.
[23:30:19] <Katie_Morris> hi
[23:30:21] <Althalus> Hi...
[23:30:40] <Mercedes_Lackey> And very, very good at working out puzzles.
[23:30:46] <Mary-BarGnat> Do magpies fit into that "family" anywhere?
[23:30:50] <alfric> wow missed something improtant
[23:30:51] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep. All Corvidae.
[23:31:05] <Mary-BarGnat> we have LOTS of magpies here in Montana
[23:31:24] * Steven-Swain is clueless about birds past the basics.
[23:31:37] <alfric> Like they taste like chicken??
[23:31:45] <Mercedes_Lackey> Crows, Ravens, starlings, jackdaws, magpies, bluejays. Look at the beak.
[23:31:46] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[23:31:49] <Althalus> -_-;
[23:31:53] <Brown_Kitty> cardinals?
[23:32:14] <MoonSong-work> stellar's Jay is a corvidae, right?
[23:32:18] <Mercedes_Lackey> I am told by a reputable authority that crows do NOT taste like chicken.
[23:32:32] <Brown_Kitty> I'd just as soon not find out...
[23:32:38] <Mercedes_Lackey> Cardinals are in the grosbeak family.
[23:32:43] <alfric> Oh ok I guess he eats a lot of crow??
[23:32:43] <alfric> lol
[23:32:48] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep, all jays are corvidae.
[23:32:50] <Mary-BarGnat> ewwwww
[23:32:50] <Katie_Morris> Never thought about Bluejays being corbies, but that does explain a lot
[23:33:24] <alfric> Hey mary U talkin more today??
[23:33:27] <Mary-BarGnat> of course
[23:33:34] <alfric> good
[23:33:42] <Althalus> ;)
[23:33:58] <Brown_Kitty> ::slips Mary some baklava::
[23:33:58] <Mary-BarGnat> diarrhea of the fingertips in fact
[23:33:58] <Mary-BarGnat> thks BK
[23:33:58] <Tracibabe> you know misty, we even managed to coax Eric Flint in here the other night
[23:34:11] <Steven-Swain> you did? wow.
[23:34:17] <alfric> Oh my Baklava..... UMM UMM!!
[23:34:19] <Mary-BarGnat> and Ringo in his tavern before that
[23:34:19] <Mercedes_Lackey> Baklava...right up there in the GOOD category with sushi.
[23:34:26] <Brown_Kitty> ::sets out a HUGE tray of baklava on table for all to share::
[23:34:34] <alfric> YES!!
[23:34:38] <Mary-BarGnat> YUMMMMM
[23:34:43] <Mercedes_Lackey> You got Eric in? Good! Good for him!
[23:34:48] <Katie_Morris> mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[23:34:48] <MikeG> that won't last but a hearbeat
[23:34:48] <Brown_Kitty> have to try to make some for ConJose..brownies went over well at ChiCon
[23:34:53] <MoonSong-work> o MAN i missed eric... dang!
[23:34:53] <alfric> I missed eric
[23:34:59] <Mary-BarGnat> Keith is the one who managed it
[23:35:04] <Mercedes_Lackey> He's a very socal bird.
[23:35:04] <Brown_Kitty> he'll be back, betcha
[23:35:09] <MikeG> said he would
[23:35:14] <Tracibabe> he said he would drop in now and then
[23:35:19] <alfric> Hope so
[23:35:19] <MoonSong-work> kewl
[23:35:20] <alfric> I'm at work though
[23:35:23] <Tracibabe> there aren't usually very many of us in at night though. a much smaller crowd
[23:35:30] <Mary-BarGnat> Dave Gerecke dropped by for his first visit
[23:35:35] <Mercedes_Lackey> Now---music, YES there are more CDs coming.
[23:35:38] <Mary-BarGnat> all right!
[23:35:41] <Brown_Kitty> YAY!
[23:35:47] <Katie_Morris> :-)
[23:35:52] <alfric> YEE HAA
[23:35:52] <Brown_Kitty> what's the Firebird link please?
[23:35:52] <Mary-BarGnat> heh
[23:35:57] <MoonSong-work> yay!
[23:35:57] <Mercedes_Lackey> Firebird has one in the works right now, the Sun and Shadow cycle, with Golden Bough.
[23:36:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> So we'll do the whole story with lyrics instead of prose.
[23:36:47] <alfric> Hey I got an old Tomita Album that's titled Firebird
[23:36:47] <Mary-BarGnat> ooooh
[23:37:08] <Tracibabe> ooooh wow
[23:37:13] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hopefully something Marjie and Paul Butler can also use in their stage act.
[23:37:44] <Keith_Cunningham> folks... I gotta head off
[23:37:53] <alfric> Feral Foul on the outer banks of NC
[23:38:06] <Mary-BarGnat> bye Keith
[23:38:06] <Brown_Kitty> see you later Keith
[23:38:06] <Katie_Morris> bye Keith
[23:38:06] <Steven-Swain> later keith
[23:38:06] <Keith_Cunningham> might be back later tonight after i get home
[23:38:06] <MikeG> http://www.firebirdarts.com/ ?
[23:38:13] <alfric> Ta keith
[23:38:13] <Mercedes_Lackey> (that Tomita album would be the suite from the ballet Firebird by Stravinsky) Bye Keith!
[23:38:13] <Althalus> bye...
[23:38:20] <Mercedes_Lackey> yep, that's the link!
[23:38:20] <alfric> Yes mam
[23:38:20] <Keith_Cunningham> later
[23:38:20] <Brown_Kitty> thank you :)
[23:38:28] *** Keith_Cunningham (keith_cunn@***.buf.adelphia.net) Quit (QUIT: )
[23:38:28] <xyzzy> bye
[23:38:45] <alfric> It is just electronic
[23:38:55] <Mercedes_Lackey> (I like that particular version of Firebird)
[23:39:28] <alfric> Me too
[23:39:28] <alfric> collected it in 1980
[23:39:39] <alfric> Big electronic fan here
[23:39:46] <Mercedes_Lackey> Stravinsky works really well electronically...much better than debussy or rimsky-korsakov
[23:39:55] <alfric> Oh I agree
[23:40:10] <alfric> Holst works great too
[23:40:21] <MoonSong-work> hrmmm... i might hafta look these up.
[23:40:38] <alfric> lots of physical movement in the music
[23:40:43] <Mercedes_Lackey> Not really fond of the kitaro "Snowflakes are dancing" or "Pictures at an Exhibition"
[23:41:08] <alfric> Well not the best works but still off the beaten path
[23:41:36] <Brown_Kitty> how about Narada?
[23:41:47] <alfric> Good collections there kitty
[23:41:53] <Mercedes_Lackey> I'm thinking that the atonality of Stravinsky is what really makes it work electronically.
[23:42:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> r-K and Debussy are too melodic..
[23:42:44] <alfric> Oh yes like I said Holst has the same atonality and physical movement of the music
[23:43:03] <Mercedes_Lackey> (do I hear snores of boredom or just bafflement out there?)
[23:43:13] <Althalus> Hmm... Electronic can be nice, but my personal favourites come from irish folk and similar worldmusic...
[23:43:14] <Mercedes_Lackey> (g)
[23:43:17] <Steven-Swain> music doesn't do it for me, hehe.
[23:43:19] <Mary-BarGnat> lurking and listening
[23:43:21] <Brown_Kitty> some bafflement here...I'vé heard the names, but not the music
[23:43:22] <Mary-BarGnat> learn a lot that way
[23:43:26] <alfric> They would be more suited to Vangelis' style
[23:43:38] <Brown_Kitty> and now cant get Yanni out of my head
[23:43:45] <alfric> sorry
[23:43:51] <alfric> kitty
[23:44:01] <MikeG> a bit of bafflement combined with websurfing the firebird music index
[23:44:11] <Brown_Kitty> not a problem...I'll find something to chase it out
[23:44:11] <Mercedes_Lackey> Now, when Vangelis and Kitaro are playing their OWN music, you get the best of synth.
[23:44:37] <alfric> I go for the more hardcore new age stuff
[23:44:37] <alfric> Yes U do
[23:44:37] <Tracibabe> ooh be careful morgen, mike has a lot of stuff that will chase ti out and you'll want it back
[23:44:49] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[23:44:57] <Mary-BarGnat> GOOD stuff
[23:45:19] <Tracibabe> yeah uh huh who was it started doing the theme song for the brady bunch in here?
[23:45:26] <Brown_Kitty> it wont' escape too far, the cats will get it
[23:45:26] <alfric> Cool a bunch of new age musci buffs
[23:45:26] <Mercedes_Lackey> What kind of stuff do you go for, alfric? All the way to Ibiza-trance-dance mixes/
[23:45:35] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL
[23:45:43] <Mercedes_Lackey> Or techno?
[23:45:52] <alfric> Yes and Tangerine Dream
[23:45:52] <Brown_Kitty> some techno is good
[23:45:52] <MikeG> i've got a cd of tv themes
[23:46:01] <alfric> Kraft Werks
[23:46:07] <alfric> Montreux
[23:46:17] <MikeG> those will chase any song out of the county
[23:46:25] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh yeah!! Kraft Werk and Dream!
[23:46:25] <alfric> Michael Manring
[23:46:25] <MikeG> let alone out of your head
[23:46:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yep.
[23:46:37] <Althalus> *ugh*
[23:46:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> Mike Oldfield
[23:46:46] <Althalus> better... ;)
[23:47:03] <alfric> Yeah bought their first albums when I was in highschool
[23:47:03] <Mercedes_Lackey> Brian Eno
[23:47:33] <alfric> seen several Windam Hill artists in concert too
[23:47:54] <alfric> Major hippie weirdo here.
[23:48:00] <Mercedes_Lackey> Betcha everyone here would like Michael Hedges.
[23:48:08] <Brown_Kitty> ?
[23:48:16] <alfric> Yeah they would
[23:48:16] <Mercedes_Lackey> Even the celtic-world-music folks.
[23:48:16] <Brown_Kitty> I'll listen to almost anything twice...
[23:48:24] <Althalus> If we'd know him... maybe... ;)
[23:48:32] <alfric> Yeah even them
[23:48:42] <Brown_Kitty> John McCutcheon, anyone?
[23:49:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hedges was a major guitar genius. Saw him in a teeny tiny concert with his music prof from Oklahoma U.
[23:49:49] <alfric> Cool
[23:49:49] <alfric> Micheal Manring is the same with a bass
[23:49:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> Shoulda heard him do Fine Young Cannibals 'She Drives Me Crazy'....LOL!
[23:49:49] <alfric> cool
[23:49:50] <Brown_Kitty> that sounds interesting
[23:50:45] <alfric> sorry guys did'nt mean to get a tangent started
[23:50:45] <Katie_Morris> Heck, I'm taking notes
[23:50:45] <Steven-Swain> heh.
[23:50:45] <Mary-BarGnat> fun tangent, though
[23:50:45] <Tracibabe> why apologize?
[23:50:49] <Mercedes_Lackey> <----musical tastes run all ove the place; depends on what I'm doing.
[23:50:52] <MikeG> I'm logging it <G>
[23:51:06] <Brown_Kitty> why not? tangents are what were made of
[23:51:07] <alfric> I go from country to clasical and opera
[23:51:07] <Tracibabe> :) hey mike, i got my sound back
[23:51:10] <Brown_Kitty> we are, not were
[23:51:12] <Althalus> Hmm... Nightwish anyone... ^^;
[23:51:16] <Althalus> ?
[23:51:20] <Mary-BarGnat> good, Mike... cause I'll be missing the section where I got tiggered
[23:51:34] <MikeG> that's great traci
[23:51:34] <alfric> encompasing the entire gambit
[23:51:40] <Tracibabe> yeah. all it took was returning the defective headphones.
[23:51:46] <MikeG> lol
[23:51:48] <Mercedes_Lackey> Classical instrumental for writing, folk/celtic in the car alone, opera for watching, musicals for fun, dance for watching.
[23:51:50] <Mary-BarGnat> LOL, Traci
[23:52:21] <Brown_Kitty> classic rock in the car together?
[23:52:23] <MikeG> lately my musical taste has been focusing on the group Rockapella
[23:52:42] <Mary-BarGnat> My most recent heroes
[23:52:47] <Tracibabe> oh oops i forgot to backup the mirc downloads
[23:52:54] <Mercedes_Lackey> And techno-trance, classic rock, 80s alternative and punk for the car together!
[23:52:55] <alfric> I've been on Garbage lately
[23:53:14] <alfric> Yess good choices
[23:53:20] <Brown_Kitty> Jackson Browne here lately
[23:53:45] <alfric> Getting back into cindy lauper too
[23:53:46] <Althalus> Garbage is nice, too.
[23:54:06] <alfric> Downloaded all the videos I could find
[23:54:09] <MikeG> anyone here like Vanessa Mae?
[23:54:12] *** Kat (katenigma0@***.sj.redshift.com) has joined #DixonsVixen
[23:54:15] <Brown_Kitty> Misty, one of the Canadians is working on being a trance dj
[23:54:17] <Mary-BarGnat> Hi Kat
[23:54:22] <Brown_Kitty> who, Mike?
[23:54:24] <Brown_Kitty> hi Kat
[23:54:27] <alfric> Hi kat
[23:54:28] <Katie_Morris> ho
[23:54:30] <Tracibabe> i do mike
[23:54:32] <Katie_Morris> oops
[23:54:32] <Tracibabe> a lot
[23:54:33] <Althalus> Yup... Vanessa Mae had some good stuff as well...
[23:54:34] <Steven-Swain> hi kate
[23:54:34] <Katie_Morris> hi
[23:54:38] <Althalus> Hi.
[23:54:39] <Steven-Swain> er kat
[23:54:40] <xyzzy> hi
[23:54:40] <Mercedes_Lackey> Lessee....lately a 30-cd mix of classical in the office, Adam Ant in Larry's car, Steeleye Span in mine, and the NewAge music channel from satellite tV in the house.
[23:54:42] <MikeG> Violinist, Vanessa Mae
[23:54:55] <Tracibabe> she had a LOT of stuff available for download on her website
[23:55:00] <Althalus> Not necessarily classical, though... ^^;
[23:55:01] <MikeG> found a few of her videos online
[23:55:05] <Brown_Kitty> oh...havent' heard any of her stuff yet
[23:55:06] <Katie_Morris> oooooh, I've been looking for Adam Ant
[23:55:07] <alfric> Elvis Costello Rules too
[23:55:11] <Tracibabe> ah, adam ant, i love adam ant.
[23:55:22] <MikeG> she does a wonderful rendition of classical gas <G>
[23:55:23] <MoonSong-work> Mike - I *DO* have some vanessa mae stuff, i found it on a tape when I cleaned out my old car.
[23:55:36] <Mercedes_Lackey> Oh, yeah, Vanessa Mae---the oriental violinst who wears ballgowns and tennis shoes! Excellent musician!
[23:55:47] <MikeG> that's her <G>
[23:55:53] <Brown_Kitty> ::rueful snicker:: I'm looking for Rock n Rule, anyone know where I can get it for less than f$80? I want it just for the Lou Reed vocals
[23:56:11] <alfric> Oh yeah I got a couple of thins taped off of PBS with her in them
[23:56:24] <alfric> she is cool
[23:56:25] <Katie_Morris> That reminds me, Mo, I have the Tom Lehrer CDs for you
[23:56:41] <Brown_Kitty> yay!
[23:56:52] <MikeG> Misty: do you like comedy albums?
[23:56:57] <Katie_Morris> I've just got to remember to MAIL them.......
[23:57:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> Big fan of Tom Lehrer.
[23:57:18] <MikeG> have you ever listened to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour?
[23:57:19] <Mercedes_Lackey> And Dennis Miller.
[23:57:26] <Katie_Morris> I've been ODing on the box set "The Remains of Tom Lehrer
[23:57:28] <alfric> Steven Wright
[23:57:30] <MikeG> I highly recommend it
[23:57:41] <Mercedes_Lackey> Isn't that the one with Foxworthy?
[23:57:44] <Brown_Kitty> Steven Wright or Ben Stein...who has the better monotone?
[23:57:46] <Mary-BarGnat> Second that recommendatin, Mike
[23:57:49] <MikeG> yep
[23:57:51] <alfric> Steven
[23:57:57] <Tracibabe> and bill engvall who is funnier than foxworthy (imo)
[23:58:03] <Mary-BarGnat> and Bill Engval;
[23:58:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> Yeah, it's brilliant!
[23:58:07] <Mary-BarGnat> engvall
[23:58:14] <MikeG> Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry the cable guy
[23:58:16] <Mercedes_Lackey> love both of them
[23:58:18] <alfric> His is more lack luster than ben's
[23:58:29] <Tracibabe> have you ever seen Engvall live misty?
[23:58:37] <Mary-BarGnat> omigod
[23:58:39] <Mercedes_Lackey> Nope
[23:58:48] <MikeG> I also agree, I like Engvall more than Foxworthy
[23:58:51] <Tracibabe> i've never laughed so hard in my life.
[23:58:51] <Mercedes_Lackey> He must have people rolling/
[23:59:22] <alfric> How about writen comedy?
[23:59:29] <Mary-BarGnat> Mike has a whole bunch of Engvall CDs
[23:59:31] <alfric> Patric McManus
[23:59:41] <Brown_Kitty> brb
[23:59:45] <alfric> cool mike
[23:59:49] <Mary-BarGnat> I nearly killed myself laughing
[23:59:51] <Tracibabe> we bought all the engvall cds, unfortunately, 2 of tehm were stolen
[23:59:59] <Mary-BarGnat> ack
[23:59:31] <alfric> Patric McManus
[23:59:41] <Brown_Kitty> brb
[23:59:45] <alfric> cool mike
[23:59:49] <Mary-BarGnat> I nearly killed myself laughing
[23:59:51] <Tracibabe> we bought all the engvall cds, unfortunately, 2 of tehm were stolen
[23:59:59] <Mary-BarGnat> ack
[00:00:01] <alfric> oops
[00:00:07] <Mercedes_Lackey> "The Secret Diary of Adrian Plant."
[00:00:15] <alfric> cool
[00:00:27] <alfric> Bored of the rings?
[00:00:53] <Mercedes_Lackey> "Tim! tim! Benzedrine!"
[00:01:08] <alfric> Tim Benzadrenio!!!
[00:01:22] <alfric> LOL
[00:01:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> 'This ring and no other was made by the elves, who'd sell their own mother to grab it themselves'
[00:01:50] <alfric> This is too funny
[00:02:21] <alfric> The Ruritaners Ride again!!!
[00:02:40] <Mercedes_Lackey> "Arrowroot, son of Arrowshirt"
[00:02:51] <alfric> Will that story get as big a resurection as the Lord of the ring's has
[00:03:01] <Tracibabe> brb
[00:03:11] <alfric> ???
[00:03:24] <alfric> forgot my punctuation.
[00:03:31] <Mary-BarGnat> hehe
[00:03:40] <Mercedes_Lackey> Dunno, but at one point I had large parts of it memorized. Did you ever see the satire on Dune?
[00:03:50] *** Kat (katenigma0@***.sj.redshift.com) Quit (QUIT: )
[00:03:55] <alfric> Thrash me with a herring!!!!
[00:04:02] <Brown_Kitty> whimper whine bitch NOT YET
[00:04:05] <alfric> No have'nt
[00:04:05] <MikeG> I want to find another copy of bimbos
[00:04:33] <Mercedes_Lackey> "You are the Cuinsinart HagenDaz, who will cook dishes no woman can reach"
[00:04:52] <alfric> Wow I'm impressed.
[00:04:58] <Brown_Kitty> that's'BAD
[00:05:13] <alfric> No that's good yech!!!!
[00:05:20] <Steven-Swain> oi
[00:05:20] <alfric> oy?
[00:05:32] *** MikeG is now known as MikeG-AFK
[00:05:39] <Mary-BarGnat> vey?
[00:06:00] <Mercedes_Lackey> We keep threatening to do a put-on of our own stuff...featuring Herald Valium and his lover Tylenol.
[00:06:04] <MikeG-AFK> have to get ready for work
[00:06:09] <Brown_Kitty> please do!
[00:06:15] <MoonSong-work> *LOL*!!!!
[00:06:21] <Katie_Morris> he he he he he he
[00:06:22] <Althalus> ^^;
[00:06:25] <Tracibabe> ROFL oh please
[00:06:25] <alfric> aarrrggggggg!!!!!!!
[00:06:30] <Mercedes_Lackey> And Jim says if we do, he'll publish it.
[00:06:39] <Mary-BarGnat> oh wow!
[00:06:42] <Brown_Kitty> PLEASE DO
[00:06:45] <Althalus> cool ;)
[00:06:47] <MoonSong-work> please please please please please please
[00:06:54] <Steven-Swain> that sounds like the kind of thing Jim would like.
[00:07:06] <alfric> Please Oh Please great and glorius author person!!!
[00:07:26] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hey, if we can't laugh at ourselves, we're pretty sorry specimins of humanity.
[00:07:30] <Brown_Kitty> do it from Yfandes point of view and get it into one of the Chicks in Chainmail anthologies?
[00:07:37] <alfric> Mee threee
[00:08:02] <alfric> cool chicks in chainmail.....
[00:08:05] <Mercedes_Lackey> And on that joyous note, I'm going to sign out and get some dindin. hard to type whilst eating a salad.
[00:08:07] <MoonSong-work> what would The Other Publishers think of this tho.... or do they matter?
[00:08:13] <Brown_Kitty> thanks for coming by :)
[00:08:18] <Steven-Swain> later then Misty. nice chatting with you.
[00:08:24] <alfric> TY soooo much
[00:08:28] <MoonSong-work> thanks Misty!!!
[00:08:28] <Mary-BarGnat> it was great Misty... thanks
[00:08:32] <Katie_Morris> Bon Apitite
[00:08:32] <Mercedes_Lackey> Hasta dos huevos, folks!
[00:08:36] *** Clyde_Tittle (tregonsee@***.cybermesa.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[00:08:36] <Tracibabe> bye misty, come back soon
[00:08:36] <xyzzy> bye
[00:08:41] <alfric> All hail Misty!!!!!
[00:08:45] <Mary-BarGnat> yes indeed
[00:08:47] <Brown_Kitty> ::snicker:: thats'a variant Id never heard
[00:08:58] <Mercedes_Lackey> (yes, I know I said 'two eggs')
[00:09:06] <Althalus> Bye Misty... ^^;
[00:09:10] <Katie_Morris> he he he he hehe he he he
[00:09:17] <Mercedes_Lackey> Bye ya'aall
[00:09:24] <Mary-BarGnat> 'bye
[00:09:27] <Brown_Kitty> most frequent version I'd heard was hasta winnebego
[00:09:27] <alfric> Chao
[00:09:27] *** Mercedes_Lackey (misty_lack@216.32.87.***) Quit (QUIT: )